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Hong Kong Protests - Occupy Central Movements - Fail! - Oct. 8th 2014

Hong Kong Protests - Occupy Central Movements - Fail! - Oct. 8th 2014

In elaborating on the HK Protests and Occupy Central movements Lord Charles Powell had this to say about the present situation.
Hong Kong has always been part of China." It is his opinion that the protesters are also “unrealistic” further stating...
People have a right to peaceful protest and by and large the protests have been peaceful but, they are also unrealistic.”
He went on to add that the protesters should...“focus on making the most of the very wide degree of freedom and autonomy” that they already have.
It is a pity that there is perhaps this small black cloud there but that is life. It has been there a long time I don’t believe it is going to change.”
I’m not saying they shouldn't demonstrate – of course they are free to demonstrate and to express their views. I’m talking about the realism of what is a likely outcome.”
Demonstrating is a right, but it is better to demonstrate when you've got an achievable objective.”

Lord Charles Powell - Margaret Thatcher’s Foreign Policy Adviser

Lord Charles Powell, advised Margaret Thatcher during the 1980's

The movement was doomed to failure from the very start. It should also be recognized just how this happened. The protests began with enthusiasm and seemed to get a publicity boost when police used tear-gas. After this, the authorities in Hong Kong took the opposite approach and that was the 'hands off approach' and took to social media pointing out all the weaknesses of the protesters. They focused the news coverage in ways that sympathized with local businesses and featured prominent persons who went out of their way to discredit the protesters and Occupy Central movements.

In a very short amount of time, protesters realized they were fighting a 'no cause' situation rather than a 'lost cause' situation.

Imagine yourself in a similar situation and then what would you do and what would you think if your neighbors and even your parents did not support your ideals? The protesters found that they had no outside support and even began to question themselves and what they were trying to do and what they were hoping to accomplish and why.

The effective and speedy dissemination of information and disinformation turned the protests into a cloud of doubt.
The failure of the movements is similar to the failed Occupy Protests in America. One has to wonder if there is any real future in protesting or whether some new form will evolve. I think a lot can be learned from these Hong Kong protests, here was a situation where social media was used to discredit and diffuse the outburst of protests and everyone can clearly see how effective it was.
With an eye towards the future one has to wonder what's next?

Update: The Occupy Central movement delegates and Hong Kong Gov't. representatives have agreed to hold talks to discuss the future developments of Democratic processes in Hong Kong.

Most of the protesters have gone and the city is returning to normal.

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