Thursday, May 7, 2015

find out who unliked your facebook page

For many who are using Facebook Pages, the name of the game there is 'likes' and for some businesses and individuals, groups etc. getting likes is not only an endorsement, but it also equates into a monetary value in advertising.

When you lose likes, it may hurt your business or brand and of course you want to know about it. Below are some common questions with regard to this Facebook issue.

1. Can I see who has unliked my page?
2. Where can I see how many people have unliked my Page?
3. Can I find out who 'unliked' my page?

In fact the there are countless ways of asking these questions, and even below are some related search phrases, so you realize that this is a hot topic and very much talked about.

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So, Can I find out who 'unliked' my page or not? Now, you can read and search all day looking for this answer, but I'll give it to you straight. The answer is an emphatic NO. Now forget all about it and don't waste your time trying to find a different answer, because efforts of that sort would be in vain, and defy any predictable boundary of stupidity.

Now, maybe you're wondering why? The Facebook reply to this is...
In order to protect the privacy of the people who are interacting with your Page, you're not able to see individuals who have unliked your Page.

In my opinion, a load of malarkey! You can see who likes your page, but they don't let you know who unlikes your page. Pure 100% Facebook BS!

You can do this much...
To see how many people unliked your Page during a specific date range:
  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Likes
  3. Select Start and End dates to choose a date range
  4. Scroll down to Net Likes: What Changed
  5. Click Unlikes on the right

Cumbersome to say the least, and not really worth the effort involved. It's pure, plain, and simple that this is just Facebook's way of keeping you on their pages longer.

Don't count on anyone developing an app for that in the future, because we would have had it by now. The fact of the matter is, Facebook won't allow it.


  1. Great, Keep working, My facebook page is

  2. It would be very easy to write a bit of script to figure it out. There have been "who unfriended me" apps around for ages.
    Script periodically looks up the name of all likes. Script then looks up later, and looks for differences.

    No rocket science.

  3. It s pretty easy to find out by comparing the names of past with current likers using a spreadsheet. Why don t they develo an app then like they have done with the unfriend app which lets you know who has infriended you?

  4. As much as I'd like to know who've 'unliked' my page, giving it any effort would be folly. It's more than likely that I don't even know the person, so best not to take it personally. If it is someone you know and you continue to treat them as if nothing's wrong, it will probably drive them crazy and they'll eventually find a way to make you know. Spend energy building Likes, not chasing minutia down a rabbit hole.

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