Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lana Del Rey - New Songs Out Now w/Bonus

Lana Del Rey's "The Endless Summer Tour" Began May 7th and ran till June 16th. Her first seven shows were supported with Courtney Love, afterward a few shows had no supporting act, while another ten shows featured Synth-Pop singer and producer Grimes. In all there were 20 shows in what was billed as The Endless Summer Tour.

Some of the die-hard fans that were at those shows, saw her perform the following songs in her set list. There may have been a few shows with slightly different set lists, but this list was the most common of her shows.

"Cruel World" "Cola" "Blue Jeans" "West Coast" "Honeymoon" "Us Against the World" "Born to Die" "Ultraviolence" "Summertime Sadness" "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" "Ride" "Brooklyn Baby" "Shades of Cool" "Serial Killer" "Video Games" "Florida Kilos" "Off to the Races"

Closing out the tour she announced to her fans the news of her new album Honeymoon and said it would arrive in September.

Since the closing of her tour, she's been interviewed and written about many times. LDR has also released snippets, teasers and singles from the new album. The efforts have amped-up the hype and anticipation, all the while staying the talk of the town till launch day. It's typical of your, modern times marketing. She's managed to keep everyone curious, and interested for an extended period of time with this approach, and now she's done it again.

As of 3 PM today, anyone can listen to Honeymoon a full week before its official release date. Urban Outfitters and Lana Del Rey will have listening parties in every Urban Outfitters location at 3 PM. Hurry on over before its too late.

The album will be played in its entirety in all of the US locations. Fans that pre-order “Honeymoon” will be given free Lana Del Rey lithograph's, created by Lana herself. Everyone who attends will also get to see “exclusive” album artwork that will thematically go along with each song.

So, if you just can't wait another week before Honeymoon is officially released, you may want to stop by your local Urban Outfitters to be a part of this listening party event.

Honeymoon Track List:

1. Honeymoon 5:50
2. Music to Watch Boys To 4:50
3. Terrence Loves You 4:50
4. God Knows I Tried 4:40
5. High by the Beach 4:17
6. Freak 4:55
7. Art Deco 4:55
8. Burnt Norton (Interlude) 1:21
9. Religion 5:23
10. Salvatore 4:41
11. The Blackest Day 6:05
12. 24 4:55
13. Swan Song 5:23
14. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 3:01

Playing Time: 65:06

Here's a little bit of what Lana had to say about her forthcoming album...

"It's very different from the last one and similar to the first two, Born to Die” and “Paradise," alluding to Honeymoon. I finished “Ultraviolence” in March
and released it in June and I had a follow-up idea. It's growing into something I really like. I'm kind of enjoying sinking into this more Noirish feel for this one. It's been good."

She also stated...

I'm doing a cover of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood." After doing a cover of Jessie Mae Robinson's "The Other Woman." I like summarizing the record with a jazz song. I'm having fun with my interpretation. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and "The Other Woman" are my favorites. I'm so so much a fan.

The album closes with a cover of Nina Simone's 1964 single "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."

It's classic LDR, dreamy, slow, trippy, hazy and darkly romantic.

This song may end up on Deluxe Versions of Honeymoon.
"Driving In Cars With Boys"


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