Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bob Dylan - Fallen Angels - No Star Review

Bob Dylan - Fallen Angels - No Star Review

Following in the footsteps of last year’s “Shadows in the Night” debacle, Bob Dylan puts his distinctive vocal to a dozen songs that he, and his generic band of buddies massacre. There's blood on the tracks all the way to hell and back for this most foul of transgressions. Choosing to butcher up a selection of classic standards is musical sin!

One listen to these slaughtered classics might set you against these numbers for all time to come. My advice to you is; DO NOT BUY or LISTEN TO THIS GARBAGE! Pass it by for all time, or you may even turn on listening to the older, better Dylan material.

For the fool who doesn't heed my good advice, your listening experience might only compare to that of the screeching wheels of a slow train coming. Mercifully this album clocks in just under 38 minutes otherwise you might as well get knocked out loaded and pray to the heavens above to lose this stain of a memory like a small bit of amnesia, a time out of mind experience may be the only way forward if you ever hope to be saved.

These songs..."Young at Heart" "Maybe You’ll Be There" "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" "All the Way" "Skylark" "Nevertheless" "All or Nothing at All" "On a Little Street in Singapore" "It Had to Be You" "Melancholy Mood" "That Old Black Magic" "Come Rain or Come Shine" ...have never been done so wrong in their entire history of existence till NOW!

Indeed, the times they are a changing. Maybe, it's not dark yet completely, but that long black cloud is coming down on the career of this once highly revered voice of a generation who's lost his way. Today's Bob Dylan is a shell of a prophet who is all too content with being a nostalgia act, accepting bull-shit accolades, and awards smiling blithely like a numb-skull bobble head who will never, ever, ever proffer an opinion outside of political correctness.

This pitiful uninspired relic could do us all a favor and leave the classics alone.
Rate this Album No Stars.

Buyer Beware – This album should be made Street Illegal!

Update: As of today 6/14/2016 on Billboard this album has been on the charts for 3 weeks and after debuting at number 7 and then falling to 82 last week, it is now at 173.
Update: The album has fallen off of the Billboard Top 200 as of 6/21/2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

Eric Clapton - I Still Do - Reviewed at 2¾ Stars

Eric Clapton's 23rd new studio album clocks in at just over 54 minutes. There's good stuff here, but it's not one that will be regarded as among his best.

The new album's title comes from something Clapton's Great-Aunt Audrey told him before she died . He recalls going to see her and told her, “I want to thank you for being so kind to me when I was a little boy." She said, “I liked you. And I still do.” Eric went on to say, “That's blessed, really. It just says it all.”

The album cover art comes from Sir Peter Blake's portrait of Eric for a program cover from concerts he performed a year ago at London's Royal Albert Hall for his 70th birthday. Eric liked the portrait and thought that, since it had not been circulated much, it wouldn't do any harm to use it again for the album cover. Further, commenting that “I thought it was appropriate.”

I Still Do is a good album with great musicianship, and production from Glyn Johns. The album kicks off good and rolls along well, it's only after half way through this album where you'll begin to lose interest. What's missing is what all record company's want … hit singles. They're just not here. Overall this album is one that I really enjoyed, but it falls flat in the end with the covers chosen.

All of the tracks are covers except "Catch the Blues" and "Spiral." The rest is a varied assortment of songs that even includes a few familiar jazz numbers. Eric says this album came about from bull sessions with the musicians. Tossing around ideas, Eric said he'd put forth a melody or a riff, bits of unfinished work that still lingered, and that, along with several suggested covers were all put to Glyn to work with. In all Clapton says they recorded 20 tracks in these sessions and from there they collectively chose the best of these for inclusion on this new album.

Today Eric is all about endurance, reflection, and appreciation and as he puts it, “At least this album is fresh in that it's me, at this moment.”

Clapton’s new album features contributions from Henry Spinetti, Dave Bronze, Andy Fairweather Low, Paul Carrack, Chris Stainton, Simon Climie, Dirk Powell, Walt Richmond, Ethan Johns, Michell John, Sharon White, and Angelo Mysterioso.

Angelo Mysterioso was a pseudonym used long ago by the late George Harrison. The re-appearance of the now famous moniker is not from a past recording with George. The song “I Will Be There” is too sharp, and crisp. It is a new recording, and although Eric would not name the artist using the Angelo Mysterioso pseudonym, it's obvious when listening, that it is George Harrison's son Dhani that is featured on this song. Clapton did say that the musician in question felt quite honored to be allowed to use that pseudonym.

The overall here is, it's an average album that comes across as laid-back and casual. From the cover art to the track selection, it's all about where Eric is today, and sadly we find run of the mill output from an Iconic Guitar Gun-Slinging Rock 'N Roll legend.

No Fire, Uninspired Rate this 2¾ Stars.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool - Reviewed 4 Stars

Two years back, Radiohead's Thom Yorke released his solo album “Tomorrow's Modern Boxes” and it was quickly forgotten, leading some to think the Band's tank was empty. Not to fear, Thom, and friends are back with an outstanding new album of albeit not all new material.

Rest assured that the Radiohead of today are still as depressing as they were from any other period of their lengthy career. Thom Yorke's lyrics cover Radiohead's all too familiar, and expected, depressing stomping ground, cloaked in a newer musical direction. New territory gets explored here.

This odd assortment of new and old songs could be considered rekindled burnt offerings, as half of these songs are not new at all, only reworked, rearranged, and re-recorded. When in fact, some of the songs are not new they are presented as new because they have been improved to the point of meeting Radiohead's satisfaction. Fans will agree. The songs in question are all better and with the new tracks all of these work well together and make this their 9th album more than worthwhile.

This almost super-group of the 1990's, the very, very, very over-hyped heralded prophets of acceptable eccentricity always at the forefront of the underground's vanguard on the outskirt's of the mainstream have maintained its reputation for musical innovation. The obvious sophistication of Radiohead's sound on this album indicates their progression, maturing and this is heavily influenced by Jonny Greenwood's classical music experience. Greenwood's recent film score credits include:“There Will be Blood”, “The Master”, and “Inherent Vice.” His classical music influence dominates “A Moon Shaped Pool. This album is full of little nuances and little quirks and surprises that will keep fans talking for a long time to come. What is most noticeable is that the all of the guitar work is subtle and subdued, making way for the smooth production work that polishes up this almost masterpiece.

Overall, the arrangement, production, musicianship are top-notch. I still don't care for Thom Yorke's lyrics, but they're what makes Radiohead who they are. The new A Moon Shaped Pool is outstanding and will be highly regarded by fans of old. As for new fans about to discover Radiohead, they may wonder what's all the fuss?

No matter what others may say, I give it thumbs up!

Rate this 4 Stars

The best tracks are “Burn The Witch” - "Identikit" - "The Numbers" - "True Love Waits" "Ful Stop"

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How To Post Your Tweets To Linked-In

Tweet To Link-In
Twitter has many problems and shortcomings, but it's necessity as a social media tool is undeniable. A few years ago Twitter announced that it had ended its syndication deal with Linked-In, which previously allowed people on Twitter to link their tweets with Linked-In's news stream. To this day, that's how the situation stands.

You can however bypass Twitter's shenanigans and still post to Linked-In. To do this is quite simple, yet there are many who are unaware, and wondering how to do it.

Go to IFTTT https://ifttt.com/ and create an account. Then simply browse the many pre-made recipes and select the recipe that posts tweets to Linked-In. It's really that simple. You do not need to know any code or copy and paste anything. The template is already there. It is popular, and widely used already by many.

Simply browse and when you find this...

click add

Then to post your tweets to Linked-In just go to your Twitter and compose a tweet and add the #in at the end, and this will send your tweet to Linke-In.

Most things don't get any simpler than that!
If at some point, your account is inactive or you don't use the #in often you may need to login to your IFTTT and turn on the recipe again, iin other words reset the recipe.

Once you've created your IFTTT account you may want to browse the many other recipes they already have and try a few others out.

Anyways, Good Luck to ya!

AC/DC News - Axl Rose, Brian Johnson, Tour Dates

AC/DC European Tour Dates - News - Axl Rose - Brian Johnson

The AC/DC Rock 'N Roll Machine rolls on despite a number of setbacks in recent months. Phil Rudd, convicted last year of drug possession and making threats to kill has been sentenced to house arrest in 2015, and guitarist Malcolm Young, recently diagnosed with dementia has called it a day. Stevie Young takes over for Malcom and Chris Slade has replaced Phil. Now Brian Johnson, for health reasons is going to be replaced by Axl Rose. These troubled times have also shaken their fans. Fans are not sure what to expect, what they will be getting and have fan attachments to their fallen heroes. That said, the band led by Angus plans to continue and I for one look forward to seeing the results.

The band's signature dynamic has been altered, but there is a chance that the new players will bring a new enthusiasm to the classic AC/DC catalog.

The band released the following statement.

AC/DC band members would like to thank Brian Johnson for his contributions and dedication to the band throughout the years,” the group said in a statement. “We wish him all the best with his hearing issues and future ventures. As much as we want this tour to end as it started, we understand, respect and support Brian’s decision to stop touring and save his hearing. We are dedicated to fulfilling the remainder of our touring commitments to everyone that has supported us over the years, and are fortunate that Axl Rose has kindly offered his support to help us fulfill this commitment.”

Shortly after this statement was released there was some outcry over this as being a bit shallow and not forthcoming with more details. It is vague and leaves us to wonder about the individual future of Brian with AC/DC.

This is Brian Johnson’s full statement:
As many AC/DC fans know, the remaining shows for the 2016 AC/DC Rock or Bust World Tour, including 10 postponed U.S. shows, are being rescheduled with a guest singer.  I want personally to explain the reason because I don’t believe the earlier press releases sufficiently set out what I wanted to say to our fans or the way in which I thought it should be presented.
On March 7th, after a series of examinations by leading physicians in the field of hearing loss, I was advised that if I continue to perform at large venues, I risked total deafness.  While I was horrified at the reality of the news that day, I had for a time become aware that my partial hearing loss was beginning to interfere with my performance on stage.  I was having difficulty hearing the guitars on stage and because I was not able to hear the other musicians clearly, I feared the quality of my performance could be compromised.  In all honesty, this was something I could not in good conscience allow.  Our fans deserve my performance to be at the highest level, and if for any reason I can’t deliver that level of performance I will not disappoint our fans or embarrass the other members of AC/DC.  I am not a quitter and I like to finish what I start, nevertheless, the doctors made it clear to me and my band-mates that I had no choice but to stop performing on stage for the remaining shows and possibly beyond.  That was the darkest day of my professional life.
Since that day, I have had several consultations with my doctors and it appears that, for the near future, I will be unable to perform on stage at arena and stadium size venues, where the sound levels are beyond my current tolerance, without the risk of substantial hearing loss and possibly total deafness.  Until that time, I tried as best as I could to continue despite the pain and hearing loss but it all became too much to bear and too much to risk.
I am personally crushed by this development more than anyone could ever imagine.  The emotional experience I feel now is worse than anything I have ever in my life felt before.  Being part of AC/DC, making records and performing for the millions of devoted fans this past 36 years has been my life’s work.  I cannot imagine going forward without being part of that, but for now I have no choice.  The one thing for certain is that I will always be with AC/DC at every show in spirit, if not in person.
Most importantly, I feel terrible having to disappoint the fans who bought tickets for the canceled shows and who have steadfastly supported me and AC/DC these many years.  Words cannot express my deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks not just for the recent outpouring to me personally of kind words and good wishes, but also for the years of loyal support of AC/DC.  My thanks also go to Angus and Cliff for their support.
Finally, I wish to assure our fans that I am not retiring.  My doctors have told me that I can continue to record in studios and I intend to do that.  For the moment, my entire focus is to continue medical treatment to improve my hearing.  I am hoping that in time my hearing will improve and allow me to return to live concert performances.  While the outcome is uncertain, my attitude is optimistic.  Only time will tell.
Once again, my sincere best wishes and thanks to everyone for their support and understanding.”

This statement was more acceptable to fans, and media, although the burning $64,000 question fans want to know...is Brian Johnson O.K. with Axl Rose taking over for him. The above statement never makes that clear, only time will tell on that. My hunch is that is not pleased at all with the band's choice to continue and finish the tour dates that remain.

Bringing you more up to date, the band has instructed promoters to offer full refunds to any ticket-holder that does not want to see Axl as the band's Guest Vocalist. A Belgian newspaper has reported that 7,000 fans have asked for refunds in advance of a May 16th date. A local promoter told AC/DC’s rep that a small number of refunds were also given for this weekend’s opening date in Lisbon on May 7th. These, returned tickets are going back on sale, and they're expected to sell out immediately.

AC/DC along with Axl have been rehearsing hard core for the past two weeks in Lisbon, in preparation of the tour's opening date in two days on May7th.

Following this European run of dates with AC/DC, Axl Rose will head out on his Guns N' Roses, “Not In This Lifetime” Summer Stadium Tour.

AC/DC’s European Tour Dates with Axl Rose

May 7 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Passeio Maritimo De Alges
May 10 - Seville, Spain @ Estadio De La Cartuja
May 13 - Marseille, France @ Stade Velodrome
May 16 - Werchter, Belgium @ Werchter Site
May 19 - Vienna, Austria @ Erns-Happel Stadium
May 22 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Letnany Airport
May 26 - Hamburg, Germany @ Volksparkstadion
May 29 - Berne, Switzerland @ Stade De Suisse
June 1 - Leipzig, Germany @ Red Bull Arena
June 4 - London, England @ The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
June 9 - Manchester, England @ Etihad Stadium
June 12 - Aarhus, Denmark @ Ceres Park

The US tour dates listed below, will be made up later in the year. More information regarding these rescheduled shows will be announced later. Current ticket holders can hold on to their tickets for the rescheduled dates or receive a refund at point of purchase.

March 8         Atlanta, GA          Philips Arena
March 11       Ft. Lauderdale, FL       BB&T Center         
March 14       Greensboro, NC        Greensboro Coliseum
March 17       Washington, DC        Verizon Center
March 20       Detroit, MI            The Palace
March 23       Columbus, OH          Nationwide Arena
March 26       Cleveland, OH          Quicken Loans Arena
March 29       Buffalo, NY             First Niagara Center
April 1         Philadelphia, PA        Wells Fargo Center
April 4         New York, NY           Madison Square Garden

The American dates will be posted here as soon as they're announced. Ticket-holder's of any of the above dates can also receive full refunds. I think before anyone acts to impulsively against the idea of Axl as a Guest Vocalist, it should be remembered it is just that, a temporary fill in. With that in mind, I think it is more of a special event to experience the Band doing their classic songs with a different singer. Sometimes, something new, and something different turns into something special.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

NFL 2016 UN-Drafted Free Agent Signings - Players listed by Team

Immediately following the Draft, the UN-Drafted Rookie Free Agent signing FRENZY begins!

Every year at the conclusion of the seventh round of the NFL Draft many UDFA players get another chance to sign with a team. Many good players that do not get selected in the Draft, get another chance to sign with a team afterward.

There are usually at least a few good players available as UDFAs, if you remember just last year the Cowboys scored big with UN-Drafted LSU Offensive Lineman La'el Collins.

In the past, we've seen quite a few successful UDFA's and every year there are some top quality players that do not get selected in the Draft for various reasons. Only time will tell if there are any surprise finds in this years crop.

This is a so far list, because as we all know these teams will continue to sign and release players before teams are set for their training camps. For better more up to date information with regards to players and signings you should refer to individual teams' websites.
The information posted here can be used for reference for the time being and shows you what each team did immediately following this year's Draft.

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens

Jarell Broxton, OG, Baylor
Anthony Fabiano, OG, Harvard
Donovan Harden, WR, Georgia State
Cavellis Luckett, LB, Middle Tennessee State
Will Lutz, K, Georgia State
O.J. Mau, DT, Gardner Webb
Stephane Nembot, OT, Colorado
Victor Ochi, DL, Stony Brook
Marco Ojemudia, OLB, Michigan
Patrick Onwuasor, SS, Portland State
Trevor Pendleton, FB, Michigan State
Michael Pierce, DT, Samford
Matt Skura, C, Duke

Cincinnati Bengals

Ryan Brown, DL, Mississippi State
Tre Carson, RB, Texas A&M
Alex Cooper, OL, Houston
David Dean, DT, Virginia
Aaron Epps, OT, Louisville
Alex Erickson, WR, Wisconsin
Antwane Grant, WR, Western Kentucky
Darien Harris, LB, Michigan State
Darius Hillary, CB, Wisconsin
Matt Johnson, QB, Bowling Green
Antonio Longino, LB, Arizona State
Dy'Shawn Mobley, RB, Eastern Kentucky
Alex Redmond, OG, UCLA
Alonzo Russell, WR, Toledo
John Weidenaar, OL, Montana State
Frankie Williams, CB, Purdue

Cleveland Browns

Dominique Alexander, LB, Oklahoma
Andrew Baggett, K, Missouri
Brad Craddock, K, Maryland
Kenya Dennis, CB, Missouri
J.P. Holtz, TE, Pittsburgh
Tracy Howard, CB, Miami
Nile Lawrence-Stample, DT, Florida State
Mike Matthews, C, Texas A&M
Kyle Rose, DT, West Virginia
Patrick Skov, FB, Georgia Tech
A.J. Stamps, S, Kentucky

Pittsburgh Steelers

Johnny Maxey, DL, Mars Hill
Tyriq McCord, DE/OLB, Miami
Will Monday, P, Duke
Giorgio Newberry, DL, Florida State
Christian Powell, RB, Colorado
David Reeves, TE, Duke
Jay Rome, TE, Georgia
Quinton Schooley, OL, NC State
Canaan Severin, WR, Virginia
Devaunte Sigler, DL, Jacksonville State

AFC East
Buffalo Bills

Bryson Albright, DE/OLB, Miami (Ohio)
Davonte' Allen, WR, Marshall
Gary Chambers, WR, Arizona State
Reid Ferguson, LS, LSU
Glenn Gronkowski, FB, Kansas State
Robert Kugler, C, Purdue
Jamison Lalk, OL, Iowa State
Claudell Louis, DE, Fresno State
Marquis Lucas, G, West Virginia
Keith Lumpkin, OL, Rutgers
Marshall Morgan, K, Georgia
Eric Striker, LB, Oklahoma
Julian Whigham, CB, Syracuse
Justin Zimmer, DT, Ferris State

Miami Dolphins

Akil Blount, LB, Florida A&M
James Burgess, LB, Louisville
Ruben Carter, OL, Florida State
Ryan Di Salvo, LS, San Jose State
Tyler Gray, LB, Boise State
Gabe Hughes, TE, Florida Tech
Farrington Huguenin, DL, Kentucky
Marshall Koehn, K, Iowa
Lafayette Pitts, CB, Pittsburgh
Rashawn Scott, WR, Miami
Brandon Shippen, DB, Temple

New England Patriots

V'Angelo Bentley, CB, Illinois
Devonta Burns, CB, Texas A&M
DJ Foster, WR, Arizona State
Woodrow Hamilton, DT, Ole Miss
CJ Johnson, DL, Ole Miss
Jonathan Jones, CB, Auburn
Cre'von LeBlanc, CB, Florida Atlantic
Steven Scheu, TE, Vanderbilt
Bryce Williams, TE, East Carolina
De'Runnya Wilson, WR/TE, Mississippi State

New York Jets

Robby Anderson, WR, Temple
Tarow Barney, DT, Penn State
Quenton Bundrage, WR, Iowa State
Kyle Friend, OL, Temple
Tom Hackett, P, Utah
Jalin Marshall, WR, Ohio State
Ross Martin, K, Duke
Helva Matungulu, DL, Western Carolina
Doug Middleton, DB, Appalachian State
Romar Morris, RB, North Carolina
Claude Pelon, DT, USC
Daniel Sobolewski, K, Albright
Dahon Taylor, OT, Virginia Union
Lawrence Thomas, DE, Michigan State
Jason Vander Laan, QB, Ferris State

AFC South
Houston Texans
Stephen Anderson, WR/TE, California
Ka'imi Fairbairn, K, UCLA
Luke Hayes, OL, Kansas
Joel Heath, DE, Michigan State
Jalen Jefferson, LB, California
Ufomba Kamalu, DE, Miami
Eric Lee, DE/LB, South Florida
Richard Leonard, CB, FIU
Tomme Mark, DT, Houston
Richard Mullaney, WR, Alabama
Shakeel Rashad, LB, North Carolina
Brennan Scarlett, LB, Stanford
Duke Thomas, DB, Texas
Arturo Uzdavinis, OT, Tulane
Soma Vainuku, FB, USC
Cleveland Wallace, CB, San Jose State
Wendall Williams, WR, University of the Cumberlands

Indianapolis Colts

Danny Anthrop, WR, Purdue
Sterling Bailey, DL, Georgia
Isiah Cage, OT, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Daniel Davie, CB, Nebraska
Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois
Darion Griswold, TE, Arkansas State
Davante Harris, OT, Appalachian State
Marcus Leak, WR, Maryland
Curt Maggitt, OLB, Tennessee
Stefan McClure, S, California
Mekale McKay, WR, Cincinnati
Mike Miller, TE, Taylor
Chris Milton, CB, Georgia Tech
Adam Redmond, OT, Harvard
Chester Rogers, WR, Grambling State
Anthony Sarao, LB, USC
Delvon Simmons, DL, USC
Tevaun Smith, WR, Iowa
Ron Thompson, DL, Syracuse
Darius White, CB, California
Andrew Williamson, S, Vanderbilt

Jacksonville Jaguars

Brien Boddy-Calhoun, CB, Minnesota
Braedon Bowman, TE, South Alabama
Rashod Hill, OT, Southern Miss
Mike Hilton, CB, Ole Miss
Jaden Oberkrom, K, TCU
Jamal Robinson, WR, Louisiana
Pearce Slater, OT, San Diego
Jarrod Wilson, S, Michigan
Max Wittek, QB, Hawaii

Tennessee Titans

Mehdi Abdesmad, DE, Boston College
Lamarcus Brutus, DB, Florida State
Morgan Burns, DB, Kansas State
Samuel Carlson, OL, Colorado State
Alex Ellis, TE, Tennessee
Quayvon Hicks, FB, Georgia
Terrell Lathan, DL, TCU
Tyler Marz, OT, Wisconsin
Nick Richter, OT, Richmond
Aldrick Rosas, K, Southern Oregon
Golden Ukonu, OL, Mississippi Valley State
Antwaun Woods, DL, USC

AFC West
Denver Broncos

Bralon Addison, WR, Oregon
Vontarrius Dora, DE, Louisiana Tech
Mose Frazier, WR, Memphis
Antonio Glover, DB, Georgia Southern
Lars Hanson, OT, Sacramento State
Calvin Heurtelou, DL, Miami
Shaneil Jenkins, DE, Shepherd
Henry Krieger-Coble, TE, Iowa
David Moala, DT, Utah State
Justin Murray, OL, Cincinnati
Durron Neal, WR, Oklahoma
Aaron Neary, OL, Eastern Washington
Dwayne Norman, WR, Duke
Anthony Norris, TE, Southern Utah
Kyle Peko, NT, Oregon State
Kalif Raymond, WR, Holy Cross
Frank Shannon, LB, Oklahoma
Sadat Sulleyman, DL, Portland State
Nathan Theus, LS, Georgia
John Tidwell, DB, Sioux Falls
Eddie Yarbrough, DE, Wyoming

Kansas City Chiefs

Siaosi Aiono, OL, Utah
Jake Bernstein, OL, Vanderbilt
Dylan Detwiler, LS, Fresno State
Brandon Eakins, WR, The Citadel
Vernon Harris, DB, Dartmouth
Desmond Jackson, DT, Texas
Tre Jones, DB, Mount Union
Mitch Mathews, WR, BYU
Michael Nysewander, FB, Alabama
Terrance Smith, LB, Florida State
Trey Wesley, CB, Samford

Oakland Raiders

KJ Brent, WR, Wake Forest
James Cowser, DL, Southern Utah
Perez Ford, LB, Northern Illinois
Marvin Hall Jr., WR, Washington
Antonio Hamilton, DB, South Carolina State
Johnny Holton, WR, Cincinnati
Pig Howard, WR, Tennessee
Drew Iddings, DE, South Dakota
Denver Kirkland, OL, Arkansas
Darius Latham, DT, Indiana
Max McCaffrey, WR, Duke
Tony McRae, CB, North Carolina A&T
Jaydon Mickens, WR, Washington
Ryan O'Malley, TE, Penn
Oni Omoile, LB, Iowa State
Jalen Richard, RB, Southern Miss
Greg Townsend Jr., DE, USC
Ryan Simmons, LB, Oklahoma State
Terran Vaughn, OL, Stephen F. Austin
Kyrie Wilson, LB, Fresno State

San Diego Chargers

Mike Bercovici, QB, Arizona State
Terrell Chestnut, CB, West Virginia
Kenneth Farrow, RB, Houston
Tyler Johnstone, OT, Oregon
Sebastian Johansson, OL, Marshall
Jamaal Jones, WR, Montana
Chris Landrum, OLB, Jacksonville State
Mike McQueen, G, Ohio
Adrian McDonald, S, Houston
Tyler Marcordes, OLB, Georgia Tech
Spencer Pulley, C, Vanderbilt
Shaq Petteway, LB, West Virginia
Zeth Ramsay, OT, Colorado Mesa
Deandre Reaves, WR, Marshall
Larry Scott, CB, Oregon State
Chris Swain, RB, Navy
Dom Williams, WR, Washington State
Trevor Williams, CB, Penn State
Carlos Wray, DE, Duke

NFC North
Chicago Bears

Adrian Bellard, OT, Texas State
Ben Braunecker, TE, Harvard
Dan Buchholz, OL, Duquesne
Taveze Calhoun, DB, Mississippi State
Don Cherry, LB, Villanova
John Kling, OL, Buffalo
Nate Meier, DE, Iowa
Darrin Peterson, WR, Liberty
Kevin Peterson, CB, Oklahoma State
Roy Robertson-Harris, DE, UTEP
Joe Sommers, TE, Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Detroit Lions

Adairius Barnes, CB, Louisiana Tech
Jace Billingsley, WR, Eastern Oregon
Quinshad Davis, WR, North Carolina
James DeLoach, DL, Georgia
Chase Farris, OL, Ohio State
Adam Fuehne, TE, Southern Illinois
Deonte Gibson, DE, Northwestern
Jay Lee, WR, Baylor
Ryan Watson, DT, Purdue
Charles Washington, CB, Fresno State
Ian Wells, CB, Ohio
Cole Wick, TE, Incarnate Word
Andrew Zeller, OG, Maryland

Green Bay Packers

Geronimo Allison, WR, Illinois
Kentrell Brice, DB, Louisiana Tech
Beniquez Brown, LB, Mississippi State
Brandon Burks, RB, Troy
Joe Callahan, QB, Wesley College
Makinton Dorleant, CB, Northern Iowa
Brandon Gatewood, CB, Alcorn State
Reggie Gilbert, DL, Arizona
David Grinnage, TE, NC State
Josh Hawkins, CB, East Carolina
Don Jackson, RB, Nevada
Josh James, OT, Carroll (MT) College
Randall Jette, CB, UMass
Tyler Kuder, DL, Idaho State
Peter Mortell, P, Minnesota
Dennis Parks, WR, Rice
Manoa Pikula, LB, BYU
Brian Price, DT, UTSA
Devonte Robinson, WR Utah State
Demond Smith, S, Georgia Tech
Herb Waters, WR, Miami

Minnesota Vikings

Keith Baxter, DB, Marshall
Kyle Carter, TE, Penn State
Theiren Cockran, DL, Minnesota
Jake Ganus, LB, Georgia
Marken Michel, WR, Massachusetts
Denzell Perine, DE, Florida Atlantic
Jhurrell Pressley, RB, New Mexico
Eric Rawls, DB, Kentucky State
Brandon Ross, RB, Maryland
Joel Stave, QB, Wisconsin
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys

Caleb Azubike, DE, Vanderbilt
Jake Brendel, C, UCLA
Chris Brown, WR, Notre Dame
Rodney Coe, DT, Akron
Arjen Colquhoun, DB, Michigan State
David Hedelin, OT, Purdue
Andy Jones, WR, Jacksonville
Deon King, LB, Norfolk State
Tyler Martz, OL, Wisconsin
Rolan Milligan, DB, Toledo
Jason Neill, DT, UTSA
Boston Stiverson, OL, Kansas State
Austin Traylor, TE, Wisconsin

New York Giants

Andrew Adams, S, Connecticut
Donte Deayon, CB, Boise State
Mykel Esiobu, WR Lakeland
Michael Hunter, CB, Oklahoma State
Cedric Lang, TE, UTEP
Melvin Lewis, DT, Kentucky
Roger Lewis, WR, Bowling Green
Ryan Malleck, TE, Virginia Tech
KJ Maye, WR, Minnesota
Greg Milhouse, DT, Campbell
Romeo Okwara, DE, Notre Dame
Darius Powe, WR, California
Mike Rose, DE, NC State
Josh Woodrum, QB, Liberty

Philadelphia Eagles

John DePalma, LS, West Virginia
L.T. Filiaga, LB, Utah State
Quentin Gause, LB, Rutgers
Dillon Gordon, TE, LSU
Darrell Greene, OG, San Diego State
Bruce Johnson, C, Maine
Marcus Johnson, WR, Texas
Cayleb Jones, WR, Arizona
Byron Marshall, RB/WR, Oregon
Cedric O'Neal, RB, Valdosta State
Hunter Sharp, WR, Utah State
Aziz Shittu, DL, Stanford
C.J. Smith, CB, North Dakota State
Myke Tavarres, LB, Incarnate Word
Destiny Vaeao, DL, Washington State
Connor Wujciak, DT, Boston College

Washington Redskins

Donzale Ashley, S, Ashland
Kevin Bowen, OT, East Central
Lloyd Carrington, CB, Arizona State
Tevin Carter, S, Utah
Michael Cooper, TE, Indiana
Shiro Davis, DE, Texas
Reginald Diggs, WR, Richmond
Ejiro Ederaine, LB, Fresno State
Joe Gore, OT, Clemson
Travis Greene, RB, Bowling Green
Maurice Harris, WR, Cal
Johnta Hebert, RB, Prairie View A&M
Dominick Jackson, OT, Alabama
Rob Kelley, RB, Tulane
Joe Kerridge, FB, Michigan
Anthony Lanier, DE, Alamaba A&M
Kelly Mason, LS, Kentucky
Geno Matias-Smith, DB, Alabama
Andre McCullouch, WR, Rocky Mountain
Kenneth Springer, DB, NM Highlands

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons

Josh Dawson, DL, Georgia
Gerald Dixon, DT, South Carolina
Cory Johnson, DT, Kentucky
Daje Johnson, WR, Texas
De'Andre Mann, RB, Kansas
Chris Mayes, DL, Georgia
Ivan McLennan, LB, Washington State
Sharrod Neasman, S, Florida Atlantic
Josh Perkins, TE, Washington
Brian Poole, DB, Florida
David Richards, WR, Arizona
Nick Rose, K, Texas
Jordan Walsh, OL, Iowa
Brandon Wilds, RB, South Carolina

Carolina Panthers

Andrew Bonnet, FB/TE, North Dakota State
Jeremy Cash, S, Duke
Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa
Devon Johnson, FB, Marshall
Jake McGee, TE, Florida
Jared Norris, LB, Utah
Jenson Stoshak, WR, Florida Atlantic

New Orleans Saints

Jack Allen, OL, Michigan State
Michael Caputo, S, Wisconsin
Joseph Cheek, OL, Texas A&M
Ken Crawley, DB, Colorado
Jared Dangerfield, WR, Western Kentucky
Trae Elston, DB, Ole Miss
De'Vante Harris, CB, Texas A&M
Marcus Henry, C, Boise State
Sione Houma, FB, Michigan
Dillon Lee, LB, Alabama
Tommylee Lewis, WR, Northern Illinois
Mitchell Loewen, DL, Arkansas
Ryker Matthews, OT, BYU
DJ Pettway, DL, Alabama
Jeff Schoettmer, S, North Carolina
Dominique Tovell, LB, UL-Lafayette
Landon Turner, G, North Carolina
Jordan Williams-Lambert, WR, Ball State
Avery Young, OL, Auburn

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Peyton Barber, RB, Auburn
Tim Brown, TE, West Chester
Kivon Cartwright, TE, Colorado State
Tyson Coleman, LB, Oregon
Alan Cross, TE, Memphis
Taylor Fallin, T, Memphis
Russell Hansbrough, RB, Missouri
Traveon Henry, S, Northwestern
Isaiah Johnson, DB, South Carolina
Anthony Kelly, WR, Kutztown
Mike Kozlakowski, DE, Maine
Davonte Lambert, DL, Auburn
Cassanova McKinzy, LB, Auburn
Jontavius Morris, DT, Western Kentucky
Luke Rhodes, LB, William & Mary
Dominique Robertson, OL, West Georgia
Elijah Shumate, DB, Notre Dame
Dez Stewart, WR, Ohio Dominican
Channing Ward, DL, Ole Miss
Leonard Wester, T, Missouri

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals

Jared Baker, RB, Arizona
Jeff Bethard, WR, Appalachian State
Elie Bouka, DB, University of Calgary
Kameron Canaday, LS, Portland State
Amir Carlisle, WR, Notre Dame
Jake Coker, QB, Alabama
Clay DeBord, T, Eastern Washington
Daniel Dillon, LS, Campbell
Matthias Farley, S, Notre Dame
Trevon Hartfield, DB, Southwestern Oklahoma State
Chris King, WR, Duquesne
Lamar Lewis, LB, LSU
Givens Price, T, Nebraska
Garrett Swanson, P, Fresno State
Hakeem Valles, TE, Monmouth
Ronald Zamort, CB, Western Michigan

Los Angeles Rams

Taylor Bertolet, K, Texas A&M
Brandon Chubb, LB, Wake Forest
Morgan Fox, DE, Colorado State
Aaron Green, RB, TCU
Nicholas Gribsby, LB, Pittsburgh
Michael Jordan, DB, Missouri Western
Jordan Lomax, S, Iowa
Paul McRoberts, WR
Pace Murphy, OL, Northwestern State
Marquez North, WR, Tennessee
Kache Palacio, LB/FB, Washington State
Brian Randolph, DB, Tennessee
Winston Rose, C, New Mexico
Ian Seau, DE, Nevada
Nelson Spruce, WR, Colorado
Jordan Swindle, OT, Kentucky

San Francisco 49ers

Kevin Anderson, LB, Stanford
Alex Balducci, DL, Oregon
Jered Bell, S, Colorado
Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford
Demetrius Cherry, DT, Arizona
Jay Fanaika, DE, Utah
Lenny Jones, DE/OLB, Nevada
Darren Lake, DT, Alabama
John Lunsford, K, Liberty
Blake Muir, OG, Baylor
Bryce Treggs, WR, California
Duke Williams, WR, Auburn (tryout)

Seattle Seahawks

Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon (tryout)
DeAnthony Arnett, R, Michigan State
Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU
Brandin Bryant, DT, Florida Atlantic
David Dudek, RB, Boston College
DeAndre Elliot, C, Colorado State
Marwin Evans, S, Utah State
George Fant, TE, Western Kentucky
Devin Fosselman, WR, Jackson State
Christian French, LB, Oregon
Darvell Harris, CB, North Alabama
Jaylen Hunter, OG, Middle Tennessee State
Lars Koht, DL, FIU
Steve Longa, LB, Rutgers
Tre Madden, RB, USC
Lene Maiava, OL, Arizona
Tanner McEvoy, S?, Wisconsin
Montese Overton, DE/OLB, East Carolina
David Perkins, DE/OLB, Illinois State
Tyvis Powell, S, Ohio State
Pete Robertson, DE, Texas Tech
Taani Tupou, DL, Washington

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NFL 2016 Draft Picks - Players Listed By Team

The NFL's 2016 Draft has come and gone. Listed below are the picks organized in lists by team. This post can be used as reference for such purposes as to know who drafted who, and or who went where.

Atlanta Falcons

1(17) Keanu Neal S Florida
2(21) Deion Jones OLB LSU
3(18) Austin Hooper TE Stanford
4(17) De'Vondre Campbell OLB Minnesota
6(20) Wes Schweitzer OG San Jose State
7(17) Devin Fuller WR UCLA

Carolina Panthers

1(30) Vernon Butler DT Louisiana Tech
2(31) James Bradberry CB Samford
3(14) Daryl Worley CB West Virginia
5(2) Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma
7(31) Beau Sandland TE Montana

New Orleans Saints

1(12) Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2(16) Michael Thomas WR Ohio State
2(30) Vonn Bell S Ohio State
4(22) David Onyemata DT
7(16) Daniel Lasco RB California

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1(12 ) Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2(16) Michael Thomas WR Ohio State
2(30) Vonn Bell S Ohio State
4(22) David Onyemata DT
7(16) Daniel Lasco RB California

Dallas Cowboys

1(4) Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State
2(3) Jaylon Smith OLB Notre Dame
3(4) Maliek Collins DT Nebraska
4(3) Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma
4(37) Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State
6(14) Anthony Brown CB Purdue
6(37) Kavon Frazier S Central Michigan
6(41) Darius Jackson RB Eastern Michigan
6(42) Rico Gathers TE Baylor

New York Giants

1(10) Eli Apple CB Ohio State
2(9) Sterling Shepard WR Oklahoma
3(8) Darian Thompson S Boise State
4(11) B.J. Goodson ILB Clemson
5(10) Paul Perkins RB UCLA
6(9) Jerell Adams TE South Carolina

Washington Redskins

1(22) Josh Doctson WR TCU
2(22) Su'a Cravens S USC
3(21) Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
5(13) Matt Ioannidis DT
6(12) Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana
7(11) Steven Daniels ILB Boston College
7(21) Keith Marshall RB Georgia

Philadelphia Eagles

1(2) Carson Wentz QB North Dakota State
3(16) Isaac Seumalo C Oregon State
5(14) Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia
5(25) Halapoulivaati Vaitai OT TCU
6(21) Blake Countess CB Auburn
7(12) Jalen Mills S LSU
7(19) Alex Mccalister DE Florida
7(30) Joe Walker ILB Oregon

Arizona Cardinals

1(29) Robert Nkemdiche DT Ole Miss
3(29) Brandon Williams CB Texas A&M
4(30) Evan Boehm OG Missouri
5(28) Marqui Christian S Midwestern State
5(31) Cole Toner OT Harvard
6(30) Harlan Miller CB Southeastern Louisiana

Seattle Seahawks

1(31) Germain Ifedi OT Texas A&M
2(18) Jarran Reed DT Alabama
3(27) C.J. Prosise RB Notre Dame
3(31) Nick Vannett TE Ohio State
3(34) Rees Odhiambo OG Boise State
5(8) Quinton Jefferson DT Maryland
5(32) Alex Collins RB Arkansas
6(40) Joey Hunt C TCU
7(22) Kenny Lawler WR California
7(26) Zac Brooks RB Clemson

San Francisco 49ers

1(7) DeForest Buckne DE Oregon
1(28) Joshua Garnett OG Stanford
3(5) Will Redmond CB Mississippi State
4(35) Rashard Robinson CB LSU
5(3) Ronald Blair DT Appalachian State
5(6) John Theus OT Georgia
5(35) Fahn Cooper OT Ole Miss
6(32) Jeff Driskel QB Louisiana Tech
6(36) Kelvin Taylor RB Florida
6(38) Aaron Burbridge WR Michigan State
7(28) Prince Charles Iworah CB Western Kentucky

Los Angeles Rams

1(1) Jared Goff QB California
4(110) Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentcuky
4(117) Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina
6(177) Temarrick Hemingway TE South Carolina State
6(190) Josh Forrest LB Kentucky
6(190) Michael Thomas WR Southern Miss

Chicago Bears

1(9) Leonard Floyd OLB Georgia
2(25) Cody Whitehair OG Kansas State
3(9) Jonathan Bullard DE Florida
4(15) Nick Kwiatkoski ILB West Virginia
4(26) Deon Bush S Miami (FL)
4(29) Deiondre' Hall CB Northern Iowa
5(11) Jordan Howard RB Indiana
6(10) Deandre Houston-Carson S William & Mary
7(9) Daniel Braverman WR Western Michigan

Detroit Lions

1(16) Taylor Decker OT Ohio State
2(15) A'Shawn Robinson DT Alabama
3(32) Graham Glasgow C Michigan
4(13) Miles Killebrew S Southern Utah
5(12) Joe Dahl OG Washington State
5(30) Antwione Williams OLB Georgia Southern
6(16) Jake Rudock QB Michigan
6(27) Anthony Zettel DE Penn State
6(35) Jimmy Landes LS Baylor
7(15) Dwayne Washington RB Washington

Green Bay Packers

1(27) Kenny Clark DT UCLA
2(17) Jason Spriggs OT Indiana
3(25) Kyler Fackrell OLB Utah State
4(33) Blake Martinez ILB Stanford
4(39) Dean Lowry DE Northwestern
5(24) Trevor Davis WR California
6(25) Kyle Murphy OT Stanford

Minnesota Vikings

1(23) Laquon Treadwell WR Ole Miss
2(23) Mackensie Alexander CB Clemson
4(23) Willie Beavers OG Western Michigan
5(21) Kentrell Brothers ILB Missouri
6(5) Moritz Boehringer WR
6(13) David Morgan TE UTSA
7(6) Stephen Weatherly OLB Vanderbilt
7(23 ) Jayron Kearse S Clemson

Cleveland Browns

1(15) Corey Coleman WR Baylor
2(1) Emmanuel Ogbah DE Oklahoma State
3(2) Carl Nassib DE Penn State
3(13) Shon Coleman OT Auburn
3(30) Cody Kessler QB USC
4(1) Joe Schobert OLB Wisconsin
4(16) Ricardo Louis WR Auburn
4(31) Derrick Kindred S TCU
4(40) Seth Devalve WR Princeton
5(15) Jordan Payton WR UCLA
5(29) Spencer Drango OT Baylor
5(33) Rashard Higgins WR Colorado State
5(34) Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Monroe
7(29) Scooby Wright III ILB Arizona

Cincinnati Bengals

1(24) William Jackson III CB Houston
2(24) Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh
3(24) Nick Vigil ILB Utah State
4(24) Andrew Billings DT Baylor
5(22) Christian Westerman OG Arizona State
6(24) Cody Core WR Ole Miss
7(24) Clayton Fejedelem S Illinois

Baltimore Ravens

1(6) Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame
2(11) Kamalei Correa OLB Boise State
3(7) Bronson Kaufusi DE BYU
4(6) Tavon Young CB Temple
4(9) Chris Moore WR Cincinnati
4(32) Alex Lewis OT Nebraska
4(34) Willie Henry DT Michigan
4(36) Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech
5(7) Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State
6(7) Keenan Reynolds WR Navy
6(34) Maurice Canady CB Virginia

Pittsburgh Steelers

1(25) Artie Burns CB Miami (FL)
2(27) Sean Davis S Maryland
3(26) Javon Hargrave DT South Carolina State
4(25) Jerald Hawkins OT LSU
6(45) Travis Feeney OLB Washington
7(8) Demarcus Ayers WR Houston
7(25) Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple

Tennessee Titans

1(8) Jack Conklin OT Michigan State
2(2) Kevin Dodd DE Clemson
2(12) Austin Johnson DT Penn State
2(14) Derrick Henry RB Alabama
3(1) Kevin Byard S Middle Tennessee
5(1) Tajae Sharpe WR Massachusetts
5(18) Leshaun Sims CB Southern Utah
6(18) Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas
7(1) Aaron Wallace OLB UCLA
7(32) Kalan Reed CB Southern Miss

Houston Texans

1(21) Will Fuller WR Notre Dame
2(19) Nick Martin C Notre Dame
3(22) Braxton Miller WR Ohio State
4(21) Tyler Ervin RB San Jose State
5(20) KJ Dillon S West Virginia
5(27) D.J. Reader DT Clemson

Indianapolis Colts

1(18) Ryan Kelly C Alabama
2(26) T.J. Green S Clemson
3(19) Le'Raven Clark OT Texas Tech
4(18) Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
4(27) Antonio Morrison OLB Florida
5(16) Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State
7(18) Trevor Bates OLB Maine
7(27) Austin Blythe C Iowa

Jacksonville Jaguars

1(5) Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
2(5) Myles Jack OLB UCLA
3(6) Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland
4(5) Sheldon Day DT Notre Dame
6(6) Tyrone Holmes DE Montana
6(26) Brandon Allen QB Arkansas
7(5) Jonathan Woodard DE Central Arkansas

Denver Broncos

1(26) Paxton Lynch QB Memphis
2(32) Adam Gotsis DE Georgia Tech
3(35) Justin Simmons S Boston College
4(38) Devontae Booker RB Utah
5(5) Connor Mcgovern OG Missouri
6(1) Andy Janovich FB Nebraska
6(44) Will Parks S Arizona
7(7) Riley Dixon P Syracuse

Oakland Raiders

1(14) Karl Joseph S West Virginia
2(13) Jihad Ward DE Illinois
3(12) Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State
4(2) Connor Cook QB Michigan State
5(4) Deandre Washington RB Texas Tech
6(19) Cory James OLB Colorado State
7(13) Vadal Alexander OG LSU

San Diego Chargers

1(3) Joey Bosa DE Ohio State
2(4) Hunter Henry TE Arkansas
3(3) Max Tuerk C USC
4(4) Joshua Perry ILB Ohio State
5(36) Jatavis Brown OLB Akron
6(4) Drew Kaser P Texas A&M
6(23) Derek Watt FB Wisconsin
7(3) Donavon Clark OG Michigan State

Kansas City Chiefs

2(6) Chris Jones DT Mississippi State
3(11) Keivarae Russell CB Notre Dame
4(7) Parker Ehinger OG Cincinnati
4(8) Eric Murray CB Minnesota
4(28) Demarcus Robinson WR Florida
5(23) Kevin Hogan QB Stanford
5(26) Tyreek Hill WR West Alabama
6(3) D.J. White CB Georgia Tech
6(28) Dadi Lhomme Nicolas OLB Virginia

New England Patriots

2(29) Cyrus Jones CB Alabama
3(15) Joe Thuney OG North Carolina State
3(28) Jacoby Brissett QB North Carolina State
3(33) Vincent Valentine DT Nebraska
4(14) Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia
6(33) Kamu Grugier-Hill CB Eastern Illinois
6(39) Elandon Roberts ILB Houston
6(46) Ted Karras OG Illinois
7(4) Devin Lucien WR Arizona State

Buffalo Bills

1(19) Shaq Lawson DE Clemson
2(10) Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama
3(17) Adolphus Washington DT Ohio State
4(41) Cardale Jones QB Ohio State
5(17) Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas
6(17) Kolby Listenbee WR TCU
6(43) Kevon Seymour CB USC

New York Jets

1(20) Darron Lee OLB Ohio State
2(20) Christian Hackenberg QB Penn State
3(20) Jordan Jenkins OLB Georgia
4(20) Juston Burris CB North Carolina State
5(19) Brandon Shell OT South Carolina
7(14) Loc Edwards P Sam Houston State
7(20) Charone Peake WR Clemson

Miami Dolphins

1(13) Laremy Tunsil OT Ole Miss
2(7) Xavien Howard CB Baylor
3(10) Kenyan Drake RB Alabama
3(23) Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers
6(11) Jakeem Grant WR Texas Tech
6(29) Jordan Lucas S Penn State
7(2) Brandon Doughty QB Western Kentucky
7(10) Thomas Duarte WR UCLA

And with the final pick of the 2016 draft, Mr. Irrelevant is … Kalan Reed the 253rd and final pick of the 2016 NFL's Draft. This undersized 5-foot-11 and 192 pounds Southern Miss Cornerback goes to the Tennessee Titans.