Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Pizza Hut – Logo – Makeover

New Pizza Hut – Logo – Makeover

Apparently motivated by eight consecutive quarters of reported sales drops the corporate brain-trust at Yum thinks a major makeover is long overdue.

Pizza Hut is hoping to spice up the Pizza experience by giving you more options and ways to customize your pizza with some new exotic toppings, such as Sriracha and Curry. Pizza Hut is doubling its menu offerings with customized toppings, crusts and sauces and oh yea...more! Along with the internal changes in menu offerings and the new options available to customers, Pizza Hut is also introducing a new logo depicting a swirl of tomato sauce on stretched pizza dough. Just plain one dimensional red and white!? 

Oh my...boring...terrible. It's the worst logo change of all time!

Jared Drinkwater - Pizza Hut’s Vice President of National Marketing says... “As we looked to bring more flavor to pizza, we looked at our entire marketing strategy and felt it was time to bring more flavor to pretty much everything”. The new menu and offerings may look more flavorful, but the logo must go! It's a totally disastrous fail!

Unhappy with McGarryBowen the redesigned logo is the work of the advertising agency Deutsch LA. They are the ones behind Taco Bell’s re-branding and the success they had with them is what Yum and the Pizza Hut brain-trust is hoping for with the new Pizza Hut makeover.

Considering how awful this NEW logo is and how the funny fellows at Yum seem to just adore it, I think it became obvious why the company is having problems. They probably would do better with different personnel in their upper corporate ranks, instead of looking for sustainable growth with gimmicky ideas. Whoever thought that the new logo was or is good is simply a color blind person with vision that vanishes beyond the length of their arm.

Introducing a menu that allows customers to customize and be more creative, more inventive, seems like a great NEW idea, but I'm sure in no time regular Pizza Hut patrons will still be ordering what they always ordered. Not every NEW idea is a good idea!

The new changes are gimmicky and I doubt will have staying power, regular patrons are more likely creatures of habit and after the 'newness' wears off I imagine customers will feel overwhelmed and if ordering becomes burdensome, I imagine these same customers may take their taste buds somewhere else.

The new menu goes live on November 19th.

The new logo is the more red roof, now the Pizza Hut roof is white! The design sucks, it no longer resembles a roof at all, it now looks like a lady's summer hat!

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