Monday, May 16, 2016

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool - Reviewed 4 Stars

Two years back, Radiohead's Thom Yorke released his solo album “Tomorrow's Modern Boxes” and it was quickly forgotten, leading some to think the Band's tank was empty. Not to fear, Thom, and friends are back with an outstanding new album of albeit not all new material.

Rest assured that the Radiohead of today are still as depressing as they were from any other period of their lengthy career. Thom Yorke's lyrics cover Radiohead's all too familiar, and expected, depressing stomping ground, cloaked in a newer musical direction. New territory gets explored here.

This odd assortment of new and old songs could be considered rekindled burnt offerings, as half of these songs are not new at all, only reworked, rearranged, and re-recorded. When in fact, some of the songs are not new they are presented as new because they have been improved to the point of meeting Radiohead's satisfaction. Fans will agree. The songs in question are all better and with the new tracks all of these work well together and make this their 9th album more than worthwhile.

This almost super-group of the 1990's, the very, very, very over-hyped heralded prophets of acceptable eccentricity always at the forefront of the underground's vanguard on the outskirt's of the mainstream have maintained its reputation for musical innovation. The obvious sophistication of Radiohead's sound on this album indicates their progression, maturing and this is heavily influenced by Jonny Greenwood's classical music experience. Greenwood's recent film score credits include:“There Will be Blood”, “The Master”, and “Inherent Vice.” His classical music influence dominates “A Moon Shaped Pool. This album is full of little nuances and little quirks and surprises that will keep fans talking for a long time to come. What is most noticeable is that the all of the guitar work is subtle and subdued, making way for the smooth production work that polishes up this almost masterpiece.

Overall, the arrangement, production, musicianship are top-notch. I still don't care for Thom Yorke's lyrics, but they're what makes Radiohead who they are. The new A Moon Shaped Pool is outstanding and will be highly regarded by fans of old. As for new fans about to discover Radiohead, they may wonder what's all the fuss?

No matter what others may say, I give it thumbs up!

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The best tracks are “Burn The Witch” - "Identikit" - "The Numbers" - "True Love Waits" "Ful Stop"

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