Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chinese Instructions on How to use Western-style toilet

In China and many other Asian countries, squatting instead of sitting, is how you take care of business!
Yep, these squatters are everywhere for public use. Not so common in private homes. Most of the homes came with squatters installed, but many of the Chinese have since replaced their squatter/style toilet with the more sanitary western/style sit down toilets.

A recent news posting states to the contrary, but the western style toilets are in most Chinese homes. It happened rather quickly like in America with the 'keeping up with the Jones' phenomenon. It's also seen as a sign of being more cultured and more affluent. All of the newer constructed homes have western style toilets. The squatter styled toilets are still in China, but they are most likely to be found outside the home for public use.

Nevertheless, it is rather disturbing to find shoe marks on the toilet seat. So, some places offer visual instructions on how to use these foreign contraptions.

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