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2015 Canceled TV Shows

In the past month or so there have been a number of articles published about the upcoming TV season and canceled shows. All of those articles reveal to you the canceled shows as well as all of the shows that have been renewed. In doing that I thought that those pieces were really overdoing it. Making lists too long, can become confusing, and when reading about too many shows it's easy to forget and or confuse what was canceled and what was renewed. A case of too much information.

Here is the definitive lists of only what was canceled. If there's a show not listed, then you can safely assume it's coming back for another season.

Most of these canceled shows were 1 or 2 seasons, with a few exceptions, and although American Idol is canceled it will air new episodes and complete its run this fall. Two shows that I thought were good and had potential were About a Boy and Selfie, and another show The Mindy Project may get picked up by another network.

There are other networks and many other shows, in fact just too many to cover. The focus of this article is on the major networks and the shows that they have canceled.

If you follow a show closely and it's not covered here...just google it!


1. Cristela
2. Forever
3. Resurrection
4. Revenge
5. Selfie
6. The Taste


1. Battle Creek
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
3. The McCarthys
4. The Mentalist
5. The Millers
6. Stalker


1. A to Z
2. About A Boy
3. Allegiance
4. Bad Judge
5. Constantine
6. Marry Me
7. One Big Happy
8. Parenthood
9. Parks and Recreation
10. State of Affairs


1. American Idol
2. Backstrom
3. The Following
4. Glee
5. Gracepoint
6. The Mindy Project
7. Mulaney
8. Red Band Society
9. Utopia
10. Weird Loners


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting. I've heard quite a bit about that show and am also surprised that it's canceled. Seems there's a lot of interest there, and maybe it's a mistake to cancel. I never did hear why it was canceled, so I am curious because there was a lot of interest there.

  2. Been living in Spain for the past couple of years so I don't know anything about some of these shows but, wow, some real heavyweights are hitting the bricks: CSI, The Mentalist, Glee...

    1. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I was surprised to learn of these shows getting the ax as well, could be a case of out with the old and in with the new? I suspect that those shows have declined in ratings and rather than run them into the ground, shut them down doing so they may make more $$ on DVD sales and re-runs etc. Again, not sure why, one can only guess.

  3. Amazing post dear!

    1. Hey beautiful! Thanks for your stuff! Hope my readers follow your link. Stay cool...'cause it's hot out there!

  4. Thanks, R.K., for bringing this list of cancelled shows and networks. I like some of the older "classics"; however, I prefer them when shown in color and have good plots with clear themes. I apologize that I've not been able to watch frequently many of those on your list.

  5. Thanks for posting this list. Don't see anything there I will miss, but Hubby did like The Mentalist.

  6. Hey this was awesome! I found your blog really useful:)
    Would you take a few minutes to check this one Thanks:)

  7. I loved Selfie:( hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon!

  8. I too loved Selfie. I hate these lists, though. They’re mostly just confusing. And, it seems like the new shows we like are always the ones that don’t make the cut the next season, like The Millers, for example; they came out with a few new episodes, then a series finale.

  9. Thank's for the list.
    I enjoyed the Mentalist but they took the Red John thing too far and hung on it until stepped off.
    CSI was getting a little old and NCIS was kicking them hard.
    It would be nice to see an end to the vampires and zombies.

  10. American Idol, really??? That's a shocker!
    Anyway, how about Hannibal? I read from some articles that it will also be cancelled. Is that true or just rumors?

    1. It is cancelled, but it will still have a final run of new episodes this fall. The show is not the same without the original judges and they've just run this into the ground,The ad dollars aren't there anymore and staff salaries kill its profitability.

  11. I'm a dude and ashamed to admit, I loved Selfie. Had an Asian guy playing a lead role in a comedy show. Thought it had potential.

    I do realize this post is older but I thought The Mindy Project got picked up by Hulu?

  12. Do you know what happened to the Hand Of God? Amazon was making it. Can't find anything on it.

    1. The series will premiere on September 4, 2015. Hand of God was ordered to full series by Amazon Studios.

      Thanks for your question and comments.

  13. Interesting post. I didn't know about American Idol either. I've heard of many of the others, but working a full-time job and writing, I haven't watched most of them. Thank you for the information.

    1. Thank you for answering my question. I know you work hard, but I love your blog. Thanks for writing it. <3

  14. Great article. Personally, I liked Red Band Society along with the Lottery. When both got cancelled I was a little upset that the very moment that I actually got into television, the very shows that I picked to like were cancelled. Maybe for the sake of future shows, I just won't take a liking to any of them. lol.


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