Monday, January 26, 2015

The Deflategate Saga & Roger Goodell - Robert Kraft BFF

The NFL's Ongoing Deflategate Saga

Roger Goodell - Robert Kraft BFF

Ted Wells an Attorney appointed by the NFL to investigate the latest cheating scandal involving the New England Patriots and the now infamous Deflategate made public the following statements.

We are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation on the issue of the footballs used in the AFC Championship. This work began last week, stretched through the weekend, and is proceeding expeditiously this week notwithstanding the Super Bowl,”

We are following customary investigative procedures and no one should draw any conclusions about the sequence of interviews or any other steps, all of which are part of the process of doing a thorough and fair investigation. I expect the investigation to take at least several more weeks.”

In the interim, it would be best if everyone involved or potentially involved in this matter avoids public comment concerning the matter until the investigation is concluded. The results will be shared publicly.” - Ted Wells

Reading between the lines, part of his statement is referring to the fact that out of all of the people interviewed to date, they have not yet found the time to talk to Tom Brady. His message is also an outward attempt to stop all of the media attention during this week prior to the Super Bowl.

No matter what Ted Wells has to say, this is a story that just won't go away.

Seattle's Richard Sherman calls out attention to the fact that Patriot's owner Robert Kraft and the NFL's incompetent commish are BFF's who feel comfortable sharing photos of themselves via social media. Sherman's comments point out what many will see as a conflict of interest and at the very least raise suspicions of unfairness. After all, we already know what the outcome will be, don't we??

Goodell's ineptness is in the way the NFL targets some players for ridiculous fines and ignores others, how they make an issue out of someone's shoes and dismiss altogether larger issues, from the corrupt officiating to drug testing, child abuse and domestic abuse. Anyone who pays close attention to the NFL and its actions is fully aware that this joke of an organization is riddled with double standards and in many instances no standards.

The NFL image as wholesome family entertainment and an organization worthy of respect has been completely destroyed by Goodell's ineptness, fans should re-direct their loyalties to NCAA Football. In the end, if there ever is one,Goodell's job as may be in jeopardy, but his spot as Kraft's lap-boy is assured.

If Sherman's comments didn't get your attention, maybe Sen. John McCain's statements did. Apparently he's as disgusted with Goodell and all of his bullshit as the rest of us.

"I think these controversies would have gone away a lot easier if they had approached them from, 'How are the American people going to react to seeing the video of a professional football player knock out his wife?"

If I were them, I would review my whole PR scheme.”

One thing we do in politics when there's an issue that arises, smart politicians have a rapid-response team. What is the reaction of Mr. Goodell in this latest one? He's MIA as far as I can tell.”

The whole scandal resonates very badly because just before the Super Bowl, which is the premier sporting event in America, the question is not about the contest.” - “It's about the pressurization of the football. That's too bad." - Sen. John McCain

They treat this with the hopes that media attention will wane and maybe something better will steal some of Deflategate's thunder. Just to be sure, even if that's not the case, they are getting their ducks in line and will shortly after the big game have the matter completely resolved.

Newsflash!! The latest development in Deflategate reveals that a locker room attendant took the footballs from the Officials locker room after being inspected and approved, to another area on the way to the field, before the start of the game. There’s reportedly a video of this attendant, who is now a strong person of interest as the culprit responsible, with the footballs. However, the NFL's investigators are still in the process of determining if the attendant had anything to do with the actual deflation. Let's hope this video doesn't disappear like the Spy-gate videos! It seems to me like some low paid locker room attendant is going to take the fall.

The NFL is a really bad joke, there is no integrity left, and if you were in doubt, the Pro Bowl spectacle should be proof. They implemented so many different rules and changes to that game that it was unbearable to watch. It was a game that doesn't really count, and anyone with eyes could see that these changes were just a part of an experiment. If the league truly had a love for the game and real integrity, they would never tamper with the game itself.

Considering all that has transpired to date, it's a safe bet that the Patriots will win.

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