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Heather, The Totality - Review

Heather, The Totality

This short Novella centers around three characters with a fourth lurking around. None of the characters have any appeal, not even Heather.

It's just a short weird little story of parental obsession over their daughter and each pathetically vying for the little Princess' attention.

I would never have reviewed the book if it were not for so many bad reviews. This Novella has certainly touched a nerve with many, so I had to see for myself if it was really that awful. In short, it's not. It's simply a little story of 134 pages clocking in at just over 22,000 words, and nothing more.

  1. My criticisms of this little story would be that the author fails to develop any character in Heather...she's a mystery.
  2. The story skips years of time in a blink of an eye.
  3. There's really no dialog with the characters.
  4. Reminiscent of old B/W movies where the story goes along and tension builds, then suddenly in the last three minutes, everything comes to an abrupt conclusion.
  5. For a Novella, the book is overpriced.

If this Novella were written by an unknown author, I don't believe it would ever have been published. So, some of the negativity surrounding Max Weiner's first book is probably due to fans of Mad Max expecting more and feeling cheated in story length and price, seeing this effort as what some might call an outline or fleshed out storyboard of what might become a made for TV movie...yawn!

I would not say it's bad, and I differ in opinion with all of the harsh criticisms, but I would not recommend gifting it for someone, it's simply too short and not really all that memorable.

Instead, you might want to reserve yourself a copy through Overdrive or your local library.


Top Albums of 2017

Looking back over this past year of 2017 there have been many new albums released that were over hyped and when we got them we were disappointed.

Then, there were many others that never got the hype, and some of these were actually better than anyone might have expected.

While there's still some time left before we ring in 2018 you may want to check out some of the best albums from this past year that maybe you were unaware of.

  • Blondie – Pollinator featuring the #1single “Fun”
  • Michelle Branch – Hopeless Romantic
  • Lindsey Buckingham – Christine McVie
  • Alice Cooper – Paranormal
  • Tori Amos – Native Invader
  • Chuck Berry – Chuck
  • Beth Ditto – Fake Sugar
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Lay It On Down
  • Mike Oldfield – Return to Ommadawn
  • Zola Jesus – Okovi

Adding any of these to either your own collection or giving them as gifts you will surely NAIL IT as some would like to say.

Of course there were many more great albums released, but the above mentioned are the ones that flew under the radar, didn't chart well, and yet are among the best that have been released this year.

See for yourself, check 'em out and...

Rock On!

Stream The Crater Lake Monster Online or Download for FREE

The storyline revolves around a giant plesiosaur that emerges from Crater Lake. As people are attacked by the monster, the Sheriff investigates along with a group of scientists in order to stop the creature.

The story really begins when a meteor crashes into Northern California's Crater Lake, and unearths a dinosaur egg. The heat from the meteor causes the egg to hatch, and the Crater Lake Monster starts terrorizing everyone around the Lake.

With that said, let's just get real here. This movie is bad in every sense. It may well be one of the worst movies ever made. Everything about this is bad and yet I still recommend this as a good movie to watch.

It's not too realistic as it uses stop motion effects to show the monster and the characters are witless, dumb and silly. In other words this is a great flick for young kids to watch. It lacks the realistic gore of what is produced today.

The score is canned, and is often just ridiculously placed, the acting is bad, and this is what makes this Monster flick funny. It has an assortment of characters that are funny in what is supposed to be a scary flick.

The main character and co-writer Richard Cardella recounts: Crown International was part of the financing and they just screwed up everything. They pulled their support for some key scenes (that would have explained a lot and plugged some of the obvious holes), added a canned score that really sucked, and turned it over to some hack to edit. The asshole didn't even use a fade or dissolve in the whole freakin' picture!

No matter what anyone says this is a good movie to let your kids complain, get your popcorn and hot chocolate and feast on this turkey. If you don't fall asleep during this film, maybe you'll be laughing and critiquing it along with your kids. They'll probably laugh at you and say where did you find this horrible movie? If you're laughing and having a fun evening, regardless of the movies quality then it's well worth the time.

* Side note - We also like to watch old Godzilla movies where the words spoken don't match the lip movements, we just laugh and think it's funny.

Don't get wrapped up in things that seem too real, you'll find yourself more engrossed and having less fun.

If you want to stream it, check the link below

If you want to download it, get the web browser extension below.

Flash Video Downloader

Initial release: 1977
Director: William R. Stromberg
Box office: 3 million USD
Budget: 100,000 USD
Written by: William R. Stromberg and Richard Cardella

  • Sheriff Steve Hanson - Richard Cardella
  • Arnie Chabot - Glenn Roberts
  • Mitch Kowalski - Mark Siegel
  • Richard Calkins - Bob Hyman
  • Dan Turner - Richard Garrison
  • Susan Patterson - Kacey Cobb
  • Ross Conway - Michael Hoover
  • Paula Conway - Suzanne Lewis
  • Senator Jack Fuller - Marv Eliot
  • Blackmailer - Garry Johnston
  • Waitress - Susy Claycomb
  • Villager - Jim Goeppinger

Despite being a critical flop, the film was a commercial success having made $3 million with a $100,000 budget. Since its release, the film, has been re-released on VHS, and then later again on DVD. More recently, it has also been released on Blu-ray disc. You'll likely find it in bargain bins or maybe a resell shop.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Hot Rock 1972 - Reviewed

The Hot Rock of this 1972 comedy-caper is a priceless diamond that is known as the Sahara Stone and is  temporarily on display in a Brooklyn Museum. It is owned by one African Nation while the Representative Dr. Amusa of another African Nation believes it belongs to his Nation and sets about to recruit master thieves to steal it back and return it to its original home, apparently the jewel has been stolen back and forth for generations.

The heist goes off, and then it becomes a matter of stealing this diamond again and again, in a comedy of errors the crime becomes a perpetual crime until Dortmunder conceives his most daring scheme to either get that damn diamond or as he says, it gets me!

The story takes place in New York City and the most interesting aspect of this film that never gets talked about is the fact that the Twin Towers, the original World Trade Center is seen in this film while still under construction, just before its completion and from a helicopter view you get to see ground level from the top of those towers. That alone makes this movie one worth watching.

The film is not without errors, in a few scenes there may be issues with authenticity, and continuity, if you really want to nit pick, but this is light hearted comedy, fluff 'n stuff. Not to be taken too seriously, and with that said, this film is an excellent feature film for family entertainment. Don't fret the small stuff, go with the flow Joe...ya know what I mean.

  • Robert Redford - Dortmunder
  • George Segal - Kelp
  • Topo Swope - Sis
  • Ron Leibman - Murch
  • Paul Sand - Greenberg
  • Moses Gunn - Dr. Amusa
  • Zero Mostel - Abe Greenberg
  • Christopher Guest - Policeman
  • Graham Jarvis - Warden
  • Lynne Gordon - Miasmo
  • Charlotte Rae - Ma Murch
  • Harry Bellaver - Rollo the Bartender
  • Seth Allen – Stoner thief
  • Graham Jarvis - Warden

Release Date: January 26, 1972

Running Time: 105 min.

You'll find it on Netflix and Amazon, so check it out.

Tori Amos - Native Invader Review

Tori Amos' Native Invader is a lyrically relevant magical experience, so...
Here we go again, another Tori Amos record. Well, maybe there isn't much fanfare for new Tori Amos records these days, but after listening to her latest effort Native Invader I have to say that this one is different.

Native Invader has what her previous efforts lacked, and that is clear conceptual inspired direction. These songs are great, they shine with brilliant arrangements and production that fits the material. The songs on this new album are better and seem more inspired than those from her previous 3 or 4 albums. This is an album worth playing over and again. 

Fans of Tori Amos will love this new album, it's her best in many years! For the younger generations that may not be on the Tori bandwagon this new album is a great place to start.

The following quote comes from her official website...

“The songs on Native Invader are being pushed by the Muses to find different ways of facing unforeseen challenges and in some cases dangerous conflicts. The record looks to Nature and how, through resilience, she heals herself. The songs also wrestle with the question: what is our part in the destruction of our land, as well as ourselves, and in our relationships with each other?
In life there can be the shock of unexpected fires, floods, earthquakes, or any cataclysmic ravager -- both on the inside and outside of our minds. Sonically and visually, I wanted to look at how Nature creates with her opposing forces, becoming the ultimate regenerator through her cycles of death and re-birth. Time and time again she is able to renew, can we find this renewal for ourselves?”

Best songs are... Reindeer King - Broken Arrow – Cloud Riders – Up The Creek – Wildwood.

It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since her debut masterpiece Little Earthquakes album came out, and even more impressive is how after all these years her voice is still so Tori and doesn't seem to have aged a bit.

Tori's music is more of an intimate experience, so to really get it, you need to listen to this without distraction and if you don't connect with it right away, just play it again. I heard it differently on the third time's just one of those things.

Do yourself a favor and get this new album, you'll love it!

Native Invader is Tori Amos' 15th album and was released on September 8th and a new tour will follow. A 27 date US Native Invader Tour will begin on October 24th in St. Paul, Minnesota and will conclude with a 3 night gig in LA December 1-3.

Tori Amos Tour Dates

October 24 - Saint Paul, MN @ O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
October 26 - Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theater
October 27 - Chicago, IL @ The Chicago Theater
October 29 - Cleveland, OH @ State Theater at Playhouse Square
October 30 - Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall
October 31 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Michigan Theater
November 2 - Boston, MA @ The Orpheum Theater
November 3 - Washington, DC @ MGM National Harbor
November 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Tower Theater
November 7 & 8 - New York, NY @ Beacon Theater
November 10 - Atlanta, GA @ Atlanta Symphony Hall
November 11 - Durham, NC @ Durham Performing Arts Center
November 12 - Nashville, TN @ The Ryman Auditorium
November 14 - New Orleans, LA @ Mahalia Jackson Theater
November 16 - Dallas, TX @ The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory
November 17 - Austin, TX @ ACL Live at The Moody Theater
November 19 - Denver, CO @ The Paramount Theater
November 22 - Portland, OR @ Schnitzer Hall
November 24 - Seattle, WA @ The Paramount Theater
November 25 - Eugene, OR @ The Hult Center for Performing Arts
November 26 - Oakland, CA @ The Paramount Theater
November 28 - San Diego, CA @ The Balboa Theater
November 29 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Mesa Arts Center (MAC)
December 1-3 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Theater at Ace Hotel

How To Stream NFL 4 Free

The best way to watch everything NFL related is of course to subscribe to NFL Game>Pass and enjoy everything there for a full year. It has a $99.99 one time payment option or you can pay $29.99 in four installments. Either way it's costly, but it's still the best way to enjoy full NFL access and coverage. Another great feature about NFL Game>Pass is that you will have access across all platforms and devices, from your phone, tablets, computers, and even your television via the available app.

Another option is NFL Sunday Ticket for out of market games on all your devices for 69.99 for 4 months. This option seems like a real waste of time and money. Check the details in this carefully if you are considering this as an alternative.

There are many other ways to live stream the NFL. If you've searched online then you've found that there are countless websites with NFL content. If you don't already know, most all of those sites are very bad and extremely dangerous, loaded with ads, pop-ups and malware and other tricky tracking that'll lead to more trouble and headaches than you ever imagined.

Most of the sites out there really are genuinely bad and should be avoided.

There a few that can be used that have proven to be reliable and they are listed below. There may still be an occasional pop-up that needs clicked off, but in general the sites listed are the best that you can use to get all of your NFL streaming for FREE.

First Row Sports


Sports Stream TV

Here's to watching the games live online for free. Bookmark all three and see which one works best for you. The best thing about the links I have suggested is that they also cover College Football, so you'll be able to watch all the Football you want.

Now, be a good Pal and spread the good news to everyone ya know and be their Hero!