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Pink Floyd - The Endless River – Review – November 14th 2014

Pink Floyd - The Endless River – Review

The Endless River is pieced together fragments from unfinished music recorded from the extra sessions of 1994's Division Bell. These extra sessions were tentatively called The Big Spliff and were a continuation of The Division Bell recordings. The original idea was to create a double album one part with vocal songs and the other part instrumental.

This new suite of music would then be the part two, the continuation of The Division Bell in a more expanded form.

The new album playfully drifts back and forth, sometimes revisiting pieces and parts of earlier work in their Pink Floyd explorative style. The album is in four main parts and the parts are pieced together from various fragments, culled from 20 hours of unfinished session work and worked on for parts of the past two years. Nick Mason reveals that he has re-recorded most of his drum work. The overall production is good and the album has all the Pink Floyd characteristics one could envision.

Overall the album is very good and enjoyable, although I won't call it ambient music in the way that Nick Mason likens it to. It would be better to just call it 'Mood Music' or 'Floyd Music'...Progressive Rock. The album is sure to remind you of the different phases from the band's recording career, parts will remind you of the Dark Side, other parts reminiscent of Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and more.

As long as you don't expect any new artistic, creative breakthrough along the lines of Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here, you won't be disappointed, the new album is musically great. I rate this effort at 4 Stars and recommend adding it to your holiday shopping list.

The closing track, “Louder Than Words” works well in tying together the album title “The Endless River” from a lyric in the song “High Hopes” to their previous album the “Division Bell” that Rick Wright was a part of. The extra tracks after the final cut are the highlights of “The Endless River.”


There's a great promo video for "Louder Than Words" at the following YouTube link.

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