Friday, May 19, 2017

The Cassandra Crossing 1976

Passengers on a European train have been exposed to a deadly disease. Nobody will let them off the train so what happens next? Suspense...intrigue...lots of characters and sub-plots.

The Cassandra Crossing is a 1976 Disaster - Thriller film directed by George Pan Cosmatos and features an All-Star cast that includes Richard Harris, Sophia Loren, Martin Sheen, Burt Lancaster, Lee Strasberg, Ava Gardner and O. J. Simpson.

An infected Swedish terrorist stows away on this train and inadvertantly infects other passengers. The suspense builds as the Dr. aboard begins to suspect the disease is not as serious as originally thought: after a number of the passengers have become infected, only a few of those have actually died. He radios in suggesting the infected portion of the train be uncoupled and isolated, but encounters resistance and discovers that there is no intention of stopping the train.

Because, as the Dr. suspects if the train should fall, and the Cassandra Crossing collapses, it will neatly cover-up the fact that the U.S has been harboring germ warfare agents in a neutral country. With time running out the passengers on the train work together to stop the train before it reaches the Cassandra Crossing. Will they make it?

It's an All-Star cast epic disaster film that might have been better recieved if the fad for such films had not already passed.

This movie has a little bit of everything, and it's not often that you'll see Burt Lancaster in a role of an unscrupulous character. They only thing this film doesn't have is your usual Sonny Bono cameo, my guess is he wasn't available during the shoot.

What I like best about this film is that the ending is unsettled, it's not predictably resolved into some blissful Hollywood happy ending. The end is yet to be determined. So enjoy.

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  • Sophia Loren as Jennifer Rispoli Chamberlain
  • Richard Harris as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain
  • Burt Lancaster as Col. Stephen MacKenzie
  • Martin Sheen as Robby Navarro
  • Lee Strasberg as Herman Kaplan
  • Ava Gardner as Nicole Dressler
  • Ingrid Thulin as Dr. Elena Stradner
  • O. J. Simpson as Haley
  • Lionel Stander as Max (Train Conductor)
  • Alida Valli as Nanny
  • Ann Turkel as Susan
  • John Phillip Law as Major Stack
  • Lou Castel as Swedish terrorist
  • Ray Lovelock as Tom
  • John P. Dulaney as Bobby
  • Thomas Hunter as Captain Scott
  • Fausta Avelli as Caterina

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Blondie - Pollinator Review w/ Fun Single (Official Audio)

Blondie - Pollinator
Reviewed May 8th, 2017

You know how you feel when you buy a new album? Sometimes you put out good $$ and like what you get, while other times, what you pay for leaves you disappointed. This album is a sure bet, you'll be glad you bought it! From start to finish it's among the best out so far this year!

Blondie's career as a band spans decades. Early on their albums were merely vehicles to sell singles. In their early days, there were plenty of singles. Late in their career, there are still singles, but they appeal mostly to adult contemporary audience. The strength of Blondie music today is in how they have matured into a better band.

Now they make great albums, better albums than their early work. Their work today is more polished, with better arrangements. Their music is better performed, with top-notch production.

Most of the new album consists of songs they were offered from artists such as Sia, Charli XCX, Johnny Marr and others. Pollinator features guest contributions from Joan Jett - The Gregory Brothers - John Roberts - Adam Johnston & Laurie Anderson.

Usually when an artist relies too heavily on contributions and collaborations from others their effort fails, but that doesn't happen here. The contributors compliment Blondie, they don't dominate their sound. All of the songs are really strong and this is an album you'll be glad you bought and I'm sure you'll play it over and again. It really is an album where all the songs are strong, from beginning to end, and that's are rare thing to find these days. It's a perfect party album, and if you read other articles about this new album Blondie says they are serious about fun, and with this new effort you will get plenty of that.

Fans can look forward to seeing Blondie and Garbage on the co-headlining "Rage and Rapture Tour" that will run from July 5th in Saratoga, California, and wrapping up on August 12th in Dallas, Texas.

Their single “Fun” was a Number 1 hit back in February.
Other great tracks include, Long Time, Doom or Destiny, My Monster, Gravity and my favorites are the last two songs Fragments that then leads to their hidden bonus track of Tonight.

The hidden track 'Tonight' is in my opinion the best track on the album.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Check Out YouTube's New Design

YouTube Dark Mode
YouTube has a new look

The new design aims to be simple and consistent. It has more white space. The white background comes across as smoother and more pleasing, but it is not too different from the previous design, and the squared icons get replaced with round thumbnails.

The biggest change is that you have more control options available through your icon in the top right, and of course now you can turn on a new "dark mode," this replaces all the white UI and makes it easier on the eyes. The dark mode switch is in the new profile menu, which you can access by clicking on your profile picture in the top right.

The design isn't rolling out for everyone yet. So, if you want to try it out, go to your and add /new -

You can easily switch back to Classic Mode by clicking your profile picture in the upper right and scrolling down to select it.

YouTube says it will have "quicker feature development from here on out." It cites the dark theme as the first of these Polymer-enabled features and says, "This is only the beginning—you can look forward to more powerful new features coming soon!"

The new design looks good, but the downside so far is that enabling it will also disable your YouTube downloading extensions that you may have installed. Try it out and remember you an always switch back to classic mode. Extension developers are probably already writing new code for the new design.