Friday, August 5, 2016

HP Chromebook Cursor Disappears/Touchpad not working - ??

HP Chromebook Cursor Disappears/Touchpad not working - ??

August 5th 2016

HP Chromebook 14 Touchpad not working...
Chromebooks Hit By Touchpad Issues...
HP 14 Touchpad stops working, HP etc...
HP Chromebook Touchpad no longer working...

Many HP Chromebook users have had or are having trackpad-touchpad issues. The cursor disappeared, and no one has found the correct resolution after searching everywhere and trying all sorts of things.

Fact is, the problem is one of two possibilities. Either something haywire with the software or something amiss with the hardware.

Software Fix = Go to settings, then advanced settings, and finally click Powerwash. This sets your system back to factory fresh. It does not eliminate your stored passwords or your bookmarks or your stored personal information. It just resets the system to new. Re-enter your log in and password and start again all new.

Hardware Fix = This is the fix that will take care of almost every ones problem. Make sure the system is completely powered off, and disassemble the unit from the bottom. Most units should have 13 small screws, four of which are concealed under chassis like cushions. Gently lift the keypad/touchpad top and re-connect the cables. Even if it looks connected, re-connect it again. The cables are held in place with delicate plastic clamps that fold up and down. Re-seating the cables fixes the problem for most.

Other than these two remedies, if you or someone you know are still having the no cursor problem, it would be a rare Mfg. defect and will require service and part replacement by a professional.

Good Luck - Hope this helps

* As with anything mechanical, there are sometimes defects, problems, and in the worst case scenarios, recalls. The cursor problem with some HP Chromebooks was not that big of a problem after all.

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