Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fantasy Football Update: 12-17-2015

This has been an unpredictable year in Fantasy Football to say the least. Many big name star players from a year ago are gone. Some payers switched teams and in about every case where a big time player left his team for greener pastures, those players come up dry.

The injury bug has devastated many. This year's Fantasy Football Leagues appear to be mining the unknowns in what appears to be a changing of the guard for many franchises. Who would have ever thought that Peyton Manning be such a flop, and wash out this year? The same for Tony Romo, who would have guessed? I predicted to many though, that Dallas and McFadden would produce a lot of nothing, but along the way there has been a few pleasant surprises, such as Devonta Freeman in Atlanta and the Rams Todd Gurly.

With five regular season games to go, here listed below are a few players worth picking up.

1. TE Luke Wilson is just an all round better fit with Seattle than Jimmy Graham. With Graham's season ending injury expect Luke to get more attention, as I suspect teams will start doubling down on Doug Baldwin.

2. RB Spencer Ware looks like the real-deal, finishing Sunday's game with 114 rush yards and a touchdown Sunday and proved that he's capable of handling the workload by himself. The best thing to like about this guy is that he is a real north/south runner with power.

3. Keep an open mind with WR Shaun Draughn. He gets a lot of touches and one would think there's a break-out game coming.

4. RB David Johnson is likely to get more touches with both Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington injured. He could be a sleeper pick to watch.

5. WR Steve Johnson had 10 catches Sunday for 92 yards and a score. With Philip Rivers pulling the trigger that makes him worth a pickup.

6. TE Scott Chandler is also a good pick-up since Rob Gronkowski injured his knee Sunday, and is expected to miss a few weeks. The Patriots whole receiving corps is out with injuries. Chandler will be the Patriots' top red zone threat, and most familiar face for Brady. He is sure to have serious fantasy impact.

7. You can expect WR Cody Latimer to see more playing time, as he and Brock Osweiler clearly have developed better chemistry playing second team together for some time.

Updated: 12-17-2015 at 2:30PM
  • After recent injuries and other considerations the following players might be worth taking a chance on if your fantasy team has openings. None, would I consider elite, but depending on their teams respective opponents, it's possible they could be productive.

1. Marcus Mariota QB Tennessee

2. AJ McCarron QB Cincinnati

3. Johnny Manziel QB Cleveland

4. Richard Rogers TE from Green Bay

5. James Jones WR from Green Bay

6. Allen Robinson WR Jacksonville

7. Allen Hums WR Jacksonville

8. Lamar Miller RB Miami

9. Latavius Murray RB Oakland

10. Tim Hightower Saints RB will get more touches

You can definitely expect more Eddie Lacy down the stretch, and Bryce Brown...Fred Jackson, it's a wait and see which gets hot in Seattle.

Don't play any Ravens QB's with the teams recent signings, it appears as if they will give a few players divided playing time in order to evaluate them for future consideration. The Ravens players are really in try-out mode to see who stays and who goes.

Keep in mind as teams are eliminated from playoff contention, they also will be in try-out mode giving a few of the unknowns playing time. When teams throw in the towel and split playing time with many it wreaks havoc on fantasy teams, so be wary!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and feel free to offer your suggestions.

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