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Britney Spears - Glory - Review 4 Stars

America's Pop Princess is back. Britney Spears Glory is her ninth studio album. It's definitely more mature and surprisingly more polished and sophisticated. The tracks are all good, and while some are album filler, most are exceptional and five can easily become big hits. When I look at an album and half of the tracks are single worthy, it means thumbs up for sure. Spears fans will be gushing with delight, this is her best album since “Femme Fatale.” There's no mistake here, what is evident is the extra care and involvement Britney pours into this album. The extra attention to detail is noticed and that is why this album is so good.

The best tracks here are Make Me, Just Luv Me, Slumber Party, Just Like Me, Love Me Down, and Hard To Forget Ya. This is an album that grows on you, after a few plays you know what I mean. It's after a few plays that more of the layers of the glitzy/pop production shines through and is in perfect harmony with the distinctive vocals of America's Pop Princess.

Britney Spears has said that she wanted to do something different with her new album and, take a left turn, and really explore some new things. Britney and her team have worked on and off with this new album for the past two years. She said after all the work put into this project that the album is at a level where she is really happy with the finished results.

"It took a lot of time, but I think we brought it to a level where I was really, really happy with what I had. It's cool, it's really different. I think this is probably the most hip-hop album. Not most—there are like two or three songs that go in the direction of more urban that I've wanted to do for a long time now, and I just haven't really done that...It's a really good record, and I'm very, very proud of it."

This is the kind of album you can put on replay and cycle it over and over without losing interest. Great pop music, whether you like it or not, is quite infectious, and this is an example of that. It will grow on you for sure, and albums like that are worth every cent spent!

It's one of the best albums out so far this year and the perfect fit for the end of summer.

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Britney Spears – Glory Album Track List

1. Invitation
2. Make Me... (W/G-Eazy)
3. Private Show
4. Man On The Moon
5. Just Luv Me
6. Clumsy
7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
8. Slumber Party
9. Just Like Me
10. Love Me Down
11. Hard To Forget Ya

12. What You Need

It Doesn't Have to Make Sense - Reviewed - 3 Stars

It Doesn't Have to Make Sense is the seventh studio album from Ingrid Michaelson.

The new album's title comes from an idea that perfectly encapsulates the selection of 10 new songs offered.
"The name came from something I learned recently. I kept trying to make sense of the ups and downs in my life. And I couldn't. Whenever I let go, I felt better. I love the concept of NOT trying to define and quantify everything. It doesn't have to make sense!.” - Ingrid Michaelson
Of the 10 songs on the new album she said, "It was difficult but I think I chose the right 10. The songs reflect all the different spaces my head and heart have been in the last 2 years."

This is why fans like albums, artists share of themselves their experiences from a period of time between albums. It's like being on a journey together. Many other artists make new music that is less personal and more collaborative with other song writers and producers etc. While this often turns out well, it's not as bravely unique as what you'll find here.

Allowing myself to not try to make everything make sense was freeing for me.” - “Life doesn’t always make sense.” - This was me was finding my way out of the darkness, and asking, ‘where do I go from here?'” - “It’s been a struggle to become fulfilled again, and I had to put that sorrow into something.”  - Ingrid Michaelson

The overall here is that this new album is a little shorter than most other offerings today, however the songs are all very good. The sound is contemporary and all of the songs are arranged well. The production is top-notch and the mixing of the musical layers is exceptional.

Best tracks are, Light Me Up, Whole Lot of Heart, Miss America, Hell No, Still The One, and Celebrate.

Big thumbs up here, all of Ingrid's fans will be delighted with this new album.

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It Doesn't Have to Make Sense – Track List

1. Light Me Up
2. Whole Lot of Heart
3. Miss America
4. Another Life
5. I Remember Her
6. Drink You Gone
7. Hell No
8. Still the One
9. Celebrate

10. Old Days

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

10 NFL Games Will Be Streamed Live on Twitter

10 NFL Games Will Be Streamed Live on Twitter

The upcoming season is soon to begin. Twitter will live-stream 10 football games on Thursday night. Get ready to mark your calendar.

The partnership between the NFL and Twitter, ushers in a new era for the social media platform as they enter the live sports streaming arena for the first time. Jack Dorsey has said that the future of the company is about live events and news. “Watching a live event unfold is the fastest way to understand the power of Twitter.”

Twitter's CFO Anthony Noto stated that the deal is “one element of a much larger strategy.” Twitter is exploring similar opportunities with other possible partners to bring “the best elements of live sports, live news and politics, and live entertainment.” This deal gives an estimated 800 million registered and non-registered users a chance to watch the NFL via their network.

Not to be confused though, the deal between Twitter and the NFL is not exclusive, that means the games will also be available on the networks that previously hosted them such as CBS, NBC, and the NFL Network. Essentially Twitter is re-broadcasting the same content.

As listed by CNET, here are the Twitter-NFL games:

Week 2, Sept. 15: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Week 3, Sept. 22: Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Week 5, Oct. 6: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers
Week 6, Oct. 13: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers
Week 7, Oct. 20: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers
Week 11, Nov. 17: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers
Week 13, Dec. 1: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings
Week 14, Dec. 8: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 15, Dec. 15: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks
Week 16, Dec. 22: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

This is interesting on all levels, it's a first for Twitter, and also when they bid for the right to show these games, they were not the highest bidder, they bid lower than Amazon and the NFL still went with Twitter. It's obvious that the NFL wants to have a deeper integrated connection with the service, especially since all the marquee players are already on Twitter individually with personal profiles.

It may be an experiment, or just maybe ... I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Monday, August 8, 2016

10 NFL Gridiron Greats who should be in Hall of Fame

10 NFL Gridiron Greats who should be in Hall of Fame
August, 8th 2016

There is a group of 46 that votes new members into the great Pro Football Hall of Fame each year. This 46-person committee, consisting of media members from the various market areas where there is an NFL franchise, is referred to as the Selection Committee. They can choose up to eight players, coaches, and contributors.

Among the final eight, they can if they choose ,select up to two nominations from a separate seniors committee, who year after year put forward the case for the many great players who are still waiting for that call.

Considering the 5 year waiting period for players and coaches, after a while there's bound to be a backlog. As the years go by, many of our gridiron greats end up passed over for someone newer and end up forgotten. While some are forgotten, many have been clearly snubbed.

As a result, many worthy candidates wait years for their rightful day in the sun, while many others may never see that light. The whole selection and election process is often criticized for the not inducting players the fans deem worthy. I would have to agree with most criticisms regarding the HOF practices, because it's really recognition of players, and the HOF belongs to the fans.

Many are gone now, but the REAL Fans of Football will never forget, even if the 46 voters do.

No. 1. Jerry Kramer, Offensive Line

* 11-year NFL career
* Five-time All Pro (1960, '62-63, '66-67)
* Three-time Pro Bowler
* Member of NFL's All-Decade Team (1960s)
* Kicked 29 NFL field goals
* Nine-time Hall of Fame finalist
* One of the most heralded offensive guards in NFL history
* Helped the Packers win five NFL championships and two Super Bowl titles
* Delivered the most famous block in NFL history, leading the way for Bart Starr's game-winning touchdown in the famed 1967 Ice Bowl.

No. 2. Alex Karras, DE

* 12-year NFL career
* Three-time All Pro (1960-61, '65)
* Four-time Pro Bowler
* Member of NFL's All-Decade Team (1960s)
* Four career interceptions
* Former announcer on ABC's Monday Night Football

No. 3. Jim Marshall, DE

* 20-Year NFL career
* Two-time Pro Bowler
* NFL-record 30 fumble recoveries
* NFL Holds record for consecutive starts by a defensive end (270)
* Member of NFL's All-Decade squads for 1960s and 1970s (2nd team)
* Member of Minnesota's famed "Purple People Eaters" defense

No. 4. Morten Andersen, Kicker

* 25-year NFL career
* Three-time All Pro (1986-87, 1995)
* Seven-time Pro Bowler
* All-Decade Team For 1980s and 1990s
* All-time leader in points (2,544), field goals (565), games played (382)
* Game-winning kick in 1998 NFC Championship (Falcons)

No. 5. Ricky Watters, RB

* 10-year NFL career
* Career: 14,891 total yards (10,643 rushing) and 91 total TDs
* Five-time Pro Bowler
* Member of NFL's All-Decade Team (1990s)
* Nine straight seasons of 1,200-plus total yards (1992-2000)
* Scored three TDs in Super Bowl XXIX
* Won one Super Bowl title (1994 Niners)

No. 6. Andre Reed, WR

* 16-year NFL career (15 seasons with Buffalo Bills)
* Career: 951 catches, 13,198 yards, 87 touchdowns
* Currently ranks 13th in all-time receiving yards
* Seven-time Pro Bowler
* Helped the Bills claim four straight AFC championships (1990-93)

No. 7. Ken Anderson, QB

* 16-year NFL career
* One-time All Pro (1981)
* NFL MVP (1981)
* Two-time NFL passing leader (1974-75)
* Led Bengals to 1981 AFC championship
* Career: 32,838 yards passing, 217 total TDs (197 passing)

No. 8. Drew Bledsoe, QB

* 14-year NFL career
* Super Bowl Champion (XXXVI) as Back-up QB
* 4× Pro Bowl (1994, 1996, 1997, 2002)
* 2× AFC Champion (1996, 2001)
* NFL passing yards leader (1994)
* New England Patriots Hall of Fame

No. 9. Jim Plunkett, QB

* 15-year NFL Career
*2× Super Bowl champion (XV, XVIII)
* Super Bowl MVP (XV)
* NFL Comeback Player of the Year (1980)
* AFC Rookie of the Year (1971)
* 8-2 Career playoff record (Wins when it counts)
* Heisman Trophy (1970)

No. 10. Donnie Shell, DB & SS

* 14-year NFL Career
* 5× Pro Bowl (1978–1982)
* 3× AP First-team All-Pro (1979, 1980, 1982)
* AP Second-team All-Pro (1981)
* 4× Super Bowl champion (IX, X, XIII, XIV)

For sure the above listed are worthy, the order of this list is not so important, but all ten listed deserve a place in Canton's HOF. The list could never be complete or all inclusive, because there are so many others that deserve recognition for their contributions to the game of Football, far too many to list.

Special Teams player that should be in the Hall of Fame
  1. Steve Tasker
Coaches that should be in the Hall of Fame
  1. Marty Schottenheimer
  2. Tom Flores
Contributors that should be in the Hall of Fame

Buddy Ryan, I propose that Buddy be considered an NFL contributor because, his biggest impact on the game was as an assistant coach.

Another group of players worthy of induction include:
1. Terrell Owens, WR
2. Sterling Sharpe, WR
3. Kurt Warner, QB
4. L.C. Greenwood, DE
5. Clay Matthews, LB
6. Priest Holmes, RB

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HP Chromebook Cursor Disappears/Touchpad not working - ??

HP Chromebook Cursor Disappears/Touchpad not working - ??

August 5th 2016

HP Chromebook 14 Touchpad not working...
Chromebooks Hit By Touchpad Issues...
HP 14 Touchpad stops working, HP etc...
HP Chromebook Touchpad no longer working...

Many HP Chromebook users have had or are having trackpad-touchpad issues. The cursor disappeared, and no one has found the correct resolution after searching everywhere and trying all sorts of things.

Fact is, the problem is one of two possibilities. Either something haywire with the software or something amiss with the hardware.

Software Fix = Go to settings, then advanced settings, and finally click Powerwash. This sets your system back to factory fresh. It does not eliminate your stored passwords or your bookmarks or your stored personal information. It just resets the system to new. Re-enter your log in and password and start again all new.

Hardware Fix = This is the fix that will take care of almost every ones problem. Make sure the system is completely powered off, and disassemble the unit from the bottom. Most units should have 13 small screws, four of which are concealed under chassis like cushions. Gently lift the keypad/touchpad top and re-connect the cables. Even if it looks connected, re-connect it again. The cables are held in place with delicate plastic clamps that fold up and down. Re-seating the cables fixes the problem for most.

Other than these two remedies, if you or someone you know are still having the no cursor problem, it would be a rare Mfg. defect and will require service and part replacement by a professional.

Good Luck - Hope this helps

* As with anything mechanical, there are sometimes defects, problems, and in the worst case scenarios, recalls. The cursor problem with some HP Chromebooks was not that big of a problem after all.

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How to change default fonts in Open Office Writer

How to change default fonts in Open Office Writer

August 5th 2016

For those of you out there using Apache's Open Office Writer there are many ways to customize and enhance the basic application. There are numerous extensions for various functions, and when you add some of these you end up making your program more functional to your own preferences.

Nevertheless, every time you create a new document you are faced with changing the fonts unless you really like Times New Roman (puke). This is an easy thing to change if you follow these simple steps.

From the menu above, select > Tools > Options > OpenOfficeWriter > Basic Fonts (Western).
Photo example...

In this window you can change the fonts, and sizes to anything you want in the various categories. Then just click OK.
If for some reason you want the original, just go back to this window and click Defaults.


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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Heart - Beautiful Broken - Review

Heart is back with a new album...well almost. What Heart delivers is another take on some of their personal favorites from earlier albums. Here they present newly recorded versions of several songs that they felt they could improve, songs that they believe are still relevant.

In an earlier interview Nancy had this to say, as far as how this new album came together...“I was listening for the quality control of it all, and those songs like ‘Johnny Moon’ really stood out to me” - “The same with ‘One Word’ and a couple of songs like that. ‘Down On Me’ and ‘Sweet Darlin’ ’ were the other ones that really stood out to me. Those songs are really nice songs. They’re really well crafted, sort of quality songs, and we had sort of forgotten about a lot of those songs. I was like ‘Wow, we really worked hard on those songs.’ We were careful when we were writing them to make them songs of substance.” - Nancy Wilson

After the sisters (Heart) signed a new deal with Concord, label executives John Virant and John Burk suggested that they do an album that would include new versions of songs from their vast back catalog.

We were happy to redo some of those songs, like ‘Sweet Darlin’ and ‘One Word,’ just such a great opportunity” - “A lot of times you miss a song (and feel like) ‘Oh God, it’s too bad that song never got its day.’ And to be able to go back and do it again was really a total pleasure.” - Nancy Wilson

While talking about the songs included on the new album, Ann had this to say...

"Those songs may have fallen through the cracks, in a way, because of where radio was at the time when they were first released."

"Rediscovering those songs, I found ways they emotionally still speak to me." - Ann Wilson

The overall here is that the album is being touted as having 3 new songs, when in fact there are only 2 and one of those is a cover. The title track is being called new because of additional lyrics by James Hetfield, but the song, although improved is not really new, and it still does sound much like the original.

The song “Two” is a cover that has Nancy on the lead vocal and this is one of the new songs. Finally, there is “I Jump” and this new song is a collaboration with the Wilson's and Bassist Dan Rothchild. The songs are all good, and the album rocks. The performances are clean and tight, the vocals are sharp and Ann-edgy, although age is becoming more noticeable, she is still a rock powerhouse.

Where this album is weak is in the production and lack of imagination, it's just straight forward rock. The title track is a good choice for a single and Heart has improved this song, but it's still too short. They should have added a verse extended the break section or come up with longer intro to the song. They could have done this and it would have made the effort better, but in the end it's one of the missed opportunities here. I still feel like this is an album worthwhile. It debuted at 105 on Billboard 2 weeks ago and has since disappeared from the top 200. I think this is because the album just doesn't have anything new to offer, and when fans are reading about an album of songs that are essentially do-overs, re-makes, it loses appeal.

The excitement of getting a new album is not here at all with this album. Artists that produce their own work seldom do themselves justice. There really is an art involved in being a producer as well, it comes from a different thinking perspective, and a different musical experience that most artists do not have or recognize. In my view artists that produce their own work, are really going cheap. Fans recognize this, and it's a sure put off.

I am and have always been a fan of Heart and the Wilson's and always will be, but in writing this review I felt it important to set it straight, as it is. There are many other reviews circulating out there that are PAID reviews that are misleading...beware.

I still believe there is more great music to be heard from Heart, but it's not on this album.
Better yet are the Heart sisters last 2 albums: “Red Velvet Car” and “Fanatic.”

Beautiful Broken Track List:

1."Beautiful Broken" (original version on Fanatic Deluxe Edition) (Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Ben Mink, James Alan Hetfield) – 2:24

2."Two" (Shaffer "Ne-Yo" Smith, Jesse "Corparal" Wilson, Adam "Royal Z" Waldman) – 4:22

3. “Sweet Darlin” (original version on Bébé le Strange) (A. Wilson) – 3:52

4."I Jump" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Dan Rothchild) – 3:51

5."Johnny Moon" (original version on Passionworks) (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Sue Ennis) – 4:14

6."Heaven" (original version on Alive in Seattle) (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) – 5:23

7."City's Burning" (original version on Private Audition) (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) – 3:49

8."Down on Me" (original version on Bébé le Strange) (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) – 5:12

9."One Word" (original version on Private Audition) (N. Wilson) – 3:33

10."Language of Love" (original version on Passionworks) (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) – 3:34

Rate this album 2¾ Stars

If you're not really up to date with Heart or want to find out more, visit their website at

The new album arrived on July 8th just prior to their tour. Hope you get a chance to check them out, they are great!

Heart's Rock Three For All U.S. Tour schedule with Cheap Trick & Joan Jett:

July 16 – Maryland Heights, Mo., Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
July 17 – Noblesville, Ind., Klipsch Music Center
July 19 – Chicago, Ill., FirstMerit Bank Pavilion @ Northerly Island
July 21 – Burgettstown, Pa., First Niagara Pavilion
July 22 – Cincinnati, Ohio, Riverbend Music Center
July 24 – Mansfield, Mass., Xfinity Center
July 25 – Wallingford, Conn., The Dome At Toyota Presents The Oakdale Theater
July 27 – Darien Center, N.Y., Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
July 28 – Wantagh, N.Y., Nikon At Jones Beach Theater
July 30 – Bethel, N.Y., Bethel Woods Center For The Arts
July 31 – Camden, N.J., BB&T Pavilion
Aug. 15 – Kansas City, Mo., Starlight Theater
Aug. 18 – Dallas, Texas, Gexa Energy Pavilion
Aug. 19 – The Woodlands, Texas, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Aug. 21 – Phoenix, Ariz., Ak-Chin Pavilion
Aug. 23 – Inglewood, Calif., Forum
Aug. 24 – Mountain View, Calif., Shoreline Amphitheater
Aug. 26 – Auburn, Wash., White River Amphitheater
Aug. 27 – Ridgefield, Wash., Sunlight Supply Amphitheater
Aug. 30 – Morrison, Colo., Red Rocks Amphitheater
Sept. 8 – Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Sept. 10 – Holmdel, N.J., PNC Bank Arts Center
Sept. 11 – Bristow, Va., Jiffy Lube Live
Sept. 13 – Virginia Beach, Va., Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater At Virginia Beach
Sept. 14 – Raleigh, N.C., Walnut Creek Amphitheater
Sept. 16 – Charlotte, N.C., PNC Music Pavilion
Sept. 19 – Nashville, Tenn., Ascend Amphitheater
Sept. 20 – Pelham, Ala., Oak Mountain Amphitheater
Sept. 23 – West Palm Beach, Fla., Perfect Vodka Amphitheater