Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Solve / Fix "Error Code 495"

How to Solve / Fix "Error Code 495"

921, 923, 927 and other errors - downloading or updating apps can be fixed with the following steps.

Go to Settings > More> Application Manager > Google Play services

Click on the Clear Cache button and Clear Data button. If that does not work, repeat the same steps with restarting your phone. Power off and then back on.

That usually works, but sometimes errors pop up during downloads in progress. If that happens, close and restart the Google Play Store app and restart your download. If the error occurs again during your download it's because you're downloading via WiFi, and this is the reason. Not to worry, just repeat the steps above and restart your download, you'll notice it doesn't start over from the start, but picks up where you left off or where the error occurred.

Sometimes that doesn't do the trick, but most of the time it will. When the above does not work, you can try the following...

Activate Access Settings App:
Sometimes the location settings can mess with the Play Store and stop apps from getting downloaded especially in countries other than the US where the app may be restricted.
Settings > More >Location services > Access to my location > Use GPS satellites > Use wireless networks.
Make sure all three boxes are checked.
This should do the trick and get rid of the 495 error.

Gmail Issue:
It has been discovered that uninstalling the Gmail app sometimes fixes the problem. You could always uninstall and then re-install your Gmail app. This workaround is a bit more drastic and one that I would not recommend because it may not eliminate the errors.

As A Last Resort:
As an absolute last resort you could do a Factory data reset. Before doing this make sure to back-up all of your data to an external SD Card. 

Then and only then...

Cross yourself, pray to God and beg for forgiveness, clutching a rabbits foot and crossing your finger before throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder, kneeling with teary eyes staring into the heavens above ...Go to Settings >Accounts > Reset > Factory data reset, and may God have mercy on your soul!

Tove Lo - Queen of The Clouds - Review

Tove Lo, born Tove Ebba Elsa Nilsson is the New Swedish Pop singer-songwriter and musician from Stockholm, Sweden. Her debut album “Queen of the Clouds” is out and it will definitely be around for some time to come. The whole album is great and there are several tracks that should become singles, and that should keep this album flying high on the charts for a long time. The better tracks are not the singles. My faves are “Moments”, “Got Love”, “Thousand Miles”, “Run On Love” and “Talking Body”.

The sound is a mix/mash of the multi-genre pop/alternative rock of the day. It's not far off from Lana Del Rey or maybe somewhere between Britney/Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Lorde & Katy Perry. The vivid lyrical content is reminiscent of Ke$ha. The album as a whole is one of the best that has come out this year and any and everyone who gives it a spin will agree.

The perspective of her lyrical phrasing is what sets her apart from others and this angle of her personality is what attracts.

The album “Queen of the Clouds” is separated thematically into three parts: “The Sex,” “The Love,” and “The Pain,” Each part begins with a spoken prelude to songs following each theme. It's an interesting artistic and creative touch that only helps make this amazing album from start to finish an album to not only remember, but to recommend and or gift it to others during the coming holiday season.

Her 2013 single "Habits", and the later remixed version by hip hop producers Hippie Sabotage titled "Habits-Stay High" - "Out of Mind" and "Not on Drugs" are all featured on Tove Lo's debut album “Queen of the Clouds”.

I rate this 5-Star.

As much as I really love this new music, I really did not care for the accompanying videos.
You can decide for yourself on that one, her videos are easily found on her website and also YouTube and Vevo.

Stay up to date with Tove Lo here... http://www.tove-lo.com/
Check out some of her video work here...  https://www.youtube.com/user/ToveLoVEVO

Is There an OpenOffice for Android?

Is There an OpenOffice for Android? The answer is NO!

AndrOpen is just a third party ported version of OpenOffice for Android. The interface is horrible and working with large files is a Nightmare in the Daylight!

It's an 88 MB app...that'll take some time to download and install. If it even does!! It may just give you errors and fits even trying!

My recommendation is...Stay away from this rubbish. If you are still compelled to find out more you can check for yourself with the links provided below.

Developer email

Google Play

On the other hand Libre Office will become available as an alternative sometime in the near future. It was announced in August, but there is still, to this date, no set release at this point.

These apps are really not worth the time and aggravation you'll endure just to have an Open Office.
In my opinion the developers at both Apache and with Libre all missed the boat on creating a desired mobile app. Other developers have already beaten them there, and have won their market share and have better products.

The really better alternatives are to use the online office suites that are integrated with your email.
Google Docs, MS Outlook and Zoho. They all offer better cloud versions of office software than android or other app versions.

If you still need an office app for the Android phone, the best one for sure is Polaris, it even opens PDF files.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Definition of Marriage

The Definition of Marriage

These facts are represented in Webster's New World Dictionary
©2003 by Wiley Publishing Inc. The Pocketbook Edition
Webster's New World™ Dictionary, Pocketbooks Paperback Edition

being husband and wife = married
the state of being married = marriage
to join as husband and wife and or to take as husband and wife = marry

a married man = husband
a married woman = wife

Pocketbooks is a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-3326-9
ISBN-10: 1-4165-3326-5

The image to the right shows the definition from an older version of the dictionary.

Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary
ISBN: 0-671-41819-X
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 83-42537

Deluxe Second Edition by Dorset & Baber 1979

These facts are what everyone already knows, except that nowadays we are being taught differently.

If you look up the term 'marriage' today on the internet, it will now also include marriage as also being with same-sex couples. The Cambridge Online version to the right may be the last credible online dictionary to not follow the trend.

U.S. Government now recognizes same-sex marriage in 32 States.

U.S. Government now recognizes same-sex marriage in 32 States.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that the federal government will recognize gay marriages in: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and also in Wyoming.

Married same-sex couples living in those states now qualify for federal benefits such as Social Security and Veterans' benefits. The Attorney General says the government is working to implement these benefits as quickly as possible.

The number of states in which married same-sex couples can receive federal benefits is now at 32.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear cases from lower-court rulings that overturned same-sex marriage bans in several states, because after all of the closeted, gay and or bi Judges recuse themselves for personal reasons that would leave the whole issue up to Clarence Thomas to decide.

Which iPad Should I Buy?

Which iPad Should I Buy?

Apple iPad Air 2 for $499
Apple iPad Air for $399
Apple iPad mini 3 for $399
Apple iPad mini 2 for $299
Apple iPad mini for $249

Well the answer, without reading all the bore me to death similar specs on all crapple devices, is simple, buy a Kindle e-reader!
We're talking about tablet computing? What a joke! Don't fool yourself into thinking you can be really productive with a tablet, when to be productive you'll be giving up some precious screen space just to use the onscreen keyboard. The whole idea is a BIG joke! Tablet computing is not the ideal way to accomplish anything. It was just for a brief time an experimental way and as it turns out, not much more than some geeky-gadgety-gimmicky way to do things.

Before you make your final purchasing choice, you should decide what you want to do with the device. The reality is you'll probably use it for entertainment purposes. In that case you really would be better off to invest in the Kindle and you may as well go all out and get the Kindle Fire HD with the Prime membership. In no time, you'll realize that you're really doing the same thing with these devices and with the Kindle you'll probably end up saving on much more.

Just remember that the tablet was really born out of the e-reader development.

If that's not your cup of tea, and you are really determined to possess a Tablet device for some strange reason, then I'd also recommend just buying a bigger phone first, and if that still doesn't suit you and you are still feverishly mad and intent on getting a Tablet, well I suppose you are just a hopeless case.

So, that's just the way it is, if you're hell-bent on owning some worthless gadget/tablet that is not a real e-reader like the Kindle you could always get a Samsung tablet, then at least and just maybe, others wouldn't think you were a total idiot.

Before you make a fool of yourself by buying some Apple gadgets, you should realize by now that they do not offer you anything that the other guys don't and their products are all over priced gadgets made with Chinese slave-labor.

The only cool Apple products to own are the ones that have John, Paul, George and Ringo!

For the on the go, portable computing, you'll be better off to get a large screen Chromebook!

To summarize this post questioning Which iPad Should I Buy; the answer is NONE. Don't buy iPad!
If you must own a Tablet, get a Kindle w/ Prime

If you must use something for portable computing tasks, get a bigger phone or a Samsung Galaxy Tab or do yourself a favor and get a large screen Chromebook!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Photobombers...Now Trending


The word Photobomb and its variations have received quite a bit of attention lately. Many of the older generation and those who speak English as a second language all wonder what the term means and what's all the fuss about.

Simply put, it's a new slang term for photo error. More precisely, a photo that has captured something that was not intended. At first it was of the accidental type, but more recently as people have become aware of the term, more incidents of photo error are not of the accidental type, but now they are of the intended pranks and stunts.

The fact that there is an over abundance of this media and its coverage should be expected. Today's Photobombers are all looking for that chance to gain some internet fame quickly, to go as they say...viral!

Yes, viral, and not as per se, infected with something, but to have spread far and wide by way of internet sharing through the many social media outlets that outrageous photo that is sure to get noticed and talked about.

The unintended actions or things in photos are not new, they have been with us as long as photography has existed. The difference today is that we're more focused on them , and the new term we've given them.

Now there is an overload of Photobomb/Snapshots. These are mostly from smartphone cameras and other devices. A number of websites include sections on them entirely devoted to Photobombs.

iOS 8 is Out and the Reviews are ...??

Apple's new iOS8 is off to a horrendous start. The over hyped launch has turned into a frenzy of complaints and problems, and Apple's attempt to fix them, in the days that have followed, have been disastrous, updates to fix updates etc. Just ugliness!

It might be worth mentioning, so count your blessings, that not all of iOS 8's new features are functional. Apple Pay is not operational yet, and you should be happy about that. You'll be able to lose all your private data and maybe even some money at a later date when they (Apple) unveil this new copycat second rate feature. Until then, it doesn't make the list of complaints, as yet.

Users have been crying the blues and pouring on the complaints about the new iOS 8.
Here's a list of the biggest iOS8 Complaints so far...

1. autocorrect is worse since the iOS 8 update
2. iOS 8 Will Ruin Your iPhone 4
3. iOS 8 Drains the Battery Too Fast
4. Camera Roll is another big complaint
5. Every App I have keeps crashing
6. iOS 8 Takes Up Too Much Storage
7. Safari on iOS 8 is the worst browser ever
8. The Tips app is a total waste
9. URLs don't work in Calendar Invites
10. iOS 8 issues with location services - can't enable
11. The worst part of iOS 8 is the Family Share – Can't update apps
12. iOS 8 is Not Private Enough

A week after the release of iOS 8, Apple came out with its first update for their new OS — iOS 8.0.1. It was intended to fix many of the new problems, but that's not exactly what happened. Immediately after the update was released, reports began pouring in that iOS 8.0.1 was breaking cellular reception and other features such as Touch ID. EEKS...OOPS!

This complaint list above does go on, but some of the other software related complaints seemed petty and insignificant and I've omited those.

These are just a sampling of the many complaints found on forums and message boards with really pathetic and seemingly lost customers of this newfangled iOS8 Catastrophe. We won't even go into the physical complaints about bending and some overheating...buyer beware.

With the above information, which is known generally by any and everyone, you'd think shoppers would be more cautious and wait till at least the problems mentioned have been resolved, before throwing their money away. Not in China, as soon as it was available for pre-order, over a million sold in an hour.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chinese Instructions on How to use Western-style toilet

In China and many other Asian countries, squatting instead of sitting, is how you take care of business!
Yep, these squatters are everywhere for public use. Not so common in private homes. Most of the homes came with squatters installed, but many of the Chinese have since replaced their squatter/style toilet with the more sanitary western/style sit down toilets.

A recent news posting states to the contrary, but the western style toilets are in most Chinese homes. It happened rather quickly like in America with the 'keeping up with the Jones' phenomenon. It's also seen as a sign of being more cultured and more affluent. All of the newer constructed homes have western style toilets. The squatter styled toilets are still in China, but they are most likely to be found outside the home for public use.

Nevertheless, it is rather disturbing to find shoe marks on the toilet seat. So, some places offer visual instructions on how to use these foreign contraptions.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

AC/DC New Single - Rock or Bust - Leaked Online

"Rock or Bust" The New AC/DC Album Title Track is to be Officially Released as the Album's second single. It was accidentally leaked online by the band themselves. The Title Track is scheduled to be released this coming November 19th.

The Band line-up of
  • Brian Johnson – Lead Vocals
  • Angus Young – Lead Guitar
  • Stevie Young – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Cliff Williams – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Phil Rudd – Drums and Percussion
Recorded the new album with producer Brendan O'Brien in Canada  earlier this year.

These are the first new recordings of the band without Malcolm Young.

Fans eagerly await the release of the full new album coming this Dec. 2nd.

AC/DC News - New Album - “Rock or Bust” - Dec. 2nd

AC/DC News - New Album - “Rock or Bust” - Dec. 2nd

News from AC/DC – Malcolm Young, guitarist and founding member, will not return to the group. It was stated that due to the nature of his illness, he will never be able to rejoin the band. Suffering from dementia and its debilitating progression, is far too much to manage and from here on he'll be cared for by loving family. As sad as this news is, let's wish him a happy retirement. He's sure to get many tributes and well wishes from the many millions of fans after 40 years of entertaining us.

Fans should not worry, drummer Phil Rudd had this to say... "Angus Young will never retire. We were never going to retire. It'll never happen. Angus will never retire and as long as Angus never retires, I won't fucking retire either." ...and also adding that "everything's great in the band, we're ready to fire up on all cylinders again."

In Malcolm's place will be his nephew Stevie Young who had played in place for him previously back in 1988 when the band toured the US. Stevie Young is more than capable and the family connection will add to the band's chemistry.

The fans first real introduction is forthcoming as Stevie recorded with the band on the new album and his band-mates all think the world of him. Stevie was magnificent, says Brian Johnson.

This will be the first AC/DC album in the 40 year history of the band that Malcolm does not appear on.

The new album was recorded this past spring at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada, with producer Brendan O'Brien and mixer Mike Fraser. This will be the bands 15th studio album and it is the band's shortest album to date, with a running time that is just under 35 minutes.

The band has also revealed the track list, and 3D cover art for their new album Rock or Bust - The cover shows the band's logo exploding when moved in different directions. A gif of the cover is here>

AC/DC will release its new album "Rock Or Bust", December 2nd . The new album is the highly anticipated follow-up to the band's 2008's "Black Ice" and it includes 11 new songs. The first single just released is Play Ball, check it out here>

"Rock Or Bust" - Track listing:

1."Rock or Bust" - 3:04
2."Play Ball" - 2:47
3."Rock the Blues Away" - 3:24
4."Miss Adventure" - 2:57
5."Dogs of War" - 3:35
6."Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder" - 3:22
7."Hard Times" - 2:44
8."Baptism by Fire" - 3:30
9."Rock the House" - 2:42
10."Sweet Candy" - 3:09
11."Emission Control" – 3:41

Later, in 2015, the band will hit the road and embark on a world tour to promote Rock or Bust celebrating with fans worldwide the band's 40th anniversary.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hong Kong Protests - Occupy Central Movements - Fail! - Oct. 8th 2014

Hong Kong Protests - Occupy Central Movements - Fail! - Oct. 8th 2014

In elaborating on the HK Protests and Occupy Central movements Lord Charles Powell had this to say about the present situation.
Hong Kong has always been part of China." It is his opinion that the protesters are also “unrealistic” further stating...
People have a right to peaceful protest and by and large the protests have been peaceful but, they are also unrealistic.”
He went on to add that the protesters should...“focus on making the most of the very wide degree of freedom and autonomy” that they already have.
It is a pity that there is perhaps this small black cloud there but that is life. It has been there a long time I don’t believe it is going to change.”
I’m not saying they shouldn't demonstrate – of course they are free to demonstrate and to express their views. I’m talking about the realism of what is a likely outcome.”
Demonstrating is a right, but it is better to demonstrate when you've got an achievable objective.”

Lord Charles Powell - Margaret Thatcher’s Foreign Policy Adviser

Lord Charles Powell, advised Margaret Thatcher during the 1980's

The movement was doomed to failure from the very start. It should also be recognized just how this happened. The protests began with enthusiasm and seemed to get a publicity boost when police used tear-gas. After this, the authorities in Hong Kong took the opposite approach and that was the 'hands off approach' and took to social media pointing out all the weaknesses of the protesters. They focused the news coverage in ways that sympathized with local businesses and featured prominent persons who went out of their way to discredit the protesters and Occupy Central movements.

In a very short amount of time, protesters realized they were fighting a 'no cause' situation rather than a 'lost cause' situation.

Imagine yourself in a similar situation and then what would you do and what would you think if your neighbors and even your parents did not support your ideals? The protesters found that they had no outside support and even began to question themselves and what they were trying to do and what they were hoping to accomplish and why.

The effective and speedy dissemination of information and disinformation turned the protests into a cloud of doubt.
The failure of the movements is similar to the failed Occupy Protests in America. One has to wonder if there is any real future in protesting or whether some new form will evolve. I think a lot can be learned from these Hong Kong protests, here was a situation where social media was used to discredit and diffuse the outburst of protests and everyone can clearly see how effective it was.
With an eye towards the future one has to wonder what's next?

Update: The Occupy Central movement delegates and Hong Kong Gov't. representatives have agreed to hold talks to discuss the future developments of Democratic processes in Hong Kong.

Most of the protesters have gone and the city is returning to normal.