Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie – Blackstar – Reviewed 4½ BlackStars

David Bowie – Blackstar – Reviewed 4½ Blackstars

The Starman delivers! I'll Rate this effort 4½ Stars. The production and instrumentation make this album. Lyrically Bowie is cryptic and leaves us wondering. His vocals are aged, but not bad. It is so close to perfection but...

Blackstar is light years away from today's pop landscape. It is atmospheric and very dark. An intriguing work of art, and that lends to the thought that this album is just that, a work of art. It has interesting percussion that fits these songs perfectly, but none that are new. It's the arrangements and fills that are unique. The album features 7 songs, 5 are new and 2 others have been re-recorded. The songs are all great and they are arranged well on this album. Though there are fewer songs than typical albums, these are all excellent, well produced tracks and the album still clocks over forty minutes.

It would be unfair to describe this as an experimental album. It is more to the point of Bowie doing what he wanted to do on his own terms rather than someone else's.

It belongs in a genre of its own, one called Bowie.

Ground control to Maj. Bowie your mission is complete, you are free to go now.

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Check out the accompanying videos for these songs from the album below.


  1. Good review, and I have to agree. This is not Bowie's best,but I still I liked it a lot! It is a fitting way for him to say goodbye!

  2. Very well done. David did a great job, can't imagine pain and all he was in. Still loved his voice and miss him already.

  3. Nice review, I really enjoyed especially the titular song, Blackstar, mainly the first third or so, which really felt like exploring alien space. I'd say it's light years ahead of today's pop. :)


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