Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Happy Together Tour Wednesday August 31st 8 PM at the Canfield Fairgrounds

The Happy Together Tour Wednesday August 31st 8 PM at the Canfield Fairgrounds

The Happy Together Tour stopped in Canfield and despite the pouring rain they then played on.

The show was a success despite the conditions and my family and I watched from the cheap seats in the covered grandstand. It was the first concert that my wife and young son has ever seen and they enjoyed the experience very much.

The cotton candy was $4 and water was $2 and soda pop and popcorn was $3. They were selling t-shirts and CD’s also but I didn’t check to see their prices. Covered stands seating tickets were $25 and seating on the track was $35.

The assigned seating really didn't matter too much, as there were plenty of open spaces where you could move around and change if you liked. The stage was not very big, but again that did not matter much as there were projector screens on both sides giving you the up close look from farther away. It did rain throughout the whole show, so we thought being in the grandstand was a better idea.

The show was at the Canfield Fairgrounds and began at 8 PM with the Cowsills. Of the Five acts that performed I think the Cowsills may have stolen the show. They just shined through the evening with an abundance of happiness, noticeably more so than with the other acts. Gary Puckett wowed us with his big hits, his distinctive voice is as strong as ever, and made sure we noticed he was still able to wear his famous blazer from the sixties. He and the Cowsills were the highlights of the show.

Mark Lindsay the Paul Revere and the Raiders front-man gave us “Cherokee People” and “Arizona” along with a few others and had the crowd really going. Chuck Negron, one of Three Dog Night’s front-men gave us memorable performances of “Mama Told Me Not To Come”, “One” and “Joy To The World.” His voice was the most powerful of the night's performers. The Turtles finished off the evening in fantastic style, they opened the show spoofing Adele’s Hello and making Caitlin Jenner jokes, pointing out how they just missed out on being The Beatles by three letters and how that cost them billions. In case you’re wondering the evening was filled with lighthearted humor that appeals to an older crowd.

On this night, unfortunately the Spencer Davis Group did not perform due to an illness. The five acts that did perform played on through miserable rainy conditions and were all really great.

You could tell by the crowd interactions and sing-along that they are followers of this Tour that comes to town every year. The Happy Together Tour is a great show for the family and you should check out their website to stay up to date and catch them in concert if you can.

If you wanna talk about bang for your buck, you won't do better than this show for sure!

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