Saturday, January 24, 2015

Google - Project Nova - Cell Service Provider

Google is planning to jump into a crowded field of service providers and offer their own.

They recently bought bandwidth from the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Their new partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile will bring the company into the cellular business itself, offering Google phone plans directly to consumers.

The mobile industry has been struggling in recent years with pricing and different business models. Google's ad-supported initiative, will drive down mobile data costs and this will be very disruptive to the wireless data pricing that consumers are paying now.

As we all know, carriers charge excessive fees for adding users to their plan or purchasing additional minutes, and for just about anything they can possibly think of, but that may change now, in order to compete with Google carriers will be forced to offer more competitive priced plans.

Before everyone gets too excited, it is likely that Google's new service will roll-out in limited areas to test the market, before it's available nationwide. As of this posting, there are no timeline or pricing details yet.

Googler's all know that there are many projects in the works, but let's hope this one actually happens.

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