Wednesday, April 15, 2015

McDonald's - FREE Egg McMuffin!

McDonald's ongoing "Breakfast Wars" with rival Taco Bell has taken an unexpected turn. McDonald's is NOW giving away a free Egg McMuffin to anyone that brings in a Taco Bell breakfast receipt. The offer began April 3 and continues till April 17. That's right, in exchange for a Taco Bell breakfast receipt of any item, McDonald's will give you a FREE Egg McMuffin!

Now comes the bad news, this offer is only good at a few participating restaurants in the faraway areas of Northeast PA. Awe! :-(

The McDonald's - Taco Bell "Breakfast Wars" seem to be taking on the familiar characteristics of the old Apple & Microsoft computer software Wars...the young and trendy vs the older and boring characterizations. Only these fast-food titans are lacking in the humor department. Yawn!

The Free McMuffin for a receipt is really nothing more than headline grabbing one-upmanship. Regardless, McDonald's really isn't threatened by anyone else, especially when it comes to serving up a great breakfast. McDonald's breakfast is really the best of what they have to offer.

Forget about their burgers and other unhealthy garbage. Their breakfast RULES! They also have the best coffee and juice. If Taco-Hell serves up a coffee, it'll be reminiscent of the drudge that KFC serves and that alone will send you off to McDonald's with that receipt in hand.

Newsflash – McDonald's in San Diego is testing out 24-Hour breakfast, if that works out well, and I'm sure it will. It won't be long before other McDonald's restaurants do the same.

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