Monday, September 19, 2016

Hoopla Digital Streaming App - Review

Hoopla is a digital media streaming service with an extensive catalog of Audio-Books, Movies, Music Albums, Comics, e-Books, and TV shows. Their service offers multiple different forms of media all in one web-site.

Hoopla can best be considered as an additional digital media service that libraries offer to their patrons, in addition to whatever digital media services libraries provide themselves.

The big upside here is that there are no commercials or advertisements, the library pays to subscribe. The only downside here is that the library’s patrons get limited access, from 4-15 for free.

Ask your local library if they are affiliated, if so, then you can create a free Hoopla account with your library card.

After creating a Hoopla account with a supported library card, you'll have access to check out a number of titles per month, from 4 to 15, depending on your library’s subscription.

Then you can check out Movies and TV for 72 hours, Music Albums for a week, e-Books, Comics, and Audio-books for three weeks. Their availability automatically expires after their designated time allotment as per the specific media.

Hoopla is a great way to check out digital media before buying it.”

The publisher of the media gets paid each time a patron checks it out, and only when a patron checks it out, so libraries don’t have to take the risk of paying for a title that their patrons may not actually want. The media can be checked out and played or read either through a web browser, or with Android, and iOS apps.

Even if your library is not affiliated with Hoopla, you can still create a free account.

The overall here is, Hoopla is a fantastic service where you can enjoy digital content ad-free, and that alone makes this a worthwhile app to add to your favorites.

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