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'Tis the Season To Be Streaming...

'Tis the Season To Be Streaming...
Top 5 Websites for Watching Online HD Movies for Free 2016

Before you start scouring the web looking for websites that play movies, beware that most require you you sign up, and will ask for your personal information.

I can tell you with confidence to STOP! Do not sign up for a website just to watch a movie, and never give out your personal information.

There are plenty of sites that do not require a sign up or ask for your personal information and I am going to give you a short list of the best to date. All checked, and all current, and all of these sites feature the older, along with most of the newer films.
Everyone likes watching movies from time to time. Movies are a great pastime form of entertainment, and they're great to show when you're having company. Streaming movies will not only entertain your guests, but you'll also impress them with your knowledge of knowing the best sites to use.

These days more and more people out there are calling themselves cord-cutters, and what they mean by this is that they are eliminating the excessive cable bills and opting to Stream and cast the programming they want. By picking and choosing your entertainment, you'll be able to eliminate all of those annoying commercials as well.

Finding the best sites can be tiresome, and some sites disappear not long after they go up. The sites I list here are tried, true, tested, and reliable

ry Holiday Classic that I could think of, I was able to look up and find, but that's not all...I've also found Classic Oldies and the most recent Movies still playing in theater's today.

These sites are the best of the best that are up and going to date. I've found many favorites there, and that's why I highly recommend these sites. Bookmark them and check them out from time to time.

Lastly, for anyone looking to stream video content you can not ignore the fact that YouTube has the most to offer free and paid. There are a few others worth checking out, because they are quick, safe and reliable. These sites are listed below.

Enjoy your Holidays this season with the Commercial Free Movies you Stream.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Top 10 Albums from 2016

Today is as good as any for taking a fond look back at this passing year of 2016, and recalling some of the best music that came out along the way, while tripping the past fantastic.

So, here we go...

December, being the end of the year always brings out the Top 10 lists of any and everything you could possibly imagine from almost everyone working a qwerty. So here's another Top 10 list for you to ponder. This list is only different in the sense that it is my own and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else. Therefore, any similarities found will be purely coincidental.

Whether you're searching for the best sellers or highest rated or whatever it may be. It's for sure out there by now only a few searches and or clicks away.

Here I offer you a Top 10 list of important albums that came out this year that are extremely good. You may already have a few, and then again, maybe I've listed a few you were not aware of or have simply forgotten.

The Top 10 of 2016

  1. Blackstar - David Bowie
  2. Loud Hailer - Jeff Beck
  3. Britney Spears - Glory
  4. Sia - This Is Acting
  5. Norah Jones - Day Breaks
  6. Garbage - Strange Little Birds
  7. Lindsey Stirling - Brave Enough
  8. Enigma - The Fall of a Rebel Angel
  9. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
  10. 10. Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker

Many other well known established artists have also released new albums this year, and many of them are also very good. The following get honorably mentioned here and their albums are also worth getting.

1. Tove Lo - Lady Wood

2. Eric Clapton - I Still Do

3. Ingrid Michaelson - It Doesn't Have To Make Sense

4. Heart - Beautiful Broken

5. Beth Hart - Fire On The Floor

6. Eric Clapton - Live In San Diego

7. Rachel Platten – Wildfire

The biggest surprise album release from this past year is the Wes Montgomery One Night In Indy. This never before released recording of legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery with The Eddie Higgins Trio is from a 1959 performance recorded live in some small Jazz Club in Indianapolis.

Friendly reminder: This list of 2016 Top 10 Albums is for entertainment purposes and follows no known established guidelines.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Rolling Stones - Blue and Lonesome - Review - 4 Stars!

The Rolling Stones are back with a new album. Their first new album since A Bigger Bang, and that was years ago. The new album is a batch of covers from Blues Greats that were their up and coming inspiration.

Forget about the cute little story of how and why this album came together, the story line they put out sounds like a load of BS. Instead, lets just focus on what we do have.

This new album features twelve new tracks, and with these twelve tracks, two things really stand out, the first is that the musical instrumentation is trimmed down to raw basics, and the second is the curious, slight distortion applied to Mick's vocals. Aside from that, the guitars sound like what you'd expect from the stones, Charlie's drums are as tight as ever, and surprisingly Mick's harmonica play is really a lot better than what we've seen him do in the past. Here he is really inspired and gives these numbers everything he's got. The two tracks that feature Eric Clapton do not need to be called out, as his playing is uniquely his own and these two numbers with Eric are easily identifiable to anyone who gives this album a spin.

They've recorded some of these numbers before, and the curious difference between the then and now is their approach to these songs. Today the band comes across more relaxed and their performances have a more natural fluid feel.

Then there's the difference in Mick's vocals, where he definitely sounded younger before, and now is obviously older. About the only way to describe his voice from the past to his voice of today, would be to say his vocal is more matured. Although older and more matured, he does not sound bad, instead, despite the slight layer of distortion he sounds great.

The other noticeable difference between the songs today and their versions from the past probably has more to do with the times, when everyone seemed to have more abruptness in their tempo. It was part of the times and the style that was comfortable then. So, songs then definitely seem more rushed, but it wasn't just the Stones. It was everybody, it was the sixties.

The new Blue & Lonesome doesn’t really feel or sound much like the stuff the Stones made long ago, instead it's much better, and it sounds like a good 'ol band of buddies with amazing chemistry, giving a batch of old time blues numbers a Rolling Stones make-over.

The skeptic in all of us might still be the Jagger/Richards songwriting partnership kaput, or are these guys just out of gas...running on empty? What's the real deal here?

IMO - Keith Richards has still got it, his Crosseyed Heart solo album from last year is full of good stuff.

Maybe this album will get the guys more motivated to get an album of new songs in the works, let's hope so. Until then we have this new album to enjoy.

Rate this 4 Stars

Blue & Lonesome

1. Just Your Fool (Originally written and recorded in 1960 by Little Walter)

2. Commit a Crime (Originally written and recorded in 1966 by Howlin’ Wolf - Chester Burnett)

3. Blue and Lonesome (Originally written and recorded in 1959 by Little Walter)

4. All of Your Love (Originally written and recorded in 1967 by Magic Sam - Samuel Maghett)

5. I Gotta Go (Originally written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

6. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Originally recorded in 1971 by Little Johnny Taylor, composed by Miles Grayson & Lermon Horton)

7. Ride ‘Em On Down (Originally written and recorded in 1955 by Eddie Taylor)

8. Hate To See You Go (Originally written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

9. Hoo Doo Blues (Originally recorded in 1958 by Lightnin’ Slim, composed by Otis Hicks & Jerry West)

10. Little Rain (Originally recorded in 1957 by Jimmy Reed, composed by Ewart G Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed)

11. Just Like I Treat You (Originally written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in December 1961)

12. I Can’t Quit You Baby (Originally written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Otis Rush in 1956)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Top 10 Christmas Cartoons of All Time - Updated 12-19-2016

It's that time of year again, when everyone begins looking forward to Christmas.
The following links to the listed cartoons and movies have all been changed and updated. All links are working. The posting Update is 12-19-2016

When we were kids, watching these cartoons was something really special, we used to wait all year long, just for a 1/2 hour show, and then if we were lucky, they played a couple of them back to back so you’d have an hour of fun. Yea...when we were all a bit younger we could hardly wait to see all of our favorite Christmas cartoons. Now we really don't have to wait, all we need to do now is check our video list where we've bookmarked our favorite classics and play them any time we like.

Oh wait a mean you haven't already done this? You don't have these classics on your list of holiday favorites?

Then this list is for you! Use this as a starting point and bookmark these links to the best Christmas cartoons ever made, and your family will love you for it.

There's no need to scour the internet for Christmas cartoons, all of the best and most popular are included right here.

These are the Top 10 Christmas Cartoons. These are the ones that are most requested and most sought out.

Here are a couple of extra cartoons that are about Frosty the Snowman, and all kids love to watch Frosty!

Peoples' opinions on movies vary widely, and that may be a generational difference, but I offer you a few that are loved by everyone.

Here's wishing you and yours will have a very happy holiday season. 

Please feel free to add links to other Christmas shows in the comments.

Amazon Recall – Power Adapters – update 12-01-2016

Amazon Recall – Power Adapters – update 12-01-2016
Amazon is recalling Kindle Fire tablet power adapters!

Amazon's adapters for the seven-inch tablet that were bought between September 2015 and March 2016 are being recalled.

This new recall also extends to the adapters for the UK Fire Kids seven-inch edition.
The company first issued the recall notice back in March, but it has been re-issued by Trading Standards again this week.

According to Amazon, when the power adapter gets pulled from the wall socket, the adapter assembly can easily break apart and create a risk of electrical shock.

Amazon is advising all affected customers to stop using the adapter until a replacement is received.

An Amazon spokesman said: 

"Customer safety is our top priority, and we are proactively offering to replace these power adapters with a new adapter, free of charge. We encourage customers to exchange their original power adapters using the process below. Please discontinue use of your original adapter. Until you receive a replacement adapter, you can use the included USB cable connected to a computer or another compatible adapter to charge your tablet."

Contact if your power adapter is among those affected.

You can also visit for more details.

Power adapters sold in other countries, shipped with Fire HD and Fire HDX tablets, or displayed below are not affected and need not be exchanged.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stream NFL Network for FREE - Latest Link 11-27-2016

This is the most current and reliable link to stream the NFL Network for FREE. Most other posts don't give you this link, rather they mention links that lead to other links that don't even feature the actual NFL Network program.

With this link you can watch a lot of different programs and replays of important games. Good Morning Football is on weekdays M-F beginning at 7:00 am. Tweet to them with their hashtag #gmfb your question, comments or pics with old forgotten player jersey's and they are likely to mention you on their show. And be sure to check out the UptotheMinute show that gives you the latest breaking news each day.

Get your popcorn ready


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Update: The provided link appeared to be inaccessible on the 25th and 26th, however it is fully functional again as of today the 27th. It may have to do with certain internet providers or something else, but it is still the only really FREE link known to date.

If you know of another reliable link, post that info in the comments below. Thanks!

Tove Lo - Lady Wood - Review

Tove Lo's Lady Wood doesn't have the big hit standout singles that she had on her 2014 debut, but that is what makes this an album worth playing again and again.

Her style is her own, she gives us songs that flow forth in chapters and this album features the first two chapters, the first half of a double album. The songs on this album follow the chapters  "Fairy Dust" and "Fire Fade." The third and fourth chapters "Light Beam" and "Pitch Black" are to be included on Tove Lo's third studio album that will come in 2017.

Lady Wood is a richly produced album that blends your modern tech-house sound with all the elements of dance-pop that Tove Lo fans crave.

With regard to the album's title Lady Wood Tove Lo says "it's kind of like saying a chick with balls, but since we don't have balls, it's lady wood."

She lives hard and fast in an all out self deprecating fashion, losing control of herself and relishing every moment of the experience.

With her second album she is triumphant in further exploring emotions that she is unable to control and can't ever be contained.

"Fairy Dust" is when I hear the fans shouting my name and I’m about to hit the stage. "Fire Fade" is when it all sort of starts to wear off and I’m losing connection with the fans a bit, and I’m trying to get back to that first chase. You feel vulnerable there. It's where you start to reveal your true self.

Tove Lo - describing the chapters of Lady Wood

The album is shorter than her first and lacks the big hits that might be expected, but don't let that put you off here. The surprising appeal of this album is the lack of tracks that might otherwise get overplayed, instead this is a whole album of very strong material that can be played over and over.

Rate this 3½ Stars

Friday, October 21, 2016

Internet Outage – Don't Panic!

Internet Outage – Don't Panic!

Yes, a number of big name websites are down, but your internet is not.

A number of popular sites and services are under siege right now suffering from a DDOS Attack. The attack has taken down Airbnb, Box, Boston Globe, Freshbooks, Github, New York Times, Reddit, Shopify, SoundCloud, Spotify and Twitter.

As a result of this DDOS, there is a massive outage of DNS provider DYN's many popular sites.

DYN is tracking the outage, and will post any news, as this is ongoing. They will announce updates as soon as they discover anything further about the length of outage, causes, and other sites affected.

They are also saying that the DDOS attack seems to be affecting its customers on the U.S. East coast, and the ones more specifically Managed by DYN.

Some European and Asian users accessing these sites do not seem not to be encountering these same problems, so it would seem this is a location based problem.

DYN engineers are working hard to determine the source and resolve all issues.

I say, Don't Panic!!!

It's definitely not the first time we've suffered from such attacks, and it will not be the last. One thing for sure, these things do pass, and usually systems that suffer from these attacks take this a notice to reinvest and strengthen their systems to be better prepared for future attacks.

In the meantime there's plenty of other things to do right now that probably deserves your attention more than the sites affected above.

The Rolling Stones - New Single - Just Your Fool

Here is a sneak peak into The Rolling Stones new album “Lonesome and Blue.” This is the lead single “Just Your Fool” and the sound and vocal should give you a good idea of what you'll be getting December 2nd when the new album is officially released.

The song can also be found on YouTube at

Just Your Fool is a Buddy Johnson cover that runs about 2½ minutes. Although short for a single the band still sounds great. The sound is basic rock and blues and has a good harmonica featured. The mixing is excellent and it really sounds like the band is having a fun time playing.

The rest of the album is also covers, and this is the track listing.

Lonesome and Blue

1. "Just Your Fool"
2. "Commit a Crime"
3. "Blue and Lonesome"
4. "All of Your Love"
5. "I Gotta Go"
6. "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing"
7. "Ride 'Em On Down"
8. "Hate to See You Go"
9. "Hoo Doo Blues"
10. "Little Rain"
11. "Just Like I Treat You"
12. "I Can't Quit You Baby"

Additional musicians that appear on the new album include...
Eric Clapton – guitar on "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing" and "I Can't Quit You Baby"
Jim Keltner – percussion on "Hoo Doo Blues"
Matt Clifford – keyboards
Darryl Jones – bass guitar
Chuck Leavell – keyboards

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chuck Berry - New Album Coming in 2017 is called "Chuck"

Chuck Berry, considered by many as the real King of Rock 'N Roll SHOCKED the world again, announcing on his 90th birthday, that early next year he will be releasing an all new album of Berry material. This will be the first new album from Chuck Berry in as many as 38 years.

The album will simply be called “Chuck.”

When Chuck was asked about the long gap between albums, he said that he had a high standard to live up to, and with that in mind we know we'll be getting something truly fantastic, and I for one can't wait!

Other than that, not too much is known yet in the details about this album, except that it will consist mainly of new material written and produced by Berry.

It was recorded in St Louis, Berry’s hometown, and will feature Chuck's St. Louis Band that he affectionately refers to as the Blueberry Hill Band. This hometown backing band includes Berry’s children, Charles Berry Jr and Ingrid, on guitar and harmonica along with longtime friend and bassist Jimmy Marsala.

Berry is dedicating this album to his wife of 58 years, Thelmetta, indicating that it would very likely be his last. “This record is dedicated to my beloved Toddy.” “My darlin’ I’m growing old! I’ve worked on this record for a long time. Now I can hang up my shoes!”

Many of the older Rock 'N Rollers still going have become performing/touring nostalgia acts and new album releases from these artists are usually re-issues, and compilations. So when one of the all-time greats announces something new, the whole world takes notice!

The album will be released next year and as of this posting there is no official date named. Stay tuned.

As always,

Rock On

Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Nominees & More

President & CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, Joel Peresman is sure to hear from disgruntled fans again, as the Rock Hall announces the latest nominees for the induction Class of 2017.

As Peresman puts it, "You get nasty letters, but you love to see the passion people have for their favorite come this one isn't nominated or that one? That passion fuels the process."

Even though the nominating committee dismissed several members last year, the process whereby they put forth nominees and vote and determine whether the artist is elected has not improved at all. It is still a process that gets explained away in pure bullshit fast talk that amounts to nothing. There is no transparency at all in this act, and when you see the list of current nominees you'll realize that everyone involved in the process should be replaced.

Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame members are the ones who should nominate and elect those artists worthy of this honor. The present arrangement only disrespects deserving artists, slights them with omission and ultimately discredits the institution itself.

Joel Peresman oversees the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, and also the induction ceremony. This year, the heinous debacle will take place in New York City, sometime in April, and then televised weeks later.

The fact that they alternate cities for the ceremony and the many artists that they elect, and will continue to elect to the Hall should tell you loud and clear, that the whole bullshit charade is about money.

The list of 2017 nominees is one of the largest put forth to date, and it forgoes worthiness for the sake of diversity.

Joel Peresman and his committees need to relinquish their control over nominating and electing, to the members already in the hall. Until they do, this institution/museum can't be taken seriously.

They elect to the Hall, rappers, hip-hop, R&B, and soul and have elected many artists that most feel do not deserve a place in a Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, while ignoring some of the greatest of all time, such as The Moody Blues, Foreigner, Steppenwolf, Dire Straits, and most unbelievably Joe Cocker. Instead they decided to nominate Tupac Shakur along with these others...

Bad Brains - Chaka Khan - Chic - Depeche Mode - Electric Light Orchestra - J. Geils Band - Jane's Addiction - Janet Jackson - Joan Baez - Joe Tex - Journey - Kraftwerk - MC5 - Pearl Jam - Steppenwolf - The Cars - The Zombies - Yes...WTH???

I really don't think these guys know what Rock 'N Roll actually is!

After seeing what we have to look forward to, it's a show that I will not be watching. But, then again, seeing the list, tells me more about the marketing strategies and demographics that they are aiming at, and with that, the money they look to make there.

The mistake the Hall makes is that they will do anything to appease would be sponsors and chase the dollar all while ignoring true fans. We can only hope that there will be changes soon , and that deserving artists get the recognition that we the fans, want to give them.

I put forth a number of well deserving artists that get no respect from the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame.

Female Artists:
  • Cher
  • Connie Francis
  • Petula Clark
  • Lesley Gore
  • Carole King
  • Carly Simon
  • Melanie
  • Pat Benatar
  • Tori Amos
  • Suzanne Vega

Male Artists:
  • Mike Oldfield
  • Jim Croce
  • Harry Chapin
  • Gordon Lightfoot
  • Peter Frampton
  • Joe Walsh
  • Joe Cocker
  • Bryan Adams

  • Sonny & Cher
  • The Monkees
  • Tommy James & The Shondells
  • Moody Blues
  • Steppenwolf
  • Uriah Heep
  • Badfinger
  • Humble Pie
  • The Guess Who
  • Three Dog Night
  • Blue Oyster Cult
  • Bad Company
  • The Doobie Brothers
  • Dire Straights
  • Foreigner
  • Journey
  • The Cranberries
There are of course even more that could be mentioned here, but the above are ones for sure that deserve some respect.

Share with me in the comments, who you think should be in the Hall.
Rock On!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to get MKV files to play on Chromebook without issues

How to get MKV files to play on Chromebook without issues
Fixing the no sound problem on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have been around for a while now, and they keep growing in popularity all the time. As more and more people become Chromebook users, more questions surface all the time with some of the Chromebook peculiarities that leave us confounded. Right now, one of those problems has to do with video playing without sound. If that is you, then read on my friend, I have the answer you are looking for.

Chrome states that they support all of the major video types, which are also called containers. The problem some people are having is that their Chromebooks (regardless of the manufacturer) does not support certain audio codecs as they’re proprietary and Chrome/Google would have to pay license fees to the owners. In general, all MKV containers are supported, but if the audio within the container is encoded in a proprietary codec, it won’t play. This applies to other video formats as well, what people did not realize is that some of the audio is encoded in proprietary codecs, and some of these simply will not play on your Chromebook.

The solution is to convert your video into another format/container and that fixes the problem. There are numerous apps out there, just for this purpose. The unfortunate reality here is many, and most of these app's require registration and then they also charge some subscription type of fee.

It really depends on how much video you use on your Chromebook and if converting files is really worth all of the trouble.

What I've found is, most video works fine without any sound problems on Chromebook. Only rarely have I found a file that plays with no sound.

If you want an easy, and FREE way to fix your video without sound problem, your best option is to use the web app clipchamp.

With clipchamp you can convert, and fix your video. The downside of this, is that the process is a little bit slow, and you can only convert 5 videos for free per month. For myself, that's more than good enough, and I can easily have a file converting on one tab while doing other things in other tabs.

One last tip, if you are going to use this clipchamp web app, you should also be aware that if your machine goes to sleep or your screen saver pops up, your video conversion will probably fail or just not work. This is also easy enough to fix, just add the extension to your Chrome browser called The Great Suspender and select never suspend this site from the drop down menu. This will allow you to keep a video actively converting in a tab that you can ignore.

Rock On!

Extra: I've read elsewhere that you can fix your video by uploading your video to Google Drive, hoping that it will work by playing it from there. I tried that, and it DID NOT work. Don't waste your time.

The Great Suspender


People also ask
Can you play mp4 on Chromebook?”
Can you watch videos on a Chromebook?”
Can Chromebooks play MKV files?”
Is there a way to play mkv files on my Chromebook?”
How can I watch MKV files on a Chromebook?”
Is there a way to play mkv files on my Chromebook? The file plays without audio.”

Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Put MP4 & Other Video on Blogger

How To Put MP4 & Other Video on Blogger

Blogger Tech Tips from OutRiderr
If you're a Blogger and you use photos or video in your posts, you've already found that some files do not work, even though the Blogger platform states that they do support your files.

There really is nothing to fret about here at all, this problem is easily circumvented, and I'll give it to you straight.

Undoubtedly you have a Gmail account, and are using some Google products, even if you're not an all-out Googler, you must have watched something on YouTube. That said, and assuming you have at least a Gmail account, just make sure you are signed in to your email and then go to YouTube and upload whatever video you plan to place in your blog post, into a separate folder for videos in your blog. After you've done this, make sure to click the button to publish, and set this video for public viewing.

After following this simple process just click open your video and from there click the share, and then click the embed, and copy and paste. Take this code to your Blogger post and right where it says Compose, next to that it says HTML, click there and in this space paste the embed code. It's just that simple, and it DOES work.

Toggle back to the compose button to click the video and set it to centered for best viewing. In this area where you place your type, you can change your text any way to your liking, around your video placement.


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