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Obama Issues Immigration Executive Order - Boehner Cries Foul Again!

Obama Issues Immigration Executive Order.
Boehner Cries Foul Again!

The biggest news of the day is President Obama's Immigration Executive Orders. They are only temporary as he puts it, and they really don't amount to much. He may only have acted within his legal limits, but the new Executive Orders issued do not go far enough.

Here is what they do:
  • Immediate Relief For 4-5 Million From Fear of Deportation.
  • New Staffing and Resources at Border.
  • Credit Card Payments for Naturalization Fee in 2015.
  • *Adjustments to H1-B Specialized Worker Visas. (See Below)
  • Spouses of H1-B visas can now get work permits and work legally.

"Today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it." - President Obama

What I’m describing is accountability, a common-sense, middle ground approach. If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. If you’re a criminal, you’ll be deported,” - President Obama

The new plan gives 4-5 million illegal immigrants a chance to apply for work permits and a temporary reprieve from deportation. Those who have been in the U.S. for at least five years and are parents of citizens or legal permanent residents are eligible to apply. The White House said a million more might benefit through other new or expanded programs.

The White House considered deferring deportation of the Dreamers’ parents, but Karl R. Thompson from the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department. says that “the proposed deferred action program for parents of DACA recipients would not be a permissible exercise of enforcement discretion.”

President Obama was only able to defer the Dreamers' deportation two years ago, and allow them to become eligible to work in the U.S. “Deferred action ... does not provide you with a lawful status.” Which leaves us all a bit confused, but it has to do with Congessional intent and technical legalities. Although there is a degree of uncertainty here, Dreamers' parents who don’t have a U.S. citizen child aren’t likely to be deported.

The President is trying to narrow the group of people who would be subject to deportation, in what the White House says is an effort to focus 'enforcement resources' on gang members, serious criminals and those who crossed the border after Jan. 1, 2014.

These new changes are long overdue and much needed, but they are not enough and as President Obama plainly says, these new executive orders are only temporary and can change or disappear as soon as Congress/ the house of misrepresentatives put forth a Bill for him to sign.

The real problem and the major obstacle to immigration reform is 'The Speaker of The House' – John Boehner!

A Bill that will certainly pass the Senate is being held up by Boehner. He won't even allow the House to vote on it. A bill that is prepared and ready to be voted on. A Bill that needs a simple yes or no vote from the House to proceed. This Bill is held up by Boenher, while he's out crying foul to the public, spewing lies and misinformation. He's resorted to childish name-calling and crying foul over executive orders, proclaiming them as over-reach, stating that the President has ruined any chance of a bipartisan deal. John Boehner is a liar! John Boehner is the one to blame for government inaction, he's the one holding everything up!

The Republican plan all along has been to do nothing, just wait. In waiting they were able to make President Obama look weak, indecisive and ineffective. They never wanted to address this issue at all. All they care about right now is their time-off and the coming holidays! They have done everything they could to sabotage and delay any action on immigration. President Obama has been more than patient and has tried to work with Republicans, but it was their inaction that really forced him to act and issue the new Executive Orders on Immigration.

It's time for the worst Congress that ever misrepresented us to get off their lazy worthless lying asses and pass a bill! And, America needs a New Speaker of the House, get rid of Boehner! How he ever got this far in politics is one of those great mysteries of the world that we'll never understand

*Adjustments to H1-B Specialized Worker Visas.
Continued from the above portion of this article: For more streamlined, and point of fact specifics on the new adjustments and changes with regard to the H1-B and other Visas read the following linked article.

Obama Executive Action – High skilled Immigrants

President Obama's Executive Action Speech November 20th

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