Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ain't Got No Tebow

NFL fans everywhere are singing the blues, and the tune they're singing these days is a re-working of Neil Young's “T-Bone.” It's a Rockin' Blues Classic with a simple repeating lyric … “Got mashed up players – Ain't got no Tebow,” over and over with high hopes of some team signing their Jesus-Freak hero.

Got mashed up players”
Ain't got no Tebow” - Repeat

Football fans everywhere know that Tim Tebow had a really good summer camp with the Eagles. He was in shape, attentive, very focused, and did everything coaches asked. He performed well in pre-season and made it to the final cut down. It was widely believed that at some point he would get called back.

After 11 weeks of play and the number of injured quarterbacks, there's still no sign of Tebow. 13 teams have called on back-ups for playing time and as many other teams have made enough roster moves, signing – releasing 2nd and 3rd team players, adding to their practice squads etc. The number of overall roster moves is astonishing. Dallas even traded a future draft pick to get a bum back-up instead of calling in Tebow. With all the injuries/carnage you'd think that some team would have called on Tebow.

The fact that there have been no calls to bring in and sign Tebow indicates that the NFL teams in this league really don't want him.

Most teams will tell you that they want to develop other players that are younger and more versatile, i.e. players willing to play other positions. Tim has all along been very adamant about only playing quarterback, and this has really hurt his chances of landing a roster spot with any team.

Teams want team players more than stand out personality players. What teams will not tell you is the truth. Sure Tebow played great this past summer, but with him comes too much distraction, an all out media circus, and he is sure to upstage any other team players and coaches alike when it comes to speaking with the media.

Tim certainly is a media darling, but not in the way that even he thinks. The media that covers his every move is only looking to make fun of and exploit the things that Tebow and his fans believe in. Can you just hear it when he finds himself in a third down and sixteen? What if he made it, or what if he didn't make it...are we going to start talking the saintly good Tebow one day, and the next, the sinner bad boy Tebow? What to do if ever his offense had twelve men on the field at the same time? Would the 12th guy be a Judas? Can you see the headlines if at the end of a game he throws a Hail Mary.

Throughout this wild season where we've seen many quarterbacks injured, Tebow has kept quiet about his chances returning to the NFL. As for now, he continues to work as an analyst for the SEC Network.

For all Tebow fans out there, the plain and simple truth of the matter is no one wants him!

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  1. I'm glad nobody wants him .I am tired of seeing him show off.Its ok to be christian but he goes overboard to me


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