Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 5 Websites 2 watch College Football Online 4 FREE

Top 5 Websites 2 watch College Football Online 4 FREE

College Football season is winding down, and now we are into the Bowl Games. Don't miss a game, open and view multiple games in different tabs or on multiple laptops/notebooks etc.
Better quality comes with subscription services, but for the best websites to view College Football games for FREE. The 5 sites that I share below are the top choices to use.

The sites listed above are all good and tested.

FYI - Alert: Depending on the user and their system configuration, and or choice of browser, users might see a pop-up saying your system needs to install a file in order to function. That's not true, just wait till these messages time out and click the word 'close' and the small x to discard these messages. Just remember this, you will never need to install anything to view games from these sites.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Microsoft The Evil Empire Gets Grinchy

The Monstrous Microsoft with a dead tomato heart that's squashed with moldy purple spots while looking down upon the masses of a discontented lazy rabble proclaims from their Grinch Cave in Redmond that there will be NO MORE of that FREE Unlimited OneDrive Storage to Office 365 Home subscribers and that they are also slashing the amount of Free OneDrive storage it provides to non-subscribers from 15GB to 5GB.

Apparently, the reason for taking-back the unlimited storage, according to the Microsoft Grinchy Potter Scrooge, is that “a few users” were backing up multiple PCs, entire movie collections, and DVR recordings to OneDrive. Microsoft says these users’ excessive storage usage amounted to 14,000 times the average. Bah-Humbug they say!

So, instead of changing their end-user license agreement and targeting those few abusers, they are going all-out and punishing everyone! Crappy Holidays...ho-ho-humbug! Ha-Ha-Ha!

The MSFT Monster is also cutting all OneDrive storage limits to 1TB for Office 365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers, ho-ho-ho to all you garlic eaters! The new limit goes into effect in 2016, a mere 2 weeks away. Current users are going to get another 12 months to get their data in excess of 1TB out of OneDrive, aren't they sweet.

The Evil Empire (MSFT) is also taking away their 100GB and 200GB OneDrive Paid Plans that were priced at $1.99 and $3.99 per month, and will now offer you a smaller 50GB Storage Plan for $1.99 per month. For anyone else who needs to have more storage, they will also offer 1TB and Office 365 Personal for $6.99 per month. Whoops, wait a minute...did you hear that...Ch-Ching!

These guys sure do have the Holiday Spirit in them...taking the old 'bait and switch' tactic to a new level that now means “Bait and Beat 'Em With Billy Clubs.”

The real reason Microsoft is making these changes, is that they are Scrooging for ways to cut costs and help their sad bottom line. True to Scrooge form they have also sacked many a Bob Cratchits' all in the later part of the year, somewhere in the area of around 8000-9000 jobs. As their revenue dips month to month year on end, these moves are just a pathetic way to manipulate numbers to help a sagging bottom line.

All I can say to this is, stick with Google as your primary online cloud space provider, and don't trust any of the others. Just as MSFT gets their Grinch on, so might a few others.

And finally, Mr. Microsoft (Scrooge-Potter-Grinch) your brain is full of spiders, and you have garlic in your appalling dump heap of a soul.

*As bad as all of this may seem, it's strangely a sure way to appease investors...screwing the masses always goes over well in board rooms. Maybe this is just a way to stimulate the stock prices???

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best & Worst Streaming Sites 4 FREE New Movies!

Streaming video is becoming an option that can not be ignored. Video entertainment is similar to newspaper reading, once you've seen or read it, you are finished with it. It's a form of disposable entertainment.

The whole business of purchasing video is on shaky ground. People are getting tired of buying the same product over and over again in new formats. First there were Beta-max tapes, then VHS beat them out, and became the popular form of buying your video. Yes, there were also LaserDisk's, but they were expensive and never became popular, even though they were better than the dominant VHS. Bringing us up to date, we then had to buy our video on DVD's and even more recently the Blu-Ray Disks. How many times have you bought a favorite movie of yours in one of these new formats?

The end of that experience is near, aside from all of those formats that our favorite movies have been issued in, we now can buy them in digital format. The benefit of this option is that all of the movies you buy online are stored in the cloud for you at no extra cost, and then these movie favorites are available to us anytime and can be viewed on many different devices.

Going digital for all of your entertainment purchases is the way to go. You don't have to loan it to your friends, and never see it again...anymore. You don't have to pack them in boxes. You don't have to put them on shelves. They'll never again, get misplaced or lost. They'll follow you in the cloud, where ever you may go.

The next area of video entertainment that is in trouble is cable. Everyone would agree, it's just too expensive for what you are really getting. The shows being produced are over priced and over valued.

The expense of video entertainment is beyond ridiculous...even the cost of Cable, Direct TV or some Satellite service is out of control. The shows are not worth the monthly charges.

There are many options for streaming video online, and for sure there will be many more to come.

This post is for all of the cord cutters that are sick and tired of overpriced packaged programming.

These sites below are the best!

This website offers movies and TV shows to stream for free, but it is ad-supported and you’ll end up seeing too many ads there.

The sites below are annoying and lame!

These sites work, but I don't recommend them on account that they redirect you to other sites. Essentially you'll be clicking multiple links here just to see a flick. Thumbs down on these! works, but don't get too doesn't have the latest features, only older films.

These sites below are the worst!

Streamtuner.EU is just for TV shows and the site at is presently under construction. What a Joke!

The following sites are in my opinion of the worst, after about three clicks and redirects these horrid sites want your personal information and credit card info while claiming that their site is free and that you will not be billed. Only an idiot that deserves to get ripped off would bother with these sites...iMovies Tube and and then there's another worthless waste of time site called and they also pull the redirect scheme and you'll end up most of the time at PutLocker.

Of the more popular methods, more and more are using online streaming services like NetflixHulu Plus, or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. Those services charge either a monthly or yearly fee and give you access to tons of content, though there’s always the chance that a specific movie you’re looking for won’t be on whatever streaming service you have.

The Google Play store offer movies to purchase through those accounts that become yours to own. New releases cost around $20; about the same price a DVD would cost, though a digital copy can’t be lost or damaged. Of course, buying individual titles to own is more expensive than paying the small fee for a streaming service and gaining access to oodles of content.

Whether you prefer to own or stream movies, watching films online is the way to go if you’re sick of dealing with DVDs and Blu-ray discs. There are plenty of safe, legal options that don’t cost too much and allow you to watch on all your devices at your convenience, anytime-anywhere.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ain't Got No Tebow

NFL fans everywhere are singing the blues, and the tune they're singing these days is a re-working of Neil Young's “T-Bone.” It's a Rockin' Blues Classic with a simple repeating lyric … “Got mashed up players – Ain't got no Tebow,” over and over with high hopes of some team signing their Jesus-Freak hero.

Got mashed up players”
Ain't got no Tebow” - Repeat

Football fans everywhere know that Tim Tebow had a really good summer camp with the Eagles. He was in shape, attentive, very focused, and did everything coaches asked. He performed well in pre-season and made it to the final cut down. It was widely believed that at some point he would get called back.

After 11 weeks of play and the number of injured quarterbacks, there's still no sign of Tebow. 13 teams have called on back-ups for playing time and as many other teams have made enough roster moves, signing – releasing 2nd and 3rd team players, adding to their practice squads etc. The number of overall roster moves is astonishing. Dallas even traded a future draft pick to get a bum back-up instead of calling in Tebow. With all the injuries/carnage you'd think that some team would have called on Tebow.

The fact that there have been no calls to bring in and sign Tebow indicates that the NFL teams in this league really don't want him.

Most teams will tell you that they want to develop other players that are younger and more versatile, i.e. players willing to play other positions. Tim has all along been very adamant about only playing quarterback, and this has really hurt his chances of landing a roster spot with any team.

Teams want team players more than stand out personality players. What teams will not tell you is the truth. Sure Tebow played great this past summer, but with him comes too much distraction, an all out media circus, and he is sure to upstage any other team players and coaches alike when it comes to speaking with the media.

Tim certainly is a media darling, but not in the way that even he thinks. The media that covers his every move is only looking to make fun of and exploit the things that Tebow and his fans believe in. Can you just hear it when he finds himself in a third down and sixteen? What if he made it, or what if he didn't make it...are we going to start talking the saintly good Tebow one day, and the next, the sinner bad boy Tebow? What to do if ever his offense had twelve men on the field at the same time? Would the 12th guy be a Judas? Can you see the headlines if at the end of a game he throws a Hail Mary.

Throughout this wild season where we've seen many quarterbacks injured, Tebow has kept quiet about his chances returning to the NFL. As for now, he continues to work as an analyst for the SEC Network.

For all Tebow fans out there, the plain and simple truth of the matter is no one wants him!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fantasy Football Update: 12-17-2015

This has been an unpredictable year in Fantasy Football to say the least. Many big name star players from a year ago are gone. Some payers switched teams and in about every case where a big time player left his team for greener pastures, those players come up dry.

The injury bug has devastated many. This year's Fantasy Football Leagues appear to be mining the unknowns in what appears to be a changing of the guard for many franchises. Who would have ever thought that Peyton Manning be such a flop, and wash out this year? The same for Tony Romo, who would have guessed? I predicted to many though, that Dallas and McFadden would produce a lot of nothing, but along the way there has been a few pleasant surprises, such as Devonta Freeman in Atlanta and the Rams Todd Gurly.

With five regular season games to go, here listed below are a few players worth picking up.

1. TE Luke Wilson is just an all round better fit with Seattle than Jimmy Graham. With Graham's season ending injury expect Luke to get more attention, as I suspect teams will start doubling down on Doug Baldwin.

2. RB Spencer Ware looks like the real-deal, finishing Sunday's game with 114 rush yards and a touchdown Sunday and proved that he's capable of handling the workload by himself. The best thing to like about this guy is that he is a real north/south runner with power.

3. Keep an open mind with WR Shaun Draughn. He gets a lot of touches and one would think there's a break-out game coming.

4. RB David Johnson is likely to get more touches with both Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington injured. He could be a sleeper pick to watch.

5. WR Steve Johnson had 10 catches Sunday for 92 yards and a score. With Philip Rivers pulling the trigger that makes him worth a pickup.

6. TE Scott Chandler is also a good pick-up since Rob Gronkowski injured his knee Sunday, and is expected to miss a few weeks. The Patriots whole receiving corps is out with injuries. Chandler will be the Patriots' top red zone threat, and most familiar face for Brady. He is sure to have serious fantasy impact.

7. You can expect WR Cody Latimer to see more playing time, as he and Brock Osweiler clearly have developed better chemistry playing second team together for some time.

Updated: 12-17-2015 at 2:30PM
  • After recent injuries and other considerations the following players might be worth taking a chance on if your fantasy team has openings. None, would I consider elite, but depending on their teams respective opponents, it's possible they could be productive.

1. Marcus Mariota QB Tennessee

2. AJ McCarron QB Cincinnati

3. Johnny Manziel QB Cleveland

4. Richard Rogers TE from Green Bay

5. James Jones WR from Green Bay

6. Allen Robinson WR Jacksonville

7. Allen Hums WR Jacksonville

8. Lamar Miller RB Miami

9. Latavius Murray RB Oakland

10. Tim Hightower Saints RB will get more touches

You can definitely expect more Eddie Lacy down the stretch, and Bryce Brown...Fred Jackson, it's a wait and see which gets hot in Seattle.

Don't play any Ravens QB's with the teams recent signings, it appears as if they will give a few players divided playing time in order to evaluate them for future consideration. The Ravens players are really in try-out mode to see who stays and who goes.

Keep in mind as teams are eliminated from playoff contention, they also will be in try-out mode giving a few of the unknowns playing time. When teams throw in the towel and split playing time with many it wreaks havoc on fantasy teams, so be wary!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and feel free to offer your suggestions.