Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Katy Perry - Witness - Review

Prior to the release of Katy Perry's fifth album Witness, she teased us with promo art and Titles enough to excite even the casual fan. When I first saw the intended cover art, I was just shocked. I knew then that the album that art would contain would probably also disappoint. Still, I remained curious, and wondered if her new music would be as good as her last. As the singles rolled out, I realized that the songs were good, but nothing great, just a batch of good songs getting the treatment, and folks that's the whole album in a nutshell. Good songs, but nothing great.

In several of her promo interviews Katy stated that she was not going to rush the new album, but was going to just have fun, and experiment, try new collaborators, different styles while working with different producers. Clearly intent on being different.

When Katy declared back in February that her new album was going to be a new era for her and era of purposeful pop, everyone took note. Katy further added that the album was her mental liberation, sexual liberation, negative liberation, and spiritual liberation.

Then came June 9th the day the album dropped, and it quickly became the #1 on US Billboard Album Charts. In the short time since it has fallen quickly, as many negative reviews have ripped this album for it's too much sampling, borrowing, copying, and unnecessary vocal effects. Too much everyone seems to think. All the copying and appropriation on Witness seemingly has no end, that in and of itself is the boldest thing one could attest to.

The production from super-producer pop mastermind Max Martin, is erratic and just too much, when less would have sufficed.

The album cover art tells it all...Katy Perry does not even look recognizable. All you see is a woman with short cropped blonde hair, holding her hands over her eyes and the creepy eyeball in the mouth does not make the album appealing in any way at all.

It looks as though this pop-star diva doesn’t have a good grasp on her own identity, and it seems like with all of the experimenting she is trying to find's a sad affair.

All Witness does is reveal a young woman who has lost herself and is emotionally running on empty. As it stands, it's a fairly good album, but it's not as good as her previous efforts.

*Miss You More is a slow ballad, but definitely one of the best tracks on the album.

*Despite strength of song quality, the album suffers from there just being too many collaborators, and possibly a few too many songs.

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