Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AMA's International Song of the Year - Little Apple - Chopstick Brothers

Little Apple is the Big Surprise

The American Music Awards (AMA's) have picked “Little Apple” as the International Song of the year for 2014. The song came out this past May as a promotional piece for the film 老男孩之猛龙过江, or in English it is called “Old Boys: The Way of The Dragon.” It was an instant hit in mainland China and has grown in popularity worldwide ever since.

The song is composed by Wang Taili and is performed by Xiao Yang and Wang Taili who are known as the “Chopstick Brothers.” Their accompanying video has over 900 million views on Youku. Youku is the YouTube of China. Since its release the song has been covered and parodied thousands of times. No matter where you go in China you're going to hear...'you're my little apple-etc.'

People of all ages do their aerobics and dancersize to the tune of ... ??? you guessed it ... you're my little apple!

This song is an up-tempo catchy dance tune that is easy to follow. It is basic and repetitive with simple lyrics. It nonsense nature and silly video makes it a fun little tune to enjoy. It may not become as big as PSY's “Gangnam Style”, but it is definitely the most played and talked about tune of the year. Check it out for yourself!

Little Apple

xiǎo píngguǒ

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