Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Copy Facebook Videos - Facebook Tricks

Save - Download Facebook Videos without Software

Have you ever seen a video on Facebook that you wanted to save and couldn't do it? Very often a video worth keeping gets posted, only to be removed later on. Have no fear, the solution to this dilemma is near.

Forget about downloading and using bogus ad supported freeware that isn't free after your initial trial offer ends bullshit software that is just a waste of time and will load your system up with tracking and hacking backdoors to soon be exploited.

There's no need!

All you have to do is, while playing the video you want to keep and save, go to the web address url as the video is playing, and highlight the www and change this to the letter m. Press enter and reload the screen. The video will be in a slightly different looking frame, but that's ok. Press play again. As the video is playing, with your cursor/pointer, right click and select save video as. Name your video, and save it where you can easily find it. That's all!

Many things get posted and make the news, only to disappear later. This little Facebook trick works and is a way for you to capture those things. So, I thought it might be a good idea to inform others how to easily do this.

Good Luck!


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