Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Microsoft The Evil Empire Gets Grinchy

The Monstrous Microsoft with a dead tomato heart that's squashed with moldy purple spots while looking down upon the masses of a discontented lazy rabble proclaims from their Grinch Cave in Redmond that there will be NO MORE of that FREE Unlimited OneDrive Storage to Office 365 Home subscribers and that they are also slashing the amount of Free OneDrive storage it provides to non-subscribers from 15GB to 5GB.

Apparently, the reason for taking-back the unlimited storage, according to the Microsoft Grinchy Potter Scrooge, is that “a few users” were backing up multiple PCs, entire movie collections, and DVR recordings to OneDrive. Microsoft says these users’ excessive storage usage amounted to 14,000 times the average. Bah-Humbug they say!

So, instead of changing their end-user license agreement and targeting those few abusers, they are going all-out and punishing everyone! Crappy Holidays...ho-ho-humbug! Ha-Ha-Ha!

The MSFT Monster is also cutting all OneDrive storage limits to 1TB for Office 365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers, ho-ho-ho to all you garlic eaters! The new limit goes into effect in 2016, a mere 2 weeks away. Current users are going to get another 12 months to get their data in excess of 1TB out of OneDrive, aren't they sweet.

The Evil Empire (MSFT) is also taking away their 100GB and 200GB OneDrive Paid Plans that were priced at $1.99 and $3.99 per month, and will now offer you a smaller 50GB Storage Plan for $1.99 per month. For anyone else who needs to have more storage, they will also offer 1TB and Office 365 Personal for $6.99 per month. Whoops, wait a minute...did you hear that...Ch-Ching!

These guys sure do have the Holiday Spirit in them...taking the old 'bait and switch' tactic to a new level that now means “Bait and Beat 'Em With Billy Clubs.”

The real reason Microsoft is making these changes, is that they are Scrooging for ways to cut costs and help their sad bottom line. True to Scrooge form they have also sacked many a Bob Cratchits' all in the later part of the year, somewhere in the area of around 8000-9000 jobs. As their revenue dips month to month year on end, these moves are just a pathetic way to manipulate numbers to help a sagging bottom line.

All I can say to this is, stick with Google as your primary online cloud space provider, and don't trust any of the others. Just as MSFT gets their Grinch on, so might a few others.

And finally, Mr. Microsoft (Scrooge-Potter-Grinch) your brain is full of spiders, and you have garlic in your appalling dump heap of a soul.

*As bad as all of this may seem, it's strangely a sure way to appease investors...screwing the masses always goes over well in board rooms. Maybe this is just a way to stimulate the stock prices???


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