Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Android Apps Now On Your Chromebook

Yay! If you want to use Android apps on your Chromebook, now you can. All you'll have to do is this, go to About Chrome OS in the Settings pane, then click More info, and Change the Channel. Choose the developer channel - the least stable.

After changing the channel your system will cycle through a process of updating your system, and then prompt you to click restart.

After a restart, you’ll be ready to go. A new Play Store icon will appear in your app launcher.

That's all there is to it.

Most Android apps launch in a phone screen-sized window. You can maximize the window although, some app's may not respond to this well, and might become unstable. Some can easily switch to tablet mode, while some apps have an extra menu button that lets you manually switch between Portrait and Landscape modes, it varies depending on the app.

The reality here is many apps may not work at all, some will have terrible display, and some may say your device isn't compatible with this version etc.

Lets face it, many app's are designed for mobile and were not intended to be used on laptop like screens. Many app's rely entirely on touch screens, and as we all know, most Chromebooks do not feature these touch screens.

Keep in mind, this is all new and developers will now have to accommodate chrome as a new system as they develop and update their app's.

Google says that their PlayStore Apps will all be compatible with newer Chromebooks with touch screens.

*After doing this, you can go back and change the channel again, back to stable, and the PlayStore Icon button will still be available to you. This way you can select apps that will work. This is a better option for those with older Chromebooks.

Good Luck!

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