Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 Canceled TV Shows

In the past month or so there have been a number of articles published about the upcoming TV season and canceled shows. All of those articles reveal to you the canceled shows as well as all of the shows that have been renewed. In doing that I thought that those pieces were really overdoing it. Making lists too long, can become confusing, and when reading about too many shows it's easy to forget and or confuse what was canceled and what was renewed. A case of too much information.

Here is the definitive lists of only what was canceled. If there's a show not listed, then you can safely assume it's coming back for another season.

Most of these canceled shows were 1 or 2 seasons, with a few exceptions, and although American Idol is canceled it will air new episodes and complete its run this fall. Two shows that I thought were good and had potential were About a Boy and Selfie, and another show The Mindy Project may get picked up by another network.

There are other networks and many other shows, in fact just too many to cover. The focus of this article is on the major networks and the shows that they have canceled.

If you follow a show closely and it's not covered here...just google it!


1. Cristela
2. Forever
3. Resurrection
4. Revenge
5. Selfie
6. The Taste


1. Battle Creek
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
3. The McCarthys
4. The Mentalist
5. The Millers
6. Stalker


1. A to Z
2. About A Boy
3. Allegiance
4. Bad Judge
5. Constantine
6. Marry Me
7. One Big Happy
8. Parenthood
9. Parks and Recreation
10. State of Affairs


1. American Idol
2. Backstrom
3. The Following
4. Glee
5. Gracepoint
6. The Mindy Project
7. Mulaney
8. Red Band Society
9. Utopia
10. Weird Loners

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Florence + the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How...Boring - Review

The follow-up to the world-wide smash hit success Ceremonials is finally here. Florence and the Machine returns with their highly anticipated new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Florence Welch reveals in various interviews that she wrote and recorded most of the album last year with producer Markus Dravs. She went on to say that she chose Dravs to produce because she loved his work, and she likes the way he is able to balance electronic and standard instruments.

"He's good with big sounds, and I like big sounds,"

"With Markus, I wanted to make something that was big but that had a gentleness to it, that had a warmth, that was rooted,"

"I think that's why we went back more to the live instruments. Something that was band-led almost."
...Florence Welch's comments on Markus Dravs

Florence describes the new album as an exploration of trying to learn how to live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it. How Big How Blue How Beautiful, the first song Welch penned for the album showcases what, to her is a very special horn arrangement. Unfortunately it drones on and on...far too long!

"The trumpets at the end of that song that's what love feels like to me, an endless brass section that goes off into space" - "And it takes you with it. You're so up there. And that's what music feels like to me. You want it just to pour out endlessly, and it's the most amazing feeling."

Taking a closer look at what you'll get should you buy this album, there are 11 tracks and to date 4 have been issued as singles. The first single “What Kind of Man” is average at best. The second single issued, should never have been issued or even included on this album. “St. Jude” is awful, and I can't imagine why someone thought it had potential as a single. The only thing that clunker is good for is curing insomnia! The third single is better “Ship to Wreck” but you may tire of hearing it too many times. The fourth single “Delilah” is the strongest track on the album and one everyone should like. The last track “Mother” is also good, but the rest of this album is dull, and yet noisy. If you do buy it, chances are you'll only play it a few times before you lose interest. I'm already looking forward to the next album and hoping it'll be better.

One of the problems artists encounter after they become wildly successful and popular is that they often lose touch with what got them there and confuse their own importance with that. They think of personal self development and trying new things and sometimes that's not what an expecting audience is hungry for. With that in mind, I think fans will be a little disappointed with this new album. A self indulgent trip that will appeal more to a female audience, and the big difference between this album and Ceremonials is that, this album will not appeal to everyone. All that noise...and all that brass etc. may be Florence's cup o' tea, but that doesn't make it the flavor of the day! Rate this album at 2½ Stars

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful = Boring and Noisy = Rate this album at 2½ Stars

How Big How Blue How Beautiful Track List:

    1."Ship to Wreck"
    2. "What Kind of Man"
    3. "How Big How Blue How Beautiful"
    4. "Queen of Peace"
    5. "Various Storms and Saints"
    6. "Delilah"
    7. "Long and Lost"
    8. "Caught"
    9. "Third Eye"
    10. "St Jude"
    11. "Mother"

News Update: Florence + the Machine announce tour dates.

Tickets for all dates will go on sale to the General Public June 12th at 10 A.M. through and, and by phone: (800) 745-3000.
A Pre-Sale for American Express Card members will begin 10 A.M. June 9th – 10 P.M. June 11th.
Fall Tour Dates:
October 11: Austin City Limits, Austin
October 13: Ak-Chin Pavilion, Phoenix
October 14: Viejas Arena, San Diego
October 16-17: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles
October 20: Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara
October 21-22: Greek Theater, Berkeley
October 24: Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland
October 25: Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena, Vancouver
October 27: Key Arena, Seattle

For UK and European Tour Dates and information visit their website.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Top 20 Web App's You Should Know About

Whether you have migrated to cloud computing completely or are finding yourself heading in that direction, you'll want to keep doing the same things that you have always done when using your PC.

We all love websites that are useful, especially ones that help you be more productive, and even more so the ones that we don't need to sign up or register with. Listed below are a few you may have already discovered, and maybe a few you haven't. Some of the following do require a sign-up, but not all of them.

If you have reservations or worries about cloud computing, just keep this in mind, today's youth are already there. More than a million Chromebooks are now used in US schools, and that's just the beginning. Recently NYC Schools are committing to use Chromebooks, following in the footsteps of LA schools. Schools all across America are discovering their potential.

Everyday computer users are also finding, and enjoying the freedom with their new found mobility that comes with computing in the clouds.

It used to be, whatever you were doing on your PC, could only be done on that PC, which essentially kept your chained to your desk. Now you can open, edit, create, snap a photo or video share it, collaborate with others, post, chat, go shopping and do anything you want, no longer chained to that desk!

Even small businesses are going there, the concept is not new, the change you make might be. Whether you're on the go or not, you can have access to what matters most to you, when you take flight, and start living the high life in the clouds.

I've listed below some web apps that are useful. I did not include any Office Suites, because online office apps are already integrated with your email service.

The Top 20 Web Apps you should know about:
1. Converting files =
2. Download Video from YouTube w/No Software =
3. Photo Editing =
4. Photo Editing =
6. Free E-Cards =
7. Create & edit Video =
9. Turn Web page into a PDF =
10. Evernote - Note Keeping & Taking =

You should take advantage of these Free offerings as well. The online storage offered here is more than enough for documents and forms, You would be wiser to utilize Flickr and Google Photos for all of your pictures and videos. They will take up more space than your documents and Google Photos now gives you unlimited storage. Flicker is useful also, but I'd only use it for a back-up they have a 2 Terabyte limit with their free offering.

*Extra. Free 15 GB Online storage - Copy =
*Extra. Free 10 GB Online storage - Box =

11. Create & Send - Instant Invoice =
12. Free Logo Maker - GraphicSprings =
13. Photo Editing =
14. Online YouTube Converter/Downloader =
15. Online Vector Graphics Editor – Janvas =
16. Icon Maker – Make Favicons in an instant with =
17. Free Stock Photos =
18. Free Video Call With Up to 8 People =
19. Simple Invoicing =
20. Remove Backgrounds from images =

Now turn your web browser into a real lean and mean machine, add a folder to your bookmarks bar and make these web apps favorites listed in this folder and essentially your browser will replace the need to have installed software. Even better whatever you save to the web is easily accessible from any device any time. PC's crash, hard drives fail, and software that needs to be installed is expensive, not to mention that installed software always needs upgraded and often needs to be replaced.

How many versions of desktop software have you had to buy over the years? How many different versions of Windows or MS Office or anything else?
Enough is enough I say. Get cloud based, and you'll be happy you did. Fear nothing and don't look back!

Maybe you know of something useful to add if so, mention your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

* My advice and recommendations are for personal and home use. Business needs are sure to differ and although many of them are also going mobile, there is still some need for OS's & other installed software for offline PC work stations.