Monday, September 12, 2016

Justin Bieber Awarded 8 Guinness World Records

Justin Bieber Scores Big w/ 8 Guinness World Records.

OMG-WTH-WTF etc...Do you feel like Ozzy, and are scratching your head wondering what's a Bieber? If so, you're not alone.

His 85 million and counting twitter following, along with his 10 billion plus streams on YouTube, and having 17 songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, are maybe his most impressive achievements.

This 22-year-old digital millennium pop star sets eight world records. His trail blazing success is due largely to the strength of his chart topping fourth studio album “Purpose.”

Listed below are the eight new world records set.

  1. Most streamed track on Spotify in one week
  2. Most streamed album on Spotify in one week
  3. Most simultaneous tracks on the US singles chart
  4. Most simultaneous new entries in the Hot 100 by a solo artist
  5. First act to occupy all top 3 positions simultaneously on UK singles chart
  6. Most followers on twitter (male)
  7. Most viewed music channel on YouTube (individual)
  8. Most subscribers on YouTube for a musician (male)

Whether or not his blend of pop music is your cup of tea, does not matter, his success makes him an undeniable phenomenon.

His success is an example of stardom in a new era. Records today are just for today...eventually someone new will come along and break them, raising the bar, setting new records.

Are you a Belieber or are you a non-Belieber?

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