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Alice Cooper - Paranormal Album Review

Alice Cooper is back! The Master of Shock Rock...the villain, the victim, the everything macabre that has thrilled, and revolted us for years delivers his best new album in years!

There's just no substitute for quality production. Bob Ezrin has always been among the best in the business and his work on these new tracks are evident. They come alive under his vision and Alice flourishes.

The album is Paranormal and as Cooper explains, “I love that title, 'Paranormal', but it's not really a scary record. There's a couple of scary songs on it, but it's 'paranormal,' in the sense that it is other than normal.”

He and Ezrin set out to do an album without a theme in mind, just for the fun of it, and the theme emerged on its own. The songs do reflect those things that make Alice Cooper music what it is. You only need to listen once to bear witness to the twisted mental states delightfully being sung about here.

For a change Bob Ezrin brought in Larry Mullen Jr. on drums and from there added some guest work from Roger Glover and Billy Gibbons.

There's ten songs, and all are lyrically fantastic. One of the best things about this album is how deliciously interesting the songs are, and how relevant they are even now.

Most veteran rockers usually fade, they lose their way, and become nostalgia acts that still rock out live, but no longer make new music. That's never been the case with Alice Cooper. He gives us a well crafted album that can be played over and over.

His secret to ongoing success is that he does not try to be popular by today's standards, he stays true to himself, because that has always been more than enough!

"I have a world of fans out there, all over the world, and it took forty-five years to build that fan-base. So when I make records now, I make 'em for those people. I'm not trying to break a new audience. I am playing an album for an audience that's already there." - Alice Cooper

That's how ya do it!

The best new songs are Paranormal - Paranoiac Personality – Fireball - Private Public Breakdown

Paranormal Track Listing:

 1. Paranormal
 2. Dead Flies
 3. Fireball
 4. Paranoiac Personality
 5. Fallen In Love
 6. Dynamite Road
 7. Private Public Breakdown
 8. Holy Water
 9. Rats
10. The Sound of A

Bonus Disc Track Listing:

New studio recordings with the original Alice Cooper band Neal Smith (drums), Michael Bruce (guitar) and Dennis Dunaway (bass):

11. Genuine American Girl
12. You And All Of Your Friends

Live in Columbus, Ohio, May 6th, 2016 with the current Alice Cooper band:

13. No More Mr. Nice Guy
14. Under My Wheels
15. Billion Dollar Babies
16. Feed My Frankenstein
17. Only Women Bleed
18. School's Out

Alice Cooper is currently on tour in the US and here are some of his upcoming shows.

Sep 01 KeyBank Pavilion Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 02 Budweiser Stage Toronto, Canada
Sep 03 DTE Energy Music Theater Clarkston, MI
Sep 06 Tinley Park Chicago, IL
Sep 08 Hollywood Casino Amphitheater Saint Louis, MO
Sep 09 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Sep 10 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH

For a complete list of all tour dates refer to his site for more information.

Top 5 Best Free Movie &TV Sites in 2017 Streaming Without Sign-Up

Top 5 Best Free Movie &TV Sites in 2017 Streaming Without Sign-Up

The Best Free Movie Sites To Bookmark

In this new and updated post you'll find the best new completely Free movie streaming sites on-line in 2017 to date! Sorting through the lists of sites that all claim everything is beyond daunting. It's enough to make you wanna give up and just sign with Netflix anyway.

Not to worry...I've got your back! Read on...

Internet censors and certain providers are always attempting to shut down these sorts of web-sites and as soon as they do another one appears. It's an endless game of whack a mole... if you can.

In evaluating whether a site is worthy of being bookmarked I strictly stick with those sites that do not prompt me to sign-up, or ask for any information of any kind. Sites with too many ads also get ignored here.

The average person can spend all the time in the world searching for FREE streaming web-sites that offer everything they want, but as you've probably already realized by now, there isn't just one. To enjoy a wider variety of shows, it's necessary to use multiple web-sites. With that in mind, you don't need to bookmark a long list of sites, instead I am recommending that you make a shorter list and stick with the best.

Since there are far too many sites that offer similar or the same content, I've compiled a shorter list of what is also tried and tested to be safe and quick to use without having to sign-up or register to use.

These are the Top 5 Websites to Stream New and Old Movies

Now you may be wondering, what ever happened to 123movies?

I've wondered this myself for a long time. It was the best site out there. I do not know what really happened to that domain or why. Not to worry though, the site is still live and current, it's just been re-branded and has a new name GoMovies. It's the same site with a new name and link.

Do I have to sign up or pay to watch on-line?

NO, the sites I have offered you do not require your personal information.

Should you stumble upon a site that does want you to sign up, immediately click that tab off. If you want to subscribe to something, that is entirely your prerogative, if you do, at least stick with the big name providers like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon( hulu is a joke). If you are going to pay premium rates, it's better to stick with the premium providers.

Please keep in mind, there are numerous alternatives which do not require any personal details, but some are very dangerous they can infect your system with malware and while others have too many ads and some even lock up your whole computer. In other words, it's a jungle out there...viewer beware!

Lastly, for anyone looking to stream video content you can not ignore the fact that YouTube has the most to offer free and paid. There are a few others worth checking out, because they are quick, safe and reliable. These sites are listed below.

*The information provided here is for using websites to stream video on a computer. I would not recommend watching video on a phone.

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NFL News - How Many QB's Have Won & Lost Multiple Super Bowls?

How many quarterbacks have won multiple Super Bowls?
Here Are The Winningest QBs in Super Bowl history

One and only one QB has the distinction of winning the most Super Bowls, and that of course is the New England Patriot's Tom Brady who this past February broke the 3-way tie he was a part of to become the winningest QB to date. Only time will tell if another will tie or surpass his mark or if he'll win again and extend his record.

With 51 Super Bowls having been played, and the new season upon us, many have wondered about how many QB's have won multiple Super Bowls.

To date only 12 QB's have won more than one Super Bowl and they are as I have listed below.

Bart Star – 2
Bob Griese, 2
Roger Staubach, 2
Jim Plunkett, 2
John Elway, 2
Ben Roethlisberger, 2
Eli Manning, 2
Peyton Manning, 2
Troy Aikman, 3
Terry Bradshaw, 4
Joe Montana, 4
Tom Brady, 5

How many quarterbacks have lost multiple Super Bowls?

On the other hand, you may be wondering how many QB's have lost more than one Super Bowl? To date there have been 8 QB's with the dubious distinction of having lost more than one Super Bowl. They are, as I have listed below.

Craig Morton - 2
Roger Staubach - 2
Kurt Warner - 2

Tom Brady - 2
Peyton Manning - 2
Fran Tarkenton - 3
John Elway - 3
Jim Kelly - 4

Hope this helps keep you strong in your all things NFL trivia knowledge. After all NFL news is the only news during the football season.

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The Top 10 Movies of July 2017

The Top 10 Movies of July 2017

 1. Spider-Man: Homecoming
 2. War for the Planet of the Apes
 3. Dunkirk
 4. Girls Trip
 5. Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets
 6. The Emoji Movie
 7. Atomic Blonde
 8. Wish Upon
 9. A Ghost Story
10. Jagga Jasoos

Here's your top ten films from the month of July. A longer list of feature films that are still in live release can be found with the provided link below. The link below also gives you more detailed information about theater showings, percent change, studio budgets and more. This brief post only highlights the top ten films from the past month.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Dunkirk - WWII Drama - 1958

Dunkirk WWII Drama 1958

Before you head out to the theaters this weekend, and see the 2017 Dunkirk English War thriller written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Nolan, that features Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, and Harry Styles, treat yourself to a real-deal, made the way they're supposed to be classic, Dunkirk from 1958.

This film's story is meshed together from two novels. This Dunkirk from 1958 is a British war film directed by Leslie Norman. It stars John Mills, Richard Attenborough, along with Bernard Lee.

This Classic WWII Drama tells us the story of Operation Dynamo, an operation that lasted nine days. From the beaches of Dunkirk, many British and French troops were successfully evacuated in May and June of 1940.

At Dunkirk the Allies are surrounded and they fear being totally annihilated from the Nazi's. This World War II story is told primarily from the two points of views from the novels, this script is based on, a newspaper reporter and a soldier.

After being surrounded and trapped Allies began ferrying soldiers off of the beaches to safety. Eventually, soldiers were being picked up by any and every type of boat or ship that could get there, including civilian vessels as well. This takes place all while soldiers on the beaches are subjected to regular aerial bombing and strafing.

On May 23rd - 24th the German advance had come to a surprising halt, it was to be only temporary and then resume again. It ended up taking longer than anticipated, somewhere around 48 hours had passed in fact. They had simply outrun their supply columns, and had orders to wait for reinforcement before resuming full attack. This led to the eventual success of Operation Dynamo and how the Allies survived what many thought would be a total defeat.

In the aftermath some 330,000 troops were saved. The Germans on the other hand had scored a major victory and recovered all of the abandoned Allied supplies, some of which were 880 field guns, 310 large caliber guns, about 500 anti-aircraft guns, along with 850 anti-tank guns, 11,000 machine guns, approximately 700 tanks, 20,000 motorcycles, and 45,000 motor cars and lorries.

The German Army had won an important battle in France, but the dysfunction at the heart of the German high command could be seen here, it would ultimately lead to their own defeat and downfall.

The story here begins with some disparaging of a perceived 'phony war' and a writer's amazement at his countryman's complacency, their unwillingness to acknowledge the imminent danger ahead.

The story's viewpoint is observed through the eyes of Charles Foreman and that of Cpl. 'Tubby' Binns. Tubby is our reluctant leader along with a small group who have been disconnected from their larger unit and left behind. It is for them now, to find their way forward. Their trek eventually leads them to the beaches of Dunkirk, where Tubby eventually meets up with Foreman. These character's only briefly connect, as Foreman laments the why of what's going on. Finally, one of the reluctant participants, Holden, eventually gets to be of help, after civilian watercraft was conscripted. This led to civilian volunteers to aid in the evacuation. It's a very British film in language and dialect that is interesting to observe.

The shortcomings of the film would be that the film poorly illustrates the 48 hour period of the German halt. In the film, we have it's barely noticeable, and after being noticed, air bombings ensued. The film also didn't do as well as they could have in illustrating visually the civilian effort. All of the boats that were in use made up an impressive impromptu armada that we never fully see. The sense of timing is lost here, you're just left to wonder about them instead.

Nevertheless, this period piece is well worth seeing. In the darkest of hours there will always be some optimists among pessimism. The contrasts of the two main characters are what make the blending of the two stories told here so interesting. In what became known as The Miracle of Dunkirk, the film shows us how everyone pulled together in the effort to save their boys.

The film from 1958 is as Director Leslie Norman states: “I was the council school boy who became a major in the war, and that had a lot to do with the way I felt about Dunkirk. I didn't think that Dunkirk was a defeat; I always thought it was a very gallant effort but not a victory.”

Stream the film at this link

2017 Top 15 NFL Unsigned Free-agent's - So who's still available?

So who's still available?

The Free-agent signing frenzy from this past spring has cooled for the time being. Teams are now prepping for training camp, and probably want to get a better look at some of the up and coming younger players, before making trades or foraging through the scrap heaps of available free agents.

You can expect a lull in transitions until teams start making roster cuts, and we start to see what shakes loose from the trees.

With that in mind, there are still a few players who are still too good to be unsigned.

Here are the top names still on the open market, that surprisingly includes Anquan Boldin, DeAngelo Williams, and Chris Johnson.

Top 15 NFL Unsigned Free-agent's

1. DeAngelo Williams, RB
2. Anquan Boldin, WR
3. Nick Mangold, C
4. Jairus Byrd, S
5. Gary Barnidge, TE
6. Zach Orr, ILB
7. Elvis Dumervil, OLB
8. Gerald Hodges, ILB
9. Jared Odrick, DE
10. Dwight Freeney, DE
11. Chris Johnson, RB
12. Rey Maualuga, ILB
13. Marcus Gilchrist, S
14. Kendrick Lewis, S
15. Vance Walker, DE

My list does include a lot of old-timers here, but these are guys who are proven commodities and can be relied on to fill in and be excellent situational players. Let's be real, No one is going to strike gold from a scrap heap, and I'd rather go with old reliable instead of young incompetence. The risks are not the same.

Anyways Football season is fast approaching and let's hope it's a good one for all the teams we like to support.

*Please add additional info in the comments below.


NFL - Training Camp Starting Dates 2017

This week and coming weekend is the beginning of 2017's NFL training camps for some teams, and others follow soon thereafter. It's had to believe but it's finally here and pre-season games are what we'll be looking for next.

Rosters are still being shuffled about, as teams sign and release players prior to camp. After camps open, expect a slow down in transition activity until injuries start occurring. Team will want to get a real good look at the young drafted players and the undrafted signed players as well.

All 32 Teams Training camp dates and places are listed below.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Rookie reporting date: July 21
  • Veteran reporting date: July 21
  • First practice: July 22
  • Site: University of Phoenix Stadium
  • Location: Glendale, Arizona

Atlanta Falcons

  • Rookie reporting date: July 26
  • Veteran reporting date: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: Atlanta Falcons Training Facility
  • Location: Flowery Branch, Georgia

Baltimore Ravens

  • Rookies: July 19
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: Under Armour Performance Center
  • Location: Owings Mill, Maryland

Buffalo Bills

  • Rookie reporting date: July 26
  • Veteran reporting date: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: St. John Fisher College
  • Location: Pittsford, New York

Carolina Panthers

  • Rookie reporting date: July 25
  • Veteran reporting date: July 25
  • First practice: July 26
  • Site: Wofford College
  • Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Chicago Bears

  • Rookies: July 26
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 28
  • Site: Olivet Nazarene University
  • Location: Bourbonnais, Illinois

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Rookies: July 25
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • SitePaul Brown Stadium
  • LocationCincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland Browns

  • Rookies: July 23
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • SiteCleveland Browns Training Complex
  • Location: Berea, Ohio

Dallas Cowboys

  • Rookies: July 17 at The Star
  • Veterans: July 22
  • First practice: July 24
  • Site: River Ridge Residence Inn
  • Location: Oxnard, California

Denver Broncos

  • Rookies: July 23
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: UCHealth Training Center
  • Location: Englewood, Colorado

Detroit Lions

  • Rookies: July 24
  • Veterans: July 29
  • First practice: July 30
  • SiteDetroit Lions Training Facility
  • LocationAllen Park, Michigan

Green Bay Packers

  • Rookies: July 26
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: Ray Nitschke Field (practice)/St. Norbert College (dorms/meetings)
  • Location: Green Bay, Wis./De Pere, Wis.

Houston Texans

  • Rookie reporting date: July 25
  • Veteran reporting date: July 25
  • First practice: July 26
  • Site: The Greenbrier
  • Location: White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Indianapolis Colts

  • Rookie reporting date: July 24
  • Veteran reporting date: July 29
  • First practice: July 30
  • SiteIndiana Farm Bureau Football Center
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Rookies: July 19
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: Practice fields adjacent to EverBank Field
  • Location: Jacksonville, Fla.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Rookies: July 24
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • Site: Missouri Western State University
  • Location: St. Joseph, Missouri

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Rookies: July 29
  • Veterans: July 29
  • First practice: July 30
  • SiteJack Hammett Sports Complex
  • LocationCosta Mesa, California

Los Angeles Rams

  • Rookies: July 26
  • Veterans: July 28
  • First practice: July 29
  • Site: UC Irvine
  • Location: Irvine, California

Miami Dolphins

  • Rookies: July 20
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • SiteBaptist Health Training Facility
  • LocationDavie, Florida

Minnesota Vikings

  • Rookies: July 23
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 24 for rookies and QBs; July 27 for full team
  • Site: Minnesota State University
  • Location: Mankato, Minnesota

New England Patriots

  • Rookies: July 24
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • SiteGillette Stadium
  • Location: Foxboro, Massachusetts

New Orleans Saints

  • Rookies: July 19
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: TBD
  • SiteNew Orleans Saints Training Facility
  • LocationMetairie, Louisiana

New York Giants

  • Rookies: July 27
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • SiteQuest Diagnostics Training Center
  • LocationEast Rutherford, New Jersey

New York Jets

  • Rookies: July 28
  • Veterans: July 28
  • First practice: July 29
  • Site: Atlantic Health Training Center
  • Location: Florham Park, New Jersey

Oakland Raiders

  • Rookies: July 24
  • Veterans: July 28
  • First practice: July 29
  • SiteNapa Valley Marriott
  • Location: Napa, California

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Rookies: July 27
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • Site: Chuck Noll Field, St. Vincent College
  • Location: Latrobe, Pa.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Rookies: July 24
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: NovaCare Complex
  • Location: Philadelphia

San Francisco 49ers

  • Rookies: July 26
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • Site: Levi’s Stadium/SAP training facility
  • Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Rookies: July 29
  • Veterans: July 29
  • First practice: July 30
  • Site: Virginia Mason Athletic Center
  • Location: Renton, Washington

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Rookies: July 25
  • Veterans: July 27
  • First practice: July 28
  • Site: One Buccaneer Place
  • Location: Tampa, Florida

Tennessee Titans

  • Rookies: July 28
  • Veterans: July 28
  • First practice: July 29
  • SiteSaint Thomas Sports Park
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Washington Redskins

  • Rookies: July 26
  • Veterans: July 26
  • First practice: July 27
  • Site: Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center
  • Location: Richmond, Va.