Thursday, September 29, 2016

Roku - Free Channels List & More

Here is a sampling of Free Channels, from the Roku Channel Store. To date, there are more than three thousand free, and pay channels available. Far too many to list, this post highlights the many categories available with Roku, and offers a small sample of these.

What more and more people are doing these days is going with streaming services and ditching cable. These folks are affectionately referred to as cord cutters and are among the masses of people who are fed up with the price gouging of their cable providers.

Here are the categories to choose from: All - Featured - New - Most Watched - APPS - Comedy - Educational - Fitness - Food - Games - International - Kids & Family - Lifestyle - Movies & TV - Music - News& Weather - Personal Media - Photo Apps - Religious - Sci & Technology - Screensavers - Shopping - Special Interest - Sports - Themes - Travel - Web Video

You can search within these categories and find channels for just about everything. Roku is always adding channels and there are numerous other private channels.

So, you're probably wondering if this is worth ditching cable, all I can say is that it's worth giving a try. Roku is only one streaming device service. There is also Chromecast, and others.

In fact, there is now a major push to provide packages of channels via the internet. I think we are all really at the beginning of something new.

Free Popular Channels:
Free Channels for Movies & TV Shows:
Free News Channels:
Free Channels for kids:
Free Channels for Music:

*FYI – The average Pay TV bill is now over $100 a month, that's just the average. Many people are paying for extra channels and are also getting charged monthly rental fees for their equipment and some of these people are paying upwards in the area of $200 a month. Ouch!!

Below is a very useful link to breaking the bad...habit of Pay TV.
Let me know what your favorite free channels are in the comments below.


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