Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best & Worst Streaming Sites 4 FREE New Movies!

Streaming video is becoming an option that can not be ignored. Video entertainment is similar to newspaper reading, once you've seen or read it, you are finished with it. It's a form of disposable entertainment.

The whole business of purchasing video is on shaky ground. People are getting tired of buying the same product over and over again in new formats. First there were Beta-max tapes, then VHS beat them out, and became the popular form of buying your video. Yes, there were also LaserDisk's, but they were expensive and never became popular, even though they were better than the dominant VHS. Bringing us up to date, we then had to buy our video on DVD's and even more recently the Blu-Ray Disks. How many times have you bought a favorite movie of yours in one of these new formats?

The end of that experience is near, aside from all of those formats that our favorite movies have been issued in, we now can buy them in digital format. The benefit of this option is that all of the movies you buy online are stored in the cloud for you at no extra cost, and then these movie favorites are available to us anytime and can be viewed on many different devices.

Going digital for all of your entertainment purchases is the way to go. You don't have to loan it to your friends, and never see it again...anymore. You don't have to pack them in boxes. You don't have to put them on shelves. They'll never again, get misplaced or lost. They'll follow you in the cloud, where ever you may go.

The next area of video entertainment that is in trouble is cable. Everyone would agree, it's just too expensive for what you are really getting. The shows being produced are over priced and over valued.

The expense of video entertainment is beyond ridiculous...even the cost of Cable, Direct TV or some Satellite service is out of control. The shows are not worth the monthly charges.

There are many options for streaming video online, and for sure there will be many more to come.

This post is for all of the cord cutters that are sick and tired of overpriced packaged programming.

These sites below are the best!

This website offers movies and TV shows to stream for free, but it is ad-supported and you’ll end up seeing too many ads there.

The sites below are annoying and lame!

These sites work, but I don't recommend them on account that they redirect you to other sites. Essentially you'll be clicking multiple links here just to see a flick. Thumbs down on these! works, but don't get too doesn't have the latest features, only older films.

These sites below are the worst!

Streamtuner.EU is just for TV shows and the site at is presently under construction. What a Joke!

The following sites are in my opinion of the worst, after about three clicks and redirects these horrid sites want your personal information and credit card info while claiming that their site is free and that you will not be billed. Only an idiot that deserves to get ripped off would bother with these sites...iMovies Tube and and then there's another worthless waste of time site called and they also pull the redirect scheme and you'll end up most of the time at PutLocker.

Of the more popular methods, more and more are using online streaming services like NetflixHulu Plus, or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. Those services charge either a monthly or yearly fee and give you access to tons of content, though there’s always the chance that a specific movie you’re looking for won’t be on whatever streaming service you have.

The Google Play store offer movies to purchase through those accounts that become yours to own. New releases cost around $20; about the same price a DVD would cost, though a digital copy can’t be lost or damaged. Of course, buying individual titles to own is more expensive than paying the small fee for a streaming service and gaining access to oodles of content.

Whether you prefer to own or stream movies, watching films online is the way to go if you’re sick of dealing with DVDs and Blu-ray discs. There are plenty of safe, legal options that don’t cost too much and allow you to watch on all your devices at your convenience, anytime-anywhere.


  1. I live in Christmas Valley Oregon. To go to Walmart is a 225 mile round trip and there is only6 7th Day Adventist channels. So I have a subscription to Netflix and little time to watch that. Thanks for the link and the offer.

  2. The sites in this article is for seeing new movies. If you are looking for great sports coverage...try these

    I've seen all the football games with those and never missed anything.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. You can now add to the list of lame turds. This site used to have videos of tv shows to watch, but no longer. Now every time you click a play button you get repeated pup-under malware and trojans trying to infect your system, and never any videos. I just spent a few hours there trying to see if I could watch even '1' single video of anything. I could not. TRhere are no videos now, just the malware links every time you click play. Great job, guys!

    1. Couchtuner never was considered as a site by us here & we would never recommend it.

      I've compiled a new list of what is good and works and you can view that here at

      For sports I recommend using >

      Pop-ups are inevitable, but most can be eliminated with using Chrome browser and ad blocker extensions.

      My recommendations are really for movies, I never really checked them for TV show content.

      If you know of a really good site for TV show content please post it back in the comments.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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  5. Thanks for the kind comment. This post is rather old and outdated and I am compiling a new list of good sites to find free movies. Sometimes these sites go down or get renamed or blocked or something. So, it turns into a great game of whack a mole shutting down free services and gets harder for some to find the good ones.

    Here are just a few newer sites that work

    Thanks again for visiting

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