Sunday, October 12, 2014

iOS 8 is Out and the Reviews are ...??

Apple's new iOS8 is off to a horrendous start. The over hyped launch has turned into a frenzy of complaints and problems, and Apple's attempt to fix them, in the days that have followed, have been disastrous, updates to fix updates etc. Just ugliness!

It might be worth mentioning, so count your blessings, that not all of iOS 8's new features are functional. Apple Pay is not operational yet, and you should be happy about that. You'll be able to lose all your private data and maybe even some money at a later date when they (Apple) unveil this new copycat second rate feature. Until then, it doesn't make the list of complaints, as yet.

Users have been crying the blues and pouring on the complaints about the new iOS 8.
Here's a list of the biggest iOS8 Complaints so far...

1. autocorrect is worse since the iOS 8 update
2. iOS 8 Will Ruin Your iPhone 4
3. iOS 8 Drains the Battery Too Fast
4. Camera Roll is another big complaint
5. Every App I have keeps crashing
6. iOS 8 Takes Up Too Much Storage
7. Safari on iOS 8 is the worst browser ever
8. The Tips app is a total waste
9. URLs don't work in Calendar Invites
10. iOS 8 issues with location services - can't enable
11. The worst part of iOS 8 is the Family Share – Can't update apps
12. iOS 8 is Not Private Enough

A week after the release of iOS 8, Apple came out with its first update for their new OS — iOS 8.0.1. It was intended to fix many of the new problems, but that's not exactly what happened. Immediately after the update was released, reports began pouring in that iOS 8.0.1 was breaking cellular reception and other features such as Touch ID. EEKS...OOPS!

This complaint list above does go on, but some of the other software related complaints seemed petty and insignificant and I've omited those.

These are just a sampling of the many complaints found on forums and message boards with really pathetic and seemingly lost customers of this newfangled iOS8 Catastrophe. We won't even go into the physical complaints about bending and some overheating...buyer beware.

With the above information, which is known generally by any and everyone, you'd think shoppers would be more cautious and wait till at least the problems mentioned have been resolved, before throwing their money away. Not in China, as soon as it was available for pre-order, over a million sold in an hour.

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