Friday, November 28, 2014

WTV - What The Vape- 2014 WOTY

2014 is coming to a close and the (WOTY) Word of The Year is...?

The ever evolving or devolving English language annually proclaims a word of the year. These lists of words reveal what is making news and how we relate to the changing times.

This year names 'exposure' as their top choice, while Collins English Dictionary has selected 'photobomb' as their number one word. And, ...drum roll... Oxfords Dictionary has crowned 'vape' their winner and interestingly, they've also named 'minion' as their children's word of the year.

The methods used to determine their choices all vary and are questionable.

Of the three main choices, exposure, photobomb and vape I think the better choice and probably most used, possibly overused and misused word has to be photobomb. In hindsight, as I reflect on another passing year, I just didn't see the use of 'vape' as or more often than the other two choices of exposure and the now epic PHOTOBOMB!

This past year, none of the words really registered with us quite like last year's winner of 'selfie' which was an undeniable winner! The word 'selfie' and it's prominence in all, things was indeed unparalleled. Whether you agree or not is a matter of choice and perhaps biased opinions, but none of this year's picks even come close to last years winner.

An up and coming new, sort of, word is bashtag, which is used to describe abusive and critical comments. Have you heard it used yet?

Looking forward to another year I am wondering what might be the big new word in 2015

Let's not be remiss in throwing out some of the most annoying words that make us all cringe and wish would either be replaced or vanquished forevermore!


Your lists may differ but, I am certain that these five words are very annoying to everyone and it's only a matter of time before something new will come along and replace them. Until then we suffer on and on.

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