Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How To Read Articles Blocked by Paywalls

Are you tired of seeing this message every time you try to read an article... “To Continue Reading, Subscribe Now” or “Oh, it looks like you're using an ad blocker...please disable to continue reading.”

I think we all are!

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, Business Insider, Forbes, and so many others either want you to disable your ad-blocker or even worse, they prompt you to subscribe, just to be able to continue reading their content.
One of the great things about the internet is that there are so many online publications that have articles of interest, and since we often find articles through news aggregators, we have a broader landscape of news sources, but it's really unreasonable to expect everyone clicking these article links to also subscribe. The whole idea is just completely ridiculous.

Probably the worst thing about these paywalls is the outrageous amounts of money they expect you to pay. It's absolutely unbelievable when you consider what an actual pay per click is actually worth.

That hasn't stopped the likes of the aforementioned from obnoxiously obscuring their articles behind pitiful pleading for your cash paywalls that will more likely annoy you towards clicking the article off, and dismissing it altogether, instead of leading to actual subscriptions being placed.

The best option to reading articles that are obscured by annoying paywalls is to clip the article using your Evernote, note taking extension. Once you select clip, then select the simplified option, and the paywall pop-up is gone. Then you can either read the article or continue to save it for later. Since almost everyone is using Evernote this is by far the easiest and most convenient way to see those articles. It's the best option and best way around those paywalls.

The next best option is to use the Chrome extension Send to Kindle, even if you don't have a Kindle. You can install this Chrome extension and once you have it select review and send and you'll be able to read through the entire article like you wanted to. You can simply read it and never even bother sending it to your Kindle.

The last best option is using yet another Chrome extension that you probably already have installed and that is Print Friendly & PDF. If the article is blocked, just click print and it will load your article and from there you can click off images or other clutter before you print the file. Even if you don't print the file it allows you to preview the whole article, if that's what you prefer.

Forget about the Refer Control Chrome Extension, its too much hassle and not worth the time to set up. I recommend that you avoid extensions or add-ons that specifically bypass paywalls. They are all unnecessary because you more than likely already have a few extensions that will do the same thing, and you simply might not even have been aware of that fact.

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  1. I just tried all of these options. NONE of them work. The clipped or previewed content stops at the paywall divider.

    1. I'm really sorry to learn this, these options work well for myself and others without any trouble.

      The best options were the print friendly and send to kindle. I use them often and so do others that I know.

      I and everyone that I know also use the Chrome browser, not sure if that is what you use or if that makes a difference.

      Hope you'll have better luck


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