Thursday, December 18, 2014

AC/DC - Rock or Bust - Review

Rock or Bust is the new album from AC/DC. It is the band's fifteenth international release to date.

This new album ignores the trend of other newer albums that suffer from too many songs. It's straight up 11 tracks. These new songs are reworked leftovers from their Black Ice sessions, and all of the songs are credited to Angus and Malcom Young. The songs are all good, but there isn't any that stand out as truly great. What may disappoint fans is that all of these tracks are are the short side. You will also notice that there are no new catchy lead licks, and this indicates that all of the songs are good, but average. Overall, it's basic AC/DC with the same sound and blend of Rock 'N Roll that they've been delivering for years.
It has the look and feel of an economical output, that doesn't try to be great. After a long wait since their last album some may be disappointed with this, but no one can deliver a masterpiece every time out.

In my opinion, I'm stuck with rating this between 3-4 stars out of 5. It's really good, but not a 4. The songs I like the most are 'Rock the Blues Away' and 'Dogs of War.'

The group leaves us high and dry in the news without much of anything new. They say on their website that with or without Phil Rudd, they will Rock On.

In May of 2015, the band will begin their world tour to promote Rock or Bust which coincides with their 40th anniversary together. Stevie Young takes over for his recently retired uncle and it is not certain whether Phil Rudd will tour or remain with the band. Curiously, from their website, new band photos only include Brian, Angus, Cliff and Stevie. It should also be noted, that Phil did not participate in the new videos in support of the new album. I have a feeling, AC/DC is moving on without him, although it has not been made official yet.

Rock or Bust Track Listing

All songs composed by Angus Young and Malcolm Young
  1. Rock or Bust – 3:03
  2. Play Ball – 2:47
  3. Rock the Blues Away – 3:24
  4. Miss Adventure – 2:57
  5. Dogs of War – 3:35
  6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder – 3:22
  7. Hard Times – 2:44
  8. Baptism by Fire – 3:30
  9. Rock the House – 2:42
  10. Sweet Candy – 3:09
  11. Emission Control – 3:41

Play Ball Video

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