Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sanna Nielsen 7 - Review - Crossover Success

If you are one of those who likes discovering new music then Sanna Nielsen is a Swedish singer you should check out. She is enjoying a breakthrough/crossover success on the heels of her smash hit song “Undo.” This song has reached the Top 10 in some 18 different countries and achieved double platinum status in her homeland of Sweden.

Her new studio album is simply titled 7.

It is a fresh mix of electronica/pop. Pure pop might be a better way to describe this collection of new songs. The new album benefits from a fantastic modern production. The effort towards broader appeal pays off. These songs got the treatment and it all woks like magic. You are sure to love it with the first listen. Like all great albums the songs are arranged in a manner that moves the emotions as an album should. It has it's moments of tempo change and all of these songs could easily become singles.

The only thing that disappoints is that the album is too short. It clocks in at 30 minutes and only has nine songs or eight because the lead single “Undo” appears again at the close in an alternate acoustic version. Don't let that put you off though, because the album is great and I rate it 4 stars.

Sanna Nielsen 7
Track Listing:
  • Skydivin
  • Breathe
  • Rainbow
  • Undo
  • All About Love
  • Trouble
  • Ready
  • You First Loved Me
  • Undo (alternate acoustic version)
As of this posting the new album is not available on Google Play or Amazon, but you can listen to the full album on Spotify and then buy the album through iTunes at
Find out more about Sanna Nielsen:
Official Website -

Friday, November 28, 2014

WTV - What The Vape- 2014 WOTY

2014 is coming to a close and the (WOTY) Word of The Year is...?

The ever evolving or devolving English language annually proclaims a word of the year. These lists of words reveal what is making news and how we relate to the changing times.

This year names 'exposure' as their top choice, while Collins English Dictionary has selected 'photobomb' as their number one word. And, ...drum roll... Oxfords Dictionary has crowned 'vape' their winner and interestingly, they've also named 'minion' as their children's word of the year.

The methods used to determine their choices all vary and are questionable.

Of the three main choices, exposure, photobomb and vape I think the better choice and probably most used, possibly overused and misused word has to be photobomb. In hindsight, as I reflect on another passing year, I just didn't see the use of 'vape' as or more often than the other two choices of exposure and the now epic PHOTOBOMB!

This past year, none of the words really registered with us quite like last year's winner of 'selfie' which was an undeniable winner! The word 'selfie' and it's prominence in all, things was indeed unparalleled. Whether you agree or not is a matter of choice and perhaps biased opinions, but none of this year's picks even come close to last years winner.

An up and coming new, sort of, word is bashtag, which is used to describe abusive and critical comments. Have you heard it used yet?

Looking forward to another year I am wondering what might be the big new word in 2015

Let's not be remiss in throwing out some of the most annoying words that make us all cringe and wish would either be replaced or vanquished forevermore!


Your lists may differ but, I am certain that these five words are very annoying to everyone and it's only a matter of time before something new will come along and replace them. Until then we suffer on and on.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday's Best & Worst Places to Shop!

The American economy has been improving and consumers are beginning to feel the urge to splurge. With Black Friday approaching I thought I'd point out the best and worst places for you to spend your MONEY!

My first bit of advice is to stay home and don't go out there! It'll be a crazy mess! If you do go shopping, beware, disappointment awaits you! Most of the stores are selling the same items as last year at the same prices. This weekend, retailers have all out violated the true meaning of the words 'sale' and 'discount' with their so called scam/bargains.

The worst places for holiday shopping will be Amazon, Best Buy, Big Lots, Walmart, and Costco. If you shop there, you'll be sorry in every way!

The best places for holiday shopping this year is JCPenney and Macy's. Good deals on clothing can also be found at Sears. Toys R Us has a very big selection of Kid-friendly Android Tablets, but Kohl's is the best place to shop for toys. If jewelry is on your list I suggest that you find the nearest Kmart. They are offering the best discounts on jewelry this year, some items up to 80%.

On this Black Friday the best things to buy are the things you probably won't be rushing to the store to get. For real value, this is the year to buy cookware, bedding, clothing and jewelry.

Remember this, Black Friday is a day where everyone is expected to go shopping. The stores are stocked with lots of cheaply made off-brand products specially made for this shopping weekend. The best thing you could do for yourself and your family is to stay home, stay safe and just stay away from the madness!

If you think better deals can be found on Cyber-Monday, well you are misinformed. The deals to be had on Monday aren't deals at all, they'll be no different from products/prices seen in sales at different times earlier in the year.

The real deals to be had will probably be in early January!

All told, Black Friday is the worst day you could ever leave home for, it brings out the manic behavior lurking within. It has been opined that it is a time of happiness and giving and I'll just say this. That's a load of malarkey! This Blackest of all Fridays brings out a selfishness and greediness that makes ordinary nice people monsters!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AMA's International Song of the Year - Little Apple - Chopstick Brothers

Little Apple is the Big Surprise

The American Music Awards (AMA's) have picked “Little Apple” as the International Song of the year for 2014. The song came out this past May as a promotional piece for the film 老男孩之猛龙过江, or in English it is called “Old Boys: The Way of The Dragon.” It was an instant hit in mainland China and has grown in popularity worldwide ever since.

The song is composed by Wang Taili and is performed by Xiao Yang and Wang Taili who are known as the “Chopstick Brothers.” Their accompanying video has over 900 million views on Youku. Youku is the YouTube of China. Since its release the song has been covered and parodied thousands of times. No matter where you go in China you're going to hear...'you're my little apple-etc.'

People of all ages do their aerobics and dancersize to the tune of ... ??? you guessed it ... you're my little apple!

This song is an up-tempo catchy dance tune that is easy to follow. It is basic and repetitive with simple lyrics. It nonsense nature and silly video makes it a fun little tune to enjoy. It may not become as big as PSY's “Gangnam Style”, but it is definitely the most played and talked about tune of the year. Check it out for yourself!

Little Apple

xiǎo píngguǒ

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

India Needs Investment for Mobile Broadband to work!

India Needs Investment for Mobile Broadband to work!

Having access to other markets, and access to more information would go a long way towards developing the second most populous country in the world. The ever expanding importance of the internet will positively affect financial services, social services, productivity and also help transportation and really, the possibilities of the Internet are endless.

The impact of better internet service is obvious and we've seen the benefits that derived in several other countries, most notably would be China!

The sad truth is that India is ranked 100th in terms of digital infrastructure. Approximately 100 million people of the 900 million customers have mobile broadband. The connection quality is terrible, often with speeds less than 1 Mbps and much of the time even slower! When you buy or subscribe to something advertised as 3G, you're getting 3G service in name only!

Mobile internet is quickly replacing the home based internet that has been prevalent for much of the past two decades. Mobile internet is the future and in China it is the most important and first choice.

Why, you may wonder? In India most of the allocated bandwidth is committed to the government. The rest is distributed by too many different commercial suppliers.

There are around ten different providers and some would say this is a big part of the problem. With this many providers, the profitability is limited and that leaves little to no room to improve the infrastructure. What can be seen is chaotic inefficiency and the ISP's in India struggle and compete with each other and this all hurts potential revenue.

In order to make mobile broadband to work, India needs to invest more in these networks. Sad and shocking, not even one operator in India is able to deliver true 3G connectivity while most everyone else in developed countries is enjoying 4G, WiFi and even utilizing Bluetooth in the same capacity.

Getting permission to do anything with the infrastructure requires the approval of several local governing offices. A discouraging nightmare. The government absolutely has to come up with a simpler national framework in order for any progress to really take place.

Mobile internet in India is a disaster and the results are obvious, you have an industry in debt with a poor financial outlook, and frustrating customer experiences. These are the bitter realities facing mobile broadband users in India and it's why so few are connected.

India is a great country and I am certain that they will untangle all the bureaucratic obstacles that hinder their progress. It will require assertive leadership with clearly defined goals. Mobile broadband is here to stay and cannot be ignored. They simply need to catch-up to the rest, because being left behind would be devastating!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kim Kardashian - The Paper Cover - Bottoms Up!

Kim Kardashian – The Paper Cover

Todays ultra exhibitionist Kim Kardashian stuns the public once again with her outrageous over the top antics.

This time it's the cover of The Paper, and this new cover gives new meaning to the phrase 'bottoms up' 

The Paper Magazine is a fashion and pop culture magazine based in New York and their Winter issue hit the stands on Thursday November 13th.

The magazine had only one idea in mind and that was to as they put it, to 'break the internet.'
"For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment: Break The Internet. There is no other person we can think of who is up to the task than one Kim Kardashian West."

Kim Kardashian is photographed by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude who has recreated his now famous 'Champagne Incident' image during a recent shoot this past September in Paris. The cover photo recreates his work from some 30 years earlier that featured his then girlfriend Grace Jones. The photo that was to break the internet is not as outragous as some of the comments and postings it has inspired. For sure, whether you're aware of it or not it's a nostalgic nod to an era long gone.

Kim herself makes light of it all when she tweeted...

Maybe the most stunning fact about all of this is how much she was paid for posing for this cover. Nothing!

Obama Issues Immigration Executive Order - Boehner Cries Foul Again!

Obama Issues Immigration Executive Order.
Boehner Cries Foul Again!

The biggest news of the day is President Obama's Immigration Executive Orders. They are only temporary as he puts it, and they really don't amount to much. He may only have acted within his legal limits, but the new Executive Orders issued do not go far enough.

Here is what they do:
  • Immediate Relief For 4-5 Million From Fear of Deportation.
  • New Staffing and Resources at Border.
  • Credit Card Payments for Naturalization Fee in 2015.
  • *Adjustments to H1-B Specialized Worker Visas. (See Below)
  • Spouses of H1-B visas can now get work permits and work legally.

"Today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it." - President Obama

What I’m describing is accountability, a common-sense, middle ground approach. If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. If you’re a criminal, you’ll be deported,” - President Obama

The new plan gives 4-5 million illegal immigrants a chance to apply for work permits and a temporary reprieve from deportation. Those who have been in the U.S. for at least five years and are parents of citizens or legal permanent residents are eligible to apply. The White House said a million more might benefit through other new or expanded programs.

The White House considered deferring deportation of the Dreamers’ parents, but Karl R. Thompson from the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department. says that “the proposed deferred action program for parents of DACA recipients would not be a permissible exercise of enforcement discretion.”

President Obama was only able to defer the Dreamers' deportation two years ago, and allow them to become eligible to work in the U.S. “Deferred action ... does not provide you with a lawful status.” Which leaves us all a bit confused, but it has to do with Congessional intent and technical legalities. Although there is a degree of uncertainty here, Dreamers' parents who don’t have a U.S. citizen child aren’t likely to be deported.

The President is trying to narrow the group of people who would be subject to deportation, in what the White House says is an effort to focus 'enforcement resources' on gang members, serious criminals and those who crossed the border after Jan. 1, 2014.

These new changes are long overdue and much needed, but they are not enough and as President Obama plainly says, these new executive orders are only temporary and can change or disappear as soon as Congress/ the house of misrepresentatives put forth a Bill for him to sign.

The real problem and the major obstacle to immigration reform is 'The Speaker of The House' – John Boehner!

A Bill that will certainly pass the Senate is being held up by Boehner. He won't even allow the House to vote on it. A bill that is prepared and ready to be voted on. A Bill that needs a simple yes or no vote from the House to proceed. This Bill is held up by Boenher, while he's out crying foul to the public, spewing lies and misinformation. He's resorted to childish name-calling and crying foul over executive orders, proclaiming them as over-reach, stating that the President has ruined any chance of a bipartisan deal. John Boehner is a liar! John Boehner is the one to blame for government inaction, he's the one holding everything up!

The Republican plan all along has been to do nothing, just wait. In waiting they were able to make President Obama look weak, indecisive and ineffective. They never wanted to address this issue at all. All they care about right now is their time-off and the coming holidays! They have done everything they could to sabotage and delay any action on immigration. President Obama has been more than patient and has tried to work with Republicans, but it was their inaction that really forced him to act and issue the new Executive Orders on Immigration.

It's time for the worst Congress that ever misrepresented us to get off their lazy worthless lying asses and pass a bill! And, America needs a New Speaker of the House, get rid of Boehner! How he ever got this far in politics is one of those great mysteries of the world that we'll never understand

*Adjustments to H1-B Specialized Worker Visas.
Continued from the above portion of this article: For more streamlined, and point of fact specifics on the new adjustments and changes with regard to the H1-B and other Visas read the following linked article.

Obama Executive Action – High skilled Immigrants

President Obama's Executive Action Speech November 20th

Lies We Are Told About Illegal Immigrants

Lies We Are Told About Illegal Immigrants

Americans have been told for many years about all of the negative effects that undocumented immigrants are responsible for. They're blamed for everything and are an easy target. It's because of them, we have so many problems ourselves!
Do you always believe everything you hear from politicians? Probably not all politicians, just the ones you like. Well, you should be better than that, because all politicians are liars and opportunists.

I'm only saying you should realize there is always 2 sides to a coin and many more to a story. Instead of sounding like a robot drone who repeats what someone else is saying you would be better all around to evaluate facts and make up your own mind. Don't let others make your mind up for you. Simple enough?

When it comes to illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants we are always told that they don't pay taxes and they don't pay into Social Security, that they drain our system and take our jobs and the complaints go on and on.
This is absolute balderdash. They've paid Billions and they have paid more into the system than is truthfully reported. They pay in all the while knowing because of their status they'll never be eligible to receive any benefits. They can receive emergency care.

Stephen Goss says - "They are paying an estimated $15 billion a year into Social Security with no intention of ever collecting benefits." Stephen Goss is the Chief Actuary of the SSA. He also added... "Without the estimated 3.1 million undocumented immigrants paying into the system, Social Security would have entered persistent shortfall of tax revenue to cover payouts starting in 2009."

So, there's a bit old cold water in the face, a splash of reality! But wait, there's more-read on...
IRS figures show that 50% to 75% of an estimated 11 million unauthorized U.S. immigrants file and pay income taxes each year.

And how many times have your heard that they take American jobs and drain the system, the truth is the jobs they take are not the jobs that Americans want. Many of these jobs probably only exist because they, the illegal immigrants, will take them. These jobs have actually helped the US economy and America needs these immigrant workers and as for draining the system these undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits. These programs require proof of legal immigration status. More in your face truth, even legal immigrants cannot receive these benefits until they have been in the United States for at least five years!

The AFL-CIO supports the President's Executive Orders. "For far too long, our broken immigration system has allowed employers to drive down wages and working conditions in our country," - "The brunt of the impact has been born by immigrant workers, who face the highest rates of wage theft, sexual harassment, and death and injury on the job."

Many will offer differing views, but I am inclined to think for too long the American citizens have been conditioned to hate and despise immigrants and blame them for everything.

There is no easy answer to today's immigration problems, but the problems won't go away just by ignoring them. The immigrants are already here and here to stay, it's time to get them them legal status and include them in our society. We'll all be better off in the long run.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet

Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet

Sort of...

Amazon and Hachette have abruptly ended a very bitter months long battle over pricing, just in time for the holidays!

However, Amazon and Hachette have not disclosed the terms of their new multi-year deal, that goes into effect early next year.

Originally Amazon wanted to set a $9.99 price ceiling on e-books, while Hachette, wanted a range of prices between $12.99 and $14.99. We won't know what prices we'll get until January of 2015. In the meantime Hatchette titles will become available without delay before the new terms take effect. I'll believe that when I see it!
Amazon was also asking for a larger cut from each sale, they wanted up to 50% for each e-book sold. Again, the actual terms have not been disclosed, as such I view this as a rare victory for the publishing industry!
Dave Naggar, Amazon's Vice President of Kindle, said in a brief statement that - “Amazon is pleased with this new agreement as it includes specific financial incentives for Hachette to deliver lower prices, which we believe will be a great win for readers and authors alike.” Despite this statement, the agreement in fact allows Hatchette to set prices.

As far as I am concerned here, e-book prices should never be above $10 and I don't care who writes them. E-books are digital replications and are not worth more. Even at $9.99 they are terribly overpriced!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why is America's Internet So Slow?

Why is America's Internet So Slow?

What do Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Romania. Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Iceland & Denmark all have in common?

They all have faster internet than the good ol' U.S.A. - that's right faster than America's internet despite the fact that the U.S.A. had it first and invented it!

So, why is America's Internet so slow? It is because our Government has allowed a few giant conglomerates to rig the rules, raise prices and kill competition!

What has happened and what most people don't realize is that these big telecommunications companies such as, Comcast and Time Warner who control the wired, and AT&T, along with Verizon who control the wireless, have divided up the markets for themselves in a 'gentleman's agreement' type of arrangement and they have put themselves in a position where there is no competition and no oversight from any regulatory authority, and in this manner they are able to over-charge us for second-class Internet access and Americans are unable to do anything about it.

If that was not bad enough, it may still get even worse, because these same conglomerates want to abolish net neutrality and set tiered prices for bandwidth and if they don't get their way, their projected profit loss would exceed the expense of upgrading the infrastructure... and therefore such upgrades just won't happen (a veiled threat). They figured a way to beat the laws of monopolization and have been gouging customers with inferior technology! Now they want to put prices on bandwidth and allow some big companies to buy more. In the end customers would have less bandwidth and their internet will become even slower than it already is.

Americans are stuck with old fashioned technology and few options. And these big companies threaten us, they lie and say they'll make it possible for you to have faster streaming by allowing companies like Google and Amazon to buy more bandwidth, giving them priority access they'll deliver faster downloads and streaming. That's all a pack of lies and bullshit! The average customer will soon be faced with, out of control priced internet speed packages and will find their internet gets even slower.

In Hong Kong right now you can get a 500 megabit symmetric connection that’s unimaginably fast from our standpoint for about 25 bucks a month. In Seoul, for $30 you get three choices of different providers of fiber in your apartment. And they come in and install in a day because competition’s so fierce. In New York City there’s only one choice, and it’s 200 bucks a month for a similar service. And you can’t get that kind of fiber connection outside of New York City in many parts of the country.” - Susan Crawford

These companies are out of control and it's time to do something about it!

If you want to find out more, I recommend that you buy this very good and informative book, "Captive Audience" by Susan Crawford

Some further information about Susan Crawford can be found with these links below.

Time Magazine: Is Broadband Internet Access a Public Utility?

MLK's Suicide Letter from the FBI

It's no secret J. Edgar Hoover wanted to see Dr. King discredited.

J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI authorized many operations that sought to discredit alleged opponents of the United States Government that included covert campaigns of disinformation, blackmail and harassment.

“We must mark him now, if we have not done so before, as the most dangerous negro of the future in this Nation from the standpoint of Communism, the negro and National Security” - FBI Domestic Intelligence Chief William Sullivan.

“You have just 34 days. You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”

Extensive surveillance failed to show that King was a Communist. However, the investigations did produce evidence of extramarital sexual liaisons, and they were recorded on tape.

Copies were later sent to King's home and discovered by his wife, Coretta Scott King. Dr. King assumed the letter and tape were from the FBI and a little more than a decade later, the Senate’s Church Committee on intelligence overreach confirmed this suspicion.

This should serve as a reminder of what Government Surveillance Agencies are capable of.
And by Government Surveillance Agencies, I am really talking about all of them, because they are all capable. In this day and age, there is no true personal privacy, unless you decide to disconnect from the real world and live under a rock.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Pizza Hut – Logo – Makeover

New Pizza Hut – Logo – Makeover

Apparently motivated by eight consecutive quarters of reported sales drops the corporate brain-trust at Yum thinks a major makeover is long overdue.

Pizza Hut is hoping to spice up the Pizza experience by giving you more options and ways to customize your pizza with some new exotic toppings, such as Sriracha and Curry. Pizza Hut is doubling its menu offerings with customized toppings, crusts and sauces and oh yea...more! Along with the internal changes in menu offerings and the new options available to customers, Pizza Hut is also introducing a new logo depicting a swirl of tomato sauce on stretched pizza dough. Just plain one dimensional red and white!? 

Oh my...boring...terrible. It's the worst logo change of all time!

Jared Drinkwater - Pizza Hut’s Vice President of National Marketing says... “As we looked to bring more flavor to pizza, we looked at our entire marketing strategy and felt it was time to bring more flavor to pretty much everything”. The new menu and offerings may look more flavorful, but the logo must go! It's a totally disastrous fail!

Unhappy with McGarryBowen the redesigned logo is the work of the advertising agency Deutsch LA. They are the ones behind Taco Bell’s re-branding and the success they had with them is what Yum and the Pizza Hut brain-trust is hoping for with the new Pizza Hut makeover.

Considering how awful this NEW logo is and how the funny fellows at Yum seem to just adore it, I think it became obvious why the company is having problems. They probably would do better with different personnel in their upper corporate ranks, instead of looking for sustainable growth with gimmicky ideas. Whoever thought that the new logo was or is good is simply a color blind person with vision that vanishes beyond the length of their arm.

Introducing a menu that allows customers to customize and be more creative, more inventive, seems like a great NEW idea, but I'm sure in no time regular Pizza Hut patrons will still be ordering what they always ordered. Not every NEW idea is a good idea!

The new changes are gimmicky and I doubt will have staying power, regular patrons are more likely creatures of habit and after the 'newness' wears off I imagine customers will feel overwhelmed and if ordering becomes burdensome, I imagine these same customers may take their taste buds somewhere else.

The new menu goes live on November 19th.

The new logo is the more red roof, now the Pizza Hut roof is white! The design sucks, it no longer resembles a roof at all, it now looks like a lady's summer hat!

Pink Floyd - The Endless River – Review – November 14th 2014

Pink Floyd - The Endless River – Review

The Endless River is pieced together fragments from unfinished music recorded from the extra sessions of 1994's Division Bell. These extra sessions were tentatively called The Big Spliff and were a continuation of The Division Bell recordings. The original idea was to create a double album one part with vocal songs and the other part instrumental.

This new suite of music would then be the part two, the continuation of The Division Bell in a more expanded form.

The new album playfully drifts back and forth, sometimes revisiting pieces and parts of earlier work in their Pink Floyd explorative style. The album is in four main parts and the parts are pieced together from various fragments, culled from 20 hours of unfinished session work and worked on for parts of the past two years. Nick Mason reveals that he has re-recorded most of his drum work. The overall production is good and the album has all the Pink Floyd characteristics one could envision.

Overall the album is very good and enjoyable, although I won't call it ambient music in the way that Nick Mason likens it to. It would be better to just call it 'Mood Music' or 'Floyd Music'...Progressive Rock. The album is sure to remind you of the different phases from the band's recording career, parts will remind you of the Dark Side, other parts reminiscent of Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and more.

As long as you don't expect any new artistic, creative breakthrough along the lines of Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here, you won't be disappointed, the new album is musically great. I rate this effort at 4 Stars and recommend adding it to your holiday shopping list.

The closing track, “Louder Than Words” works well in tying together the album title “The Endless River” from a lyric in the song “High Hopes” to their previous album the “Division Bell” that Rick Wright was a part of. The extra tracks after the final cut are the highlights of “The Endless River.”


There's a great promo video for "Louder Than Words" at the following YouTube link.

Putin & China's First Lady Share A Moment - Coat-gate - Shaw-gate

At the opening banquet of the APEC summit in Beijing Vladimir Putin wrapped a shawl around Peng Liyuan, the wife of Xi Jinping.

The gentlemanly gesture that took place while the Chinese President chatted with Barack Obama sparked a flurry of off-color jokes about the real intentions of the divorced Russian President.
The warm gesture towards Peng Liyuan on a chilly evening seemed to make the biggest asshole of the year look chivalrous upstaging an inattentive husband.

The images and video spread quickly through the various social media and that was too much, as it appears, for the staunchly conservative Chinese authorities.

The incident is only significant in an overly sensitive China, the rest of the world does not even give a damn!

Coat-gate or Shaw-gate, whichever you prefer to call it, did catch peoples attention here in China and that's due in large part to the popularity of Xi’s wife, who was once a popular folk singer and is thought to be quite attractive and fashionable, a proper role model for Chinese women.

The scandalous incident was originally broadcast on state TV, that's right, shown on their own Chinese TV!


In only a few hours following the broadcast, the images and video began disappearing from the internet in China. It's easily available any and everywhere else outside the mainland.

After only two days, most are unaware of this and that can be credited to the machine like censoring that takes place in China.With this posting, my intentions here are to simply inform my Chinese friends and shine a light on the ridiculous insignificance of an act of kindness compared with a tyrannical paranoia!