Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mill Creek Park - Mill Creek Metro-Parks

Mill Creek Park, now officially known as Mill Creek Metro-Parks, is located in Youngstown, Ohio.

Mill Creek Park was founded in 1891 by Youngstown attorney Volney Rogers. Rogers purchased most of the land, and secured options with the rest, for the purpose of this becoming a state park. Rogers then put forth what he called the "Township Park Improvement Law." After this Law was passed, Rogers turned over all of the land he had secured for park purposes. Rogers then had the area declared a park by the state legislature. It became an official state park in 1893.

Lanterman's Mill was built in 1845–46 by German Lanterman and Samuel Kimberly. It was restored during 1982–85 with the financial assistance of the Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations. The Mill operates today just like it did in the 1800s, grinding corn, wheat, and buckwheat.

Inside the Mill is a store where you can buy souvenirs and food products.

Aside from the main attraction of Lanterman's Mill are picturesque trails for riding, jogging or walking. There are Lakes and ponds and garden and a Nature Center.

In all there's quite a lot to experience and see and to do it all would take more than a day.

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