Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sanna Nielsen 7 - Review - Crossover Success

If you are one of those who likes discovering new music then Sanna Nielsen is a Swedish singer you should check out. She is enjoying a breakthrough/crossover success on the heels of her smash hit song “Undo.” This song has reached the Top 10 in some 18 different countries and achieved double platinum status in her homeland of Sweden.

Her new studio album is simply titled 7.

It is a fresh mix of electronica/pop. Pure pop might be a better way to describe this collection of new songs. The new album benefits from a fantastic modern production. The effort towards broader appeal pays off. These songs got the treatment and it all woks like magic. You are sure to love it with the first listen. Like all great albums the songs are arranged in a manner that moves the emotions as an album should. It has it's moments of tempo change and all of these songs could easily become singles.

The only thing that disappoints is that the album is too short. It clocks in at 30 minutes and only has nine songs or eight because the lead single “Undo” appears again at the close in an alternate acoustic version. Don't let that put you off though, because the album is great and I rate it 4 stars.

Sanna Nielsen 7
Track Listing:
  • Skydivin
  • Breathe
  • Rainbow
  • Undo
  • All About Love
  • Trouble
  • Ready
  • You First Loved Me
  • Undo (alternate acoustic version)
As of this posting the new album is not available on Google Play or Amazon, but you can listen to the full album on Spotify and then buy the album through iTunes at
Find out more about Sanna Nielsen:
Official Website -

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