Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lorde - Melodrama Reviewed - Thumbs Down

Melodrama is the wrong title for this album. The word implies something sensational, dramatic and exciting. The album we get is nothing like that at all. Instead, we only get two songs that are even worth listening to. The first cut, Green Light, is good, but by now you've heard too many critics, so-called fans, and trolls complain that it sounds like Taylor Swift. Then we get besieged with rubbish material that should never have seen the light of day...any day...ever! Finally, we get to the last track, Perfect Places, and this is also good. Melodrama is Lorde's Mega Disaster and this album is among the worst to come out this year.

Lorde's first album had youthful hip teen talk language and mass appeal. This new album has no appeal. It's a self-indulgent, all me trip that is all boring. There's nothing here but the two songs I've already mentioned that might get any radio play.

This artist already seems to have the laissez-faire I don't care attitude and approach to things. Fans have waited four years for this album. She had nothing for an album a little more than a year ago, and she and her team were pressed for delivering an album. She had no songs of her own and had to rely on others to get anything done. The whole Melodrama came together in short time, with a batch of miserable songs that are not entertaining. It seems like the whole project was forced, and rushed to completion.

These songs give an indication that she doesn't really have any sense of direction. The worst thing to be at this stage of her promising career is aimless and uninspired.

Simply put, this album is awful. It is not worth the price. Buyer beware, you'll be disappointed.

Lorde's Melodrama debuted at #1 three weeks ago and has been falling fast since. Her first album Pure Heroine never hit #1, so chart performance is not always a good indicator of what you might be getting.

There are many positive reviews circulating that pour on the praise. I can't help but wonder how many of them are paid sponsored reviews.

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