Thursday, November 13, 2014

Putin & China's First Lady Share A Moment - Coat-gate - Shaw-gate

At the opening banquet of the APEC summit in Beijing Vladimir Putin wrapped a shawl around Peng Liyuan, the wife of Xi Jinping.

The gentlemanly gesture that took place while the Chinese President chatted with Barack Obama sparked a flurry of off-color jokes about the real intentions of the divorced Russian President.
The warm gesture towards Peng Liyuan on a chilly evening seemed to make the biggest asshole of the year look chivalrous upstaging an inattentive husband.

The images and video spread quickly through the various social media and that was too much, as it appears, for the staunchly conservative Chinese authorities.

The incident is only significant in an overly sensitive China, the rest of the world does not even give a damn!

Coat-gate or Shaw-gate, whichever you prefer to call it, did catch peoples attention here in China and that's due in large part to the popularity of Xi’s wife, who was once a popular folk singer and is thought to be quite attractive and fashionable, a proper role model for Chinese women.

The scandalous incident was originally broadcast on state TV, that's right, shown on their own Chinese TV!


In only a few hours following the broadcast, the images and video began disappearing from the internet in China. It's easily available any and everywhere else outside the mainland.

After only two days, most are unaware of this and that can be credited to the machine like censoring that takes place in China.With this posting, my intentions here are to simply inform my Chinese friends and shine a light on the ridiculous insignificance of an act of kindness compared with a tyrannical paranoia!

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