Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday's Best & Worst Places to Shop!

The American economy has been improving and consumers are beginning to feel the urge to splurge. With Black Friday approaching I thought I'd point out the best and worst places for you to spend your MONEY!

My first bit of advice is to stay home and don't go out there! It'll be a crazy mess! If you do go shopping, beware, disappointment awaits you! Most of the stores are selling the same items as last year at the same prices. This weekend, retailers have all out violated the true meaning of the words 'sale' and 'discount' with their so called scam/bargains.

The worst places for holiday shopping will be Amazon, Best Buy, Big Lots, Walmart, and Costco. If you shop there, you'll be sorry in every way!

The best places for holiday shopping this year is JCPenney and Macy's. Good deals on clothing can also be found at Sears. Toys R Us has a very big selection of Kid-friendly Android Tablets, but Kohl's is the best place to shop for toys. If jewelry is on your list I suggest that you find the nearest Kmart. They are offering the best discounts on jewelry this year, some items up to 80%.

On this Black Friday the best things to buy are the things you probably won't be rushing to the store to get. For real value, this is the year to buy cookware, bedding, clothing and jewelry.

Remember this, Black Friday is a day where everyone is expected to go shopping. The stores are stocked with lots of cheaply made off-brand products specially made for this shopping weekend. The best thing you could do for yourself and your family is to stay home, stay safe and just stay away from the madness!

If you think better deals can be found on Cyber-Monday, well you are misinformed. The deals to be had on Monday aren't deals at all, they'll be no different from products/prices seen in sales at different times earlier in the year.

The real deals to be had will probably be in early January!

All told, Black Friday is the worst day you could ever leave home for, it brings out the manic behavior lurking within. It has been opined that it is a time of happiness and giving and I'll just say this. That's a load of malarkey! This Blackest of all Fridays brings out a selfishness and greediness that makes ordinary nice people monsters!


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