Monday, October 17, 2016

Beth Hart - Fire On The Floor - Review

Beth Hart Fire On The Floor

She's a real Rock 'N Roller with a bluesy voice that'll really resonate with you. She's an excellent songwriter and this album is just her latest collection of well crafted songs.

Beth is the female equivalent of a Steve Marriott with her delivery and style.

Her new album was produced by Oliver Leiber who enlisted Michael Landau and Waddy Wachtel to compliment her band that includes lead guitarist Jon Nichols, guitarist P.J. Barth, bassist Bob Marinelli, and drummer Bill Ransom.

From an interview Beth said of putting this album together that she writes in a lot of different genres, and that she had a bunch of jazzy, bluesy stuff, kinda alternatives to Jazz and blues that she really wanted to do.

After getting Oliver Leiber on the project she sent him many songs, and from that they chose these tracks along with a few others that appear on this new album. Beth is very happy with the results on this record, and so will you.

This is a collection of well crafted, excellently performed songs that capture the pure energy that defines Beth Hart's music, regardless of the tempo these songs are all very strong and powerful.

Rate this album 3½ Stars

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Source: Beth Hart unveils new studio album Fire On The Floor - exclusive stream


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