Thursday, June 30, 2016

Plan Your Road Trip - Cost To Drive - TravelMath - AAA Fuel Calculator

Does your summer fun include road tank trips? With lower gas prices these days, that is exactly what many people are going to be doing. AAA expects more than 50 million will hit the road for some destination this coming weekend.

If you are among these reveling travelers you might want to know about what it might cost you. Not to worry, there's an app for that...right?

Well, sort of, it's more like there's too many apps and web apps out there to choose from. Of all the apps out there, I highly recommend using these three. All three allow you to compare and see what differences there are among them. This may give you a better idea of things. In fact, I would use them all, not just one, to compare all of the information. Being better informed, means you'll make better decisions.

Cost To Drive is a web tool that does just one thing: estimates the cost to drive from one place to another. Cost To Drive is simple to use. Enter your starting point, and your destination (address, city, state, zip code). Select your vehicle information, click a button, and that's it.

Do the same thing with the other apps. Enter starting point, and then your destination along with vehicle information and you'll find similar information. There may be some small differences, but you'll find that the information is all very close. Travel math offers you more types of calculations and I recommend that you thoroughly check out your route before heading out to some unknown place.

That’s it folks, these three apps will calculate your travel distance, approximate driving time, and give you an estimate of your fuel costs.

Plug your destination point into google maps as you head out and along the way click on the “explore” part of this app to find interesting things along the way.

Have fun. Stay cool. Be safe.
Rock On!

Read mobi Files on Chromebook

eBook Viewer and Converter

This Free app will surely come in handy if you happen to have mobi files that did not come from Amazon. This app opens files from Google Drive, and also allows you to upload files to convert, open and read from your local drive.

If you have been having trouble opening mobi files on your Chromebook this app will cure those blues.

You can get this app here from the Chrome Web Store

eBook Viewer and Converter

Once installed it will be located in your Chrome Apps Tab.

It will help you open and view the contents of eBooks. This app also supports bookmarks, and table of contents. You can easily convert a file and download to the EPUB format. The app easily connects with your Google Drive, so you can open files to view from your Google Drive offline or online, if your files are synced to your local drive.

This app works best with the Chrome browser.

*Formats Supported
epub (Electronic Publication) azw/azw3 (Amazon KF8 eBook File), fb2 (FictionBook 2.0 File), lit (Microsoft eBook File) lrf (Sony Portable Reader File), mobi (Mobipocket), pdb (Palm PDB ebook format), prc (Mobipocket eBook File) chm (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help), txt, plain text file, wps, pub.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Axl Rose Singing to Google...Take Me Down Etc.

These are the images that Axl Rose is demanding Google to take down. They are from a live show he and his band played long ago...way back in January 2010. The article that covered the show reviewed both he and the band well. Stating that all was in fine form and that the show was a spectacle to behold. Nothing negative whatsoever was mentioned. This show was the first of that tour and everything seemed to go well.

Since that time the photos has been misappropriated and used in many derogatory memes, and this is why Axl Rose has sent Google a “Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice” claiming ownership of these images, and has asked Google to remove them from the internet completely!

These now famous “Fat Axl” photos were taken by Boris Minkevich from the Winnipeg Free Press. They are from a January 2010 Guns N’ Roses Show at the MTS Center in Winnipeg, Canada.

According to Rose, all professional photographers at Axl Rose performances must sign a release, which cedes copyright of their photographs to Rose. Not sure if this is true or if this happened in this case. Regardless of the ownership of these photos, there is legal leeway when you take into account the photos are of a public figure and the good ol' trusty fair use doctrine.

I've seen worse memes of President's, other Public Officials, Celebrities and even the Queen. Like it or not I don't think these photos are going away anytime soon.

*Note – The best way to make something like this disappear is to do something more outrageous, or to ignore it altogether. The worst thing to do would be to have a public tantrum over it and draw even more attention to what most were never even aware of.

This post is for reference information.

The photos are from this original article By: Rob Williams
Posted: 01/14/2010 6:44 AM on the Winnipeg Free Press

Guns N' Roses show a massive rock 'n' roll spectacle