Friday, October 10, 2014

Skype Translator News - 10/10/14

Microsoft keeps making noises about an upcoming release of their Skype Translator. It will be able to translate Skype calls between people in near real-time.

You'll be able to talk in your native language to another who speaks a different language, and the Skype Translator will translate it to the other person.

Microsoft has been working on translating projects for the past decade, but a separate project involving translating phone calls in real-time a few years ago gave the project a major boost and they were able to refocus their efforts and successfully develop this new translating tool, at the same time integrating it with Skype

There have been rumors of this for a couple of years now and back in 2012 in China, a version of this software was demonstrated live on stage by Microsoft Research Chief Rich Rashid, whose English was translated into Mandarin.

One has to wonder why the delays and if these delays were always part of their time-table. It has made news and has been presented well in video, but just how good is it, remains to be seen. Microsoft should make sure their product is as good as the hype and get the show on the road.

They're not the first to take up the challenge of translating. Others are already doing it and have multiple versions with improvements and updates. Microsoft may just be giving you what's already available elsewhere and all of their hype may just be that, HYPE!

Now for the bad news...Microsoft says Skype Translator will be out at the end of the year in BETA...Yep, beta, that's all folks and then to make that morsel of news even more bitter, it'll only be available in beta for Windows 8. Oh yea, one more shred of unfathomable is that the new software may not be FREE, it may be priced around $50-$60!

There are other options and the alternatives have been at this task of translating for a long while and already have apps out and in use both for PC, Android & iOS.

Recommended Alternatives
  1. Google Translate (iOS, Android)
  2. Word Lens (iOS, Android)
  3. iTranslate (iOS, Android, Windows)
  4. iTranslate Voice 2 (iOS)
  5. Talk Translate (Android)
Maybe you know of something better, feel free to leave your comments.

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