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The $7 Scandal That Rocked the Web - F&R Auto Sales / Jarrid Tansey

The $7 Scandal That Rocked the Web - F&R Auto Sales / Jarrid Tansey

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F&R Auto Sales in Freeport, Ma. proudly uploaded a video titled “Irate Pizza Driver,” with the intention to publicly humiliate a pizza delivery man as well as try to get the man fired.

What happened was the brain trust of F&R Auto Sales dealership in Westport, MA ordered some pizzas and drinks. The cost of which came to 43 dollars. When the delivery man arrived, he was handed two 20 dollar bills and two 5 dollar bills. Think about that and ask yourself 'What Would Jesus Do'-WWJD?? Now let me think here...two 20s and one five comes to $45, and their total was $43, leaving $2 in change due. They gave an extra $5, therefore it should be safe to assume the extra cash was intended to be a tip, not an irrationally unrealistic uncommon practice occurring these days with your normal pizza-purchasing populace.

In this case, the proof is in the video! The delivery man left after receiving payment, and has to return again later to return the whole $7 bucks! In his return, he attempts to rationally explain what he thought had happened only to get treated badly by the F&R Auto Sales brain trust. Here he gets gets harassed, laughed at and threatened by the staff from F&R Auto Sales in Freeport, Ma.

Hard to believe all of this drama is over $7, but even harder to believe is that these crude, obnoxious assholes from F&R Auto Sales somehow see themselves as the victims and post the video of themselves righting the wrong they felt was done to them. Instead they show the whole world that they themselves are the clueless classless idiots. They really believed they were in the right on this matter and posted the video of their exchange with the now famous delivery man Jarrid Tansey. They posted the video titled "Irate Pizza Driver" and after it was re-posted on Reddit the video went viral. Since this exchange the masses have risen and proceeded to flood the dealership's phones, slow their website to a crawl, and completely trashed their ratings on Yelp and Google. Sweet.

Eventually, the owner of the dealership and his son went in person to apologize to Pizza Palace, in an attempt to stop the out of control damage, too little-too late. Now the world knows that the dealership of F&R Auto Sales employs an entire staff of assholes!

According to the Pizza Palace Manager – Adam Willoughby, this isn’t the first time they have had problems with F&R Auto. “All the time, there’s always a problem, always an issue,” Hernandez said. “We’ve been going back and forth with them for a long time.”

Please feel free to write or call:
F&R Auto
1052 State Rd
Westport, MA 02790
Phone number (508) 678-3208

Be sure to leave your opinion of this dealership on their Yelp Page. At the very least, check the page out, there is some interesting additional information to be found there.

What happened to Jarrid should not happen to anyone, but don't feel too bad for him, because not long after this a gofundme page created by Amanda Marie Rogers has since raised Jarrid Tansey over 30,000. Call it Karma or whatever, but just maybe this time around the right thing happened to the right guy, and as Jarrid says “All is right in the world now.”

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