Monday, October 17, 2016

Florida's Palm Coast Papa John's To The Rescue

Papa John's To The Rescue

Hurricane Mathew has come and gone. More than a week has since passed. In this day and age, most of the news is rather negative or outright bad. It's not often that stories with happy conclusions occur in the event of natural disasters, but there was one that is rather special, and you may already have heard, because many have already written about this.

It's one of those really nice stories that definitely deserves to be told again, and again.

Eric Olsen and his family were unable to contact their grandmother., who lives in Florida. They waited to hear news of her well being by the phone, but no call came.

Friday and Saturday passed with no news and so did Sunday. He tried to get the help of local law enforcement officials, but the police and sheriff’s departments “were overwhelmed.” There was a lot of damage, power outages and death, and destruction

Desperate to find out if Grandma was alright, Eric thought to order her a pizza, and have it delivered to her.

Some of the best ideas ever, were born out of desperation, and or need. This clever plan was exactly just that. Eric ordered her a simple pepperoni & cheese pizza. He made the order for her and left special instructions that said in effect to... Please call, his number, when you arrive at the house.

The Papa John's in Palm Coast Florida were happy to oblige.

When the pizza deliveryman arrived he simply called out “Delivery.”
Grandma Claire Olsen answered back “I didn’t order anything.”

The delivery man responded, “Your grandson did.”

After Claire Olsen opened the door, the pizza deliveryman handed her his phone that already had Eric on the line, and he said...“Grandma, I haven’t talked to you in two days. I got worried about you. You must be hungry by now.”

As the Papa John’s deliveryman watched Claire’s reaction turn to relief. Our hero Lance Tyler said, “Her expression was just priceless. It was just like, Wow.”

Eric Olsen shared his special story on his Facebook, saying
Huge thanks to the Palm Coast Papa Johns.”

As of now, Claire Olsen’s power has been restored. Damages from Hurricane Matthew to her area has since been cleared away.

All well that ends well here.

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